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October 16th Results/Interviews/Recaps/Updated Standings

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Team Gray

Larry, Llewellyn, Lyons, Matchock, Pompeii S, Stamler, Stitt, Snyder (G)

Team Black

Amick, Clontz, Galentine, Rossi, Roush, Waddell, Dodd (G)

Team Green

Cody (Reiter will play as much as he can when Cody can’t play), Conforto, Gaydosh, Kline J, Miller, A. Schuckers, Matchock (G)

Team Orange

Chesley M, Dodd E, Kalgren, Kline N, Reed, Smith Z, Mckinley (G)

Team White

Anderson, Anderson, Haag, Peach, Schuckers Cory, Terwilliger, Lingenfelter (G)

Team Red

Bembenic, Calvert, Dodd L, Hetrick, Sawey, Waltman, Sutter (G)

Monday, October 2nd Results

Red 10 Green 9 Overtime (Missing --- Bembenic, Sawey, Sutter)

Black 10 Gray 7 (Missing --- Clontz, Galentine, Rossi, Llewellyn, Matchock)

Orange 6 White 2 (Missing --- Kalgren, Cory Schuckers)

Monday, October 9th Results

White 8 Black 7 (Missing Cory Schuckers, Tony Dodd, Josh Clontz)

Green 9 Orange 7 (Missing Steve Kalgren)

Red 13 Gray 2 (Missing Llewellyn, Chris Snyder)

Monday, October 16th Results

Red 4 Orange 3 (Missing Bembenic, Sawey)

White 7 Gray 6 OT (Denny played for Cory, Pompeii, Lyons)

Green 9 Black 4 (Reiter played for Cody)

Standings After October 16th Games

1. Red 6 (27/14)

2. Green 5 (27/21)

3. White 4 (17/19)

4. Orange 2 (16/15)

5. Black 2 (21/24)

6. Gray 1 (15/30)

Red 4 Orange 3 (Only got to see the end of this game)

Team Red remains undefeated following a 4-3 over team Orange last night. In looking at the rosters, this had the making to be one of the best games of this draft league. It did not disappoint despite Team Red missing a couple guys (Trent Bembenic and Jeremy Sawey). Steve Kalgren made his debut for orange last night and did so in style by arriving late to the game. Both goalies (McKinley/Sutter) did their usual thing by not allowing many goals from the opposition. Zach Smith scored a 3rd period goal to tie the game at 2 making up for some unfortunate bad luck go against him earlier in the game. Laken Dodd continues to impress new teammates as well as oppositions. She scored a big goal in the 3rd period to put her team ahead 3-2 and would later score another while her team was short handed to put her team ahead to stay at 4-3. Her 2nd goal of the 3rd period came with less than 45 seconds to go in regulation. The 4-3 lead would hold up. It was the 2nd loss in a row for Team Orange following a win against Team White to start the season. Red continues to look like the front runner as they remain undefeated at 3-0.

White 7 Gray 6 (Overtime)

The season is only 3 weeks in but we have already seen our share of overtime and dramatic finishes. This game was no different. Team Gray got blown out last week but played its best game of the season defensively and got some solid goal tending from the leagues newest goalie Chris Snyder. If not for Cody Haag scoring for Team white with 18 seconds to go, Team Gray would have earned its first win of the season. They did at least earn a point and some more confidence going into the rest of the season. Eric Llewellyn made his debut last night and contributed a goal and made a nice pass to Tyler Stitt leading to a goal. John Matchock also made a nice pass to Tyler Stitt in the 3rd period which led to the go ahead goal late in the 3rd period. The 6-5 lead would last until Cody Haag scored to tie the game at 6. Team White went ahead 3-0 at the end of the first period. Bob Anderson set Brian Anderson up for a goal early in the game and Denny Stinchcomb (filling in for Cory again) scored twice in the first period to put White ahead 3-0. Larry made a nice backhanded goal for team Gray in the 2nd period to get them on the board. Later in the period, Jason Stamler scored on a nice wrister to get them to within a goal at 3-2. They would find themselves ahead 5-4 before Bob Anderson scored in the 3rd period evening the game at 5. That led to the Tyler Stitt and Cody Haag’s respective goals at the end. With Team Gray ahead 6-5 late, Eric Llewellyn had 2 break away opportunities to try to put the game away but Clint was able to make 2 big saves to keep team white to within a goal. In overtime, Bob Anderson set Denny Stinchcomb up for his 4th goal of the night. Team White improved to 2 and 1 following a loss to start the season. Both wins have come in dramatic fashion.

