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More XHL News

We are going to plan for a 12 game regular season this year with a playoff format to be determined. The rink fee is going to be $100. We will have to charge some more on top of the rink fee so we can pay the refs this season. We can offer nightly payouts to refs at your request. Otherwise, we can let your funds accumulate to use towards future leagues.

Playoff format:

It looks like we are going to have 7 teams this season. A lot of people aren't in favor of the top seed getting a bye (momentum killer).

One option is to do a double elimination playoffs. It would eliminate the bye and guarantee each team two more games (with the exception of the #7 or #6 seeded team). The winner of the #7 vs #6 game would play the top seed, then the 2nd seed would play the 5th seed and the 3rd seed would play the 4th seed. This format would really give the #1 seed an advantage as they would be guaranteed a rematch against the #6 seed if they beat them in the first playoff game (the highest seeded winner plays against the lowest seeded loser). In all likelihood, the #1 seed would be entering the 3rd week of the playoffs with no losses unless the #6 seed would pull off an upset. It would also make it important to try to get a top 2 seed during the regular season since there will be 4 teams that will be favored to compete for a championship. The #3 or #4 seed would have to face one another in the opening night of the playoffs with the loser facing elimination the rest of the playoffs. The winner of 3 vs 4 would most likely have to play against the #2 seed in the 2nd week of the playoffs which means one of them would be facing elimination starting the 3rd week of the playoffs. As mentioned above, the double elimination format gives the top regular season team a big advantage and eliminates a potential bye week.

Another option is to go back to what we did last year. The top 3 seeds get a bye and we have a 4th place tournament. 4 vs 7, 5 vs 6, then those 2 winners play against one another for the 4th spot. From there, the top seed faces the 4th seed and the 2nd seed plays against the 3rd seed in a best of 3 series.

Or we can do single elimination, 2nd seed plays 7th seed, 3rd seed plays 6th seed and 4th seed plays 5th seed (with that winner playing the #1 seed).

Please feel free to weigh in if you have any other suggestions for the playoffs.

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