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Monday, October 24th Results

Standings after 4 weeks

1. Lingenfelter 8

2. Sutter 4

3. Scyoc 4

4. McKinley 4

5. Matchock 2

6. Dodd 2

Team Lingenfelter 6 Team Matchock 3 (Didn’t see much of this game)

Team Lingenfelter remains undefeated following a 6-3 win over Team Matchock last night. A 3-2 lead after 2 periods turned into a 6-3 win. Rooster led the way offensively for team Lingenfelter. Spectators were chanting Rooster late in the 3rd period. Morgan Lyons was not present for team Matchock. Adam McKinley skated out in her place. Mark Chesley contributed an important goal in the 3rd period for Team Lingenfelter. They had Jeff Wehner in the lineup last night (he has missed a couple games so far this season). Team Matchock fell to 1-3 on the season. Both goalies (Clint and Match) played well for their respective teams.

Team Dodd 10 Team Sutter 9

There are no more winless teams after Team Dodd hung on to beat Team Sutter last night. Following the game, Bob Anderson said that was a stressful win. The game was tied at 7 in the late stages of the 3rd period but Team Dodd scored 3 unanswered goals to go up 10-7 with around a minute and a half to go. Bob Anderson found Brian Anderson in front of the net to make it 8-7, then Bob Anderson scored 2 goals in less than a minute span to stretch the lead to 10-7. One of the goals came on a really nice set up from Cory. It looked like they were set to win their first game of the season without too much stress, but the 3 goal lead was short lived. Brandon Reiter filled in for a missing Kevin Smith last night and scored several goals, including 2 goals in that final stretch to pull Sutter’s team within a goal. Brenden Chesley had a nice game offensively as well but had a good shot denied late in the 3rd period by Tony Dodd that could have tied the game. Team Sutter scored the first 2 goals of the game. Brandon Reiter immediately made his presence known scoring just over a minute into the contest. Team Dodd scored the next 4 goals of the first period including a buzzer beater goal when Bob Anderson skated the length of the floor in 8 seconds finding Brian Anderson in front of the net to make it 4-2 going into the 2nd period. Trenton Bembenic was not present last week and was not particularly happy with how he played the first 2 games that he did play, but he contributed 3 goals in last night’s win. Larry K was not able to make it for Team Sutter either. Zach Foradori did a good job of filling in for him making some good passes to Brenden Chesley and scoring a couple goals as well. Team Dodd is now 1-3 on the season while Team Sutter has lost 2 in a row following consecutive wins to start the season.

Team McKinley 9 Team Scyoc 7

Team McKinley appears to be getting on track following a 9-7 win last night. Team Scyoc scored a couple goals early (Andy and Waltman) but Adam McKinley was able to settle in to help keep his team slightly ahead throughout the contest. A 9-5 lead late in the game quickly turned to 9-7 following goals from Laken Dodd (She filled in for a missing Vinnie Deloia) and Tyler Waltman, but Team McKinley was able to hold on for their 2nd consecutive win. Zach Foradori was added to Team McKinley following the draft to help boost the team offensively. He led the way offensively last night. He was penalized in the 3rd period and Andy Calvert quickly scored to help Scyoc’s team draw to within 6-4, but Foradori scored consecutive goals to stretch the lead to 4 goals late in the 3rd period. McKinley’s first pick, Eric Llewellyn, was pretty well contained but did contribute a goal and made some good passes. Nate Galentine scored a couple goals as well. Andy Calvert and Tyler Waltman led the way offensively for team Scyoc. Following the game, Adam Mckinley said that he was happy with how the team did trying to contain Andy. Team Scyoc was missing Vinnie Deloia and Peach. Laken and Steve Hetrick filled in. Both teams are 2-2 on the season.

Adam McKinley (Team McKinley)

1. 9 to 7 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort ? The effort was great! The guys are playing hard in front of me.

2. How do you think you guys did trying to contain Andy? I think we kept his chances as low as we could. The more he plays, the better he gets! He's scary good when he's on his game. He's one of the best we have and a challenge to play against.

3. Zach was an add on following the draft. How do you think he has fit in with the rest of the guys? He fits in perfectly. Zach is a solid player. He's smart with the ball and has good hockey sense.

4. 4 games in. How do you think overall chemistry has been? A little shaky at first, but each game has shown massive improvement. Everyone is contributing and it's great to see. We're coming together!

5. How do you compare Reynoldsville hockey to brockway hockey? Night and day. Huge difference between ball and puck. With Reynoldsville being a smaller rink, the speed of the game is much faster. I got to play out for a game last night and commented to Amick about how fast the game is there.

Brandon Reiter (Filled in for Kevin Smith --- Team Sutter)

1. Back on the court tonight. How did you feel physically? I felt good after being out a couple months. A little surprised how good I felt.

2. How do you think the team looked overall? . The team effort was pretty solid but we just had to play a smarter game. Can’t be feeding Bob and company a constant flow of prime opportunities. Henry stood tall to keep us in the game and gave us a chance.

3. The game was tight throughout. Did you enjoy getting to play in the game against a team with Bob and Cory on the opposite side? Yes I always enjoy playing against players like those guys.

4. How’s the hand feeling overall? The hand feels great.

5. How do You compare Brockway and Reynoldsville? In Reynoldsville its easier to get a better grip skating and the ball is easier to handle. Brockway can feel more challenging and maybe a little more luck involved with some of the bounces the puck can take. I do enjoy both worlds.

Trent Bembenic (Team Dodd)

1. 10 to 9 win tonight. How would you describe the overall team effort? I think the team played great together tonight, we made a lot of nice passes that set us up for goals

2. You played a big part in the win tonight. What does a game like this do for your confidence? I always feel confident going into a game but when we play well that definitely helps build more confidence

3. Do you like being on a team with this group of guys? Yes, I think this team has a lot of experience and can continue to play very well together as the season goes on

4. You haven’t played much hockey recently. Do you think you are getting back in shape? I’m getting back into it, it’s been a while so I think I was a little rusty the first few weeks

5. High scoring game tonight. Were you worried when they pulled within a goal with 45 seconds to go? I wasn’t too worried, we played well almost the whole game up until that point and I knew if we played good defense then we would be fine

Clint (Team Lingenfelter)

1 6 to 3 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort? Team effort is always great! Everybody works their butt off and it shows!

2. The game was close throughout. What do you think made the difference for you guys? I thought we just stuck with it. Our defense was solid all game.

3. How do you think overall team chemistry looks ? The chemistry looks great! Every guy on our team works hard and talks to eachother! Communication is one of the most important aspects of hockey!

4. You feeling good physically after all this hockey? Haha I'm not bad! Was dealing with an ankle issue for a few weeks but all good now! Just trying to enjoy as much hockey as I can before winter!

5. How do you compare brockway hockey to Reynoldsville? Completely different! The play itself is faster in Reyn but the style of play in Brockway is more fun. The bigger court really does make a huge difference! I enjoy both but prefer a puck! Damn ball bounces right off of ya!

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