Green 9 Black 4

Brandon Reiter made his debut for Team Green last night and contributed a couple goals in the 3rd period to put the game out of reach. Josh Clontz played his first game for team Black and scored 2 of the teams 4 goals. Ben Rossi had the other 2 goals. A late 2nd period goal for Josh Clontz put his team within striking distance at 5-3 going into the 3rd period but Brandon Reiter and team Green gained some separation in the 3rd period. Troy Gaydosh and Jake Kline contributed a couple goals in the 3rd period as well. Team Green got off to a 3-0 lead early in the game thanks to some goal scoring from Brice Miller and Anthony Schuckers. Ben Rossi kept team Black within striking distance by scoring a couple goals. Tony Dodd was not there last week for Team Black and said afterwards that the week off can sometimes throw off some of his timing. Team Green jumped ahead by a couple goals before he had a chance to settle in. Team Green is sitting in 2nd place following the win. Their only loss came to team Red in overtime to start the season. Team Black has lost 2 in a row following its opening night win over team Gray.

Denny Stinchcomb (White fill in for Cory)

1. You have played in two, one goal games since filling in for Cory. Do you enjoy playing in those kind of games? Yeah, I've really been enjoying the competition lately. Last week's game was a treat because I was on. Last night - fun, but more laborious because I was off.

2. The team was down by a goal with 18 seconds to go last night. Did you think the game had slipped away before Cody Haag saved the day? . I always hold out hope but I can't say I expected that to happen. They were playing really tight defensively and Bubba made some great saves in the 2nd and 3rd period. When we scored , I felt we earned it and good for Cody being in the right place at the right time.

3. You are contributing a lot of goals in Brockway and Reynoldsville. Are you feeling good about your level of play right now? Yeah, this is the best I've felt since 2018

4. Some people were surprised you expressed interest to play on Mondays in Reynoldsville. What made you want to play? Kinda what I said in question 3, this is the best I've felt in years and it just makes me want to play more

5. You have never been on a team with Bob before. Whats it been like being his teammate (along with the others) in the past 2 weeks? I've actually played one league game with Bob a couple years ago and I had a terrible game, so it feels good to find some chemistry with him because we've all seen what he's capable of and I know what I can do, so it's been fun. All the other guys on the team are fun to play with as well, and I have to give props to Clint, who has been a solid goalie for awhile now

Henry Sutter (Red)

1. 4-3 win over team Orange last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? I'm thrilled with how we played last night, all things considered. To beat a really fast, competitive Orange team without our subs was a huge statement for us. We never gave in despite fatigue, and the team rallied for me every time we needed a play.

2. What can you say about the play of Laken Dodd (I believe it was her that scored 2 big 3rd period goals)? Laken scored the third goal that tied the game and sniped the game winner in the final minute while shorthanded. She was awesome last night, but she always is. I feel that she still gets overlooked despite numerous great seasons. Glad she's on our side.

3. Your team was a little thin last night. How do you think they held up as the game went on? After the first period, I could tell our legs were getting heavy. We made some mistakes on our breakout that I fully attribute to fatigue. Orange was all over us during the final 30 minutes, but no one on our side ever broke. They played their hearts out for me, and I can't thank them enough for it.

4. The opposing team is led by Zach but has some good young talent aside from him. What was your impression of how they looked last night? They were fast. Scary fast. I knew they'd be one of the only teams that had a chance to keep up with us. I'd like to see the rematch when we have fresh legs, but they lived up to my expectations. Any team with Adam in net can win on any given night, and his skaters can keep up with the best of us.

5. How do you like playing in those close, low scoring games where one bounce can be the difference between winning and losing? Games like Monday night are the reason I fell in love with goaltending. Any close game is fun, but when both teams are defending well and goals are hard to come by, every shot carries extra weight. My duels with Adam make up some of my favorite moments I've had on the court.

Brian Anderson (White) I got an interview questionnaire sent my way

1. After going up 4-0 in the first period, it was all Team Gray in the second period. What do you think changed from one period to the next? It can be easy to lose focus when your team gets a multiple goal lead early in a game. Credit to team Gray though. Considering they got blown out last week, they could have gotten discouraged and given up, but they gave a great effort last night and played very well defensively. I was also happy for Chris Snyder (its hard getting new goalies in this league) and I thought he played a solid game for his team.

2. You guys were able to rally late before winning in overtime. How important do you think this win was for your team? Its always nice to get a win no matter how you get it or at what time of the season you get it. No win in a draft league is easy. As I mentioned above, they are a solid team and will be competitive against anyone if their goalie can play as well as he did last night.

3. Through 3 weeks you are 2-1 but every game has been close. What do you make of your team overall so far? What are the strengths and weaknesses? We have had 2 really entertaining wins for sure. I have no idea whats going on with Cory or what to expect the rest of the season but Denny has added some much needed speed for us. We obviously have solid goal tending and some star power and some good role players. Our lack of speed may hurt us against those top tier teams but I think we will have a chance in every game. Some of us are more limited than others so we just have to know our roles and try to be in the right positions defensively.

4. You’ve had a chance to watch a lot of games so far. Which team do you think has looked the best so far? Team Red is probably the early favorite so far. They don’t really have a weakness and they are fast. If you add Henry to the mix, they can beat anyone. I drafted the Cody/Brandon team. With Jake on their team and some good offensive guys like Brice, Troy and Anthony, they could be up there too. Cody and Brandon play a different style but I would take either on my team any day. I like the team Zach Smith drafted with Adam as their goalie and some good young talent around them. Steve Kalgren will add some energy to that team when he arrives for the 2nd half of their games each week.

5. You’ve bounced from one season to the next pretty steady for a while now. Are you getting burned out at all by all the organizing that comes with that? Honestly, I am but this league has gone pretty smoothly so far. Most everyone has been showing up every week which takes away the headache of trying to find players from other teams to fill in for teams that are short handed. Some other people have been volunteering to ref games as well. It was weird not having to ask Jake Kline, Zach Smith, Steve Hetrick, Adam McKinley or Alex Waddell to ref last night. We actually have some depth now. I hope it continues to go as smoothly as it has. One thing I noticed is that people are more committed to coming when they invest over $100 to play in a league.

Eric Llewellyn (Gray)

1.. 7-6 overtime loss last night. What can you say about the overall team effort? The effort was there. We went down early and battled back to take the lead. Just couldnt hold it.

2. The team got blown out last week (we know you weren’t there the first 2 games). What was your impression of the team after playing for them last night? I think we have the tools to win games. We have good defenders in match and larry. I put the loss on myself as i had not one but two chances to score at the end and failed.

3. Your goalie (Chris Snyder) is still new and learning. Did you think himself and your defense did ok in trying to keep the opposing team from putting up a lot of goals? I dont think 6 goals against is terrible. We just needed to keep it out for 20 more seconds and couldnt do it. That hurt. Not every team we play against will have the cup winning goalie and Bob... i hope. We should get some wins

4. You have been playing hockey for a long time now. Hows your body feeling as these leagues and years continue to pass by? Yeah im over 20 years now. Pretty crazy but i feel like my vision and passing has never been better than it is right now. The way i play the game has changed as the body ages but my production is still there. I just try to stay away from injuries and stay healthy because it takes longer to heal at this age. If i can do that im confident i can be a top 10 player in this league until i decide to hang em up. I feel fine and im ready to play again tonight.

5. NFL is only 6 weeks in, but who do you think will be playing in February? As long as its not the swifties i dont care who it is! In gonna go with the 49ers and the dolphins. Side note: penguins make it to eastern finals!

Rob Reed (Orange)

1. 4-3 loss last night. What can you say about the overall team effort? We played hard, always hurts to lose a close one late.

2. Low scoring game throughout. Do you like playing in those kind of games? Absolutely, best ones to win, hurt to lose.

3. They snuck one in at the end. What do you think went wrong on that play? Adam had just bailed us out, and then trying to bring it out Laken just made a great play to get the ball and great shot to score.

4. How do you think your team has looked overall in these first 3 games? Good at times, not so good other times. We're really still figuring it out.

5. How do you compare the style of hockey in Reynoldsville to the other hockey you have played other places? The ball, corners and small rink make for a different style for sure. Hockey is still hockey though, not leaving your man open and then finding the open player when you have the ball is still what wins games.

Brandon Reiter (green)

1. You made your team debut last night. What can you say about the overall team effort? Effort was good. No complaints.

2. You guys controlled the game throughout but never really pulled away until the 3rd period. What do you think you guys did better in the 3rd period? I think we were just patient and at a certain point team black had to start taking some chances to try make a push. That likely opened things up for us to get some more opportunities and we were able to cash in on some of them.

3. Considering it was your first game, what was your impression of the team you played for and the opposing team? Both teams have solid rosters. Overall, I thought the game was pretty competitive.

4. You were a part of 2 knights championship teams this past year. How do you compare the xhl championship to the srhl championship? Both were challenging to win but we felt good about our chances in each of them. I prefer a 3 game series to determine a champion but understand how that might not always be practical.

5. You have been playing hockey at a high level since 2001 (maybe even before that). Hows your body feeling after all these years of hockey and do you hope to keep going for a while? My body feels pretty good. There are a couple minor things lingering around from the SRHL season. I felt good leaving the rink last night, felt it just a little bit getting out of bed this morning. I plan on playing as long as I am capable. That was my first game at age 40. When is Cobra Kai coming back?

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