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Monday, October 10th Results

Monday, October 10th Results

Team Lingenfelter 7 Team Scyoc 5

Team Matchock 7 Team Dodd 4

Team Sutter 8 Team McKinley 3

Team Lingenfelter picked up their 2nd straight win to start the season last night with a 7-5 win over Team Scyoc. Andy Calvert has yet to show up for Team Scyoc. Brandon Reiter is considering coming on board to take his place if needed.

It was a wild start to the game with each team scoring 4 times in the first period. Jeremy Sawey (Friend of Tyler Waltman’s) scored 3 times in the first period for team Scyoc. Jason Stamler scored a 2nd period goal to tie the game at 5 but team Lingenfelter was able to score 2 times in the 3rd period to hold onto the 7-5 win. They had a balanced scoring attack from Rooster, Jake, Jeff Wehner and Mark Chesley. New goalie Brad Scyoc made some good saves to keep his team in the game throughout.

Team Matchock picked up their first win of the season with a 7-4 win over Team Dodd. Tony Dodd was unable to make the game but Brad Scyoc filled in. Scyoc did a nice job filling in but this game was all about the goalie on the other side, John Matchock. Trent Bembenic and Bob Anderson scored first period goals for Team Dodd, but Matchock took over, mainly in the 2nd period. He kept his team ahead throughout making several good saves in the process. Jake Kline found Bob Anderson open in front of the net later in the game to draw the team within a goal at 5-4, but Team Matchock hung on with a lot of scoring from Brice Miller and Laken Dodd. Cory Schuckers was not there again for Team Dodd but Jake Kline took his spot. No Corey Bassett or Matt Cole for Team Matchock. Larry K filled in. Team Dodd is still looking for their first win.

Team Sutter continues to look like the early season favorite picking up an 8-3 win over Team McKinley last night. Jerred Amick filled in for Eric Llewellyn. Brian Pangallo scored just a minute into the game for Team McKinley, but Team Sutter scored 5 straight goals to go up 5-1 late in the 2nd period. Zach Foradori and Joe Roush scored late in the 2nd period to draw McKinley’s team within a couple goals, but Team Sutter pulled away in the 3rd period to pick up the 8-3 win.

Steve Pompeii (Team Sutter)

1. 8 to 3 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort tonight? It seemed we were a little bit more all over the place this game. Didn’t really get into structured game play until the end. But there was some good things to take out of it.

2. They got within 2 going into the 3rd period. What do you think you guys did better in the 3rd to help put the game out of reach? I think we just really played a better defensive game in the 3rd. It was a little easier to defend because they had to take some chances get back into the game and we capitalized on their mistakes.

3. You probably haven’t got to be teammates with Kevin of Henry Sutter before. Are you feeling pretty good about the team after 2 weeks? Yeah it’s a breath of fresh air to be teamed up with those guys. Kevin can take over a game at any moment and Henry is about solid of a goaltender your going to get. So it’s nice to just play my game and help out as much as i can. I think we’re in good shape.

4. What do you like better about Reynoldsville hockey? . I’m just glad to be playing on a more consistent schedule. It feels good to be back playing every week. I like playing in Reynoldsville. You don’t have to worry about weather dictating if your playing or not. I’m just more comfortable playing indoors with a ball rather than outdoors with the puck. But maybe next year I’ll give Brockway a shot again. Who knows

5. How’s the body feeling following hockey games these days? I’m feeling pretty good. It’s usually the second day i start feeling the pains. Haha But overall not too bad. I’m just going to keep playing until i can’t anymore. Not sure if I’ll be the next Freddy or not but time will tell.

Rooster (Team Lingenfelter)

1. 7 to 5 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort tonight? I think we started pretty slow, I know I did, dealing with a blister on my ankle that was hurting in my skates and a arm issue, and I know Clint wasn’t happy with his start and we had a lot of ugly turnovers that didn’t help him, but we got better as the game went on

2. The game was close throughout. What do you think made the difference? . Again I think we got better as the game went on, and in the third period we outplayed them

3. No Andy for the opposing team. Were you surprised the have turned out as close as it was? Yeah, with as poorly as we played for the first half of the game, if they had Andy, we probably wouldn’t have been able to overcome it like we did. More than likely wouldn’t have won if they had Andy. But credit to them for playing so tough without a top player like him

4. What kind of expectations do you have for the team going into the rest of the season? I have high expectations and think we are going to be right in it to win every week. I like this team, we all get along very well and have a lot of fun, and there’s a lot of talent with Jeff leading the offense, Jake and Steve holding down the defense which allows me to do my thing in front of the net. Clint’s one of the top goalies in the league, And the young kid ( I never remember his name) has a lottttt of potential and is very good young player.

5. Long season in brockway. Do you like jumping into a draft league following the summer season? Yes I do, I enjoy how you mix it up with the draft leagues, and they are always a little less intense which is nice as well.

Joe Roush (Team McKinley)

1. 8 to 3 loss tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort tonight? I think we played a little soft tonight. Knowing we were down a key player affected the way we wanted to play and it showed on both sides of our play.

2. You helped get your team closer going into the 3rd period. What do you think went wrong in the 3rd? . I imagine we were all pretty worn out by the end. I was at least

3. What was your impression of the opponent? We let Kevin skate through us too many times and gave him too much space skating into the offensive zone. They played well defensively and Henry soaked up the shots he needed to.

4. What do you like better, ball or puck? I haven't played enough with a puck to have a real solid opinion but the little bit that I have played with a puck, at least it doesn't stick to the ground and it's easier to handle.

5. What positives can you take out of these first 2 games? . I've been a little disappointed so far. I feel we blew the game last week and we struggled again tonight. But on the bright side, knowing we have Adam in net, we always have a chance to win. We need to start clicking offensively better and we've left Adam out to dry a couple too many times.

John Matchock (Team Matchock)

1. 7 to 4 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort? I thought we played real well. We definitely played good defense. Everyone was back checking and limiting scoring chances. Definitely a well played team game.

2. On paper, what kind of game were you expecting when you saw the teams on the court? This was my first game so I wasn’t sure what to expect and I didn’t even know who we were playing. When I saw it was Bobs team, I knew it would be tough but we played a good game and limited their chances.

3. Do you think this team can be competitive in this league? I think so. If we played like we did tonight, we can compete with anyone in the league.

4. You turned into a brick wall tonight. Do any saves stand out? Hmmm. I’m not sure. I don’t remember any one save in particular.

5. How do you compare the style of play in Reynoldsville to Brockway? Obviously puck and the ball make for a different game. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. I know I’m in the minority but I prefer using a ball. Just what I’m used to.

Bob Anderson (Team Dodd)

1. 7 to 4 loss tonight. What can you say about the team effort? Even though we are 0-2, our effort has been better than the Steelers effort lately. All kidding aside, we’ve had good stretches where we’ve controlled swaths of both early games so far. We just aren’t playing tight enough to prevent good chances at the other end

2. This game was close throughout. What do you think was the difference between winning and losing? Matchock! He was in the zone tonight. I don’t know how many times he robbed Brian and he did a good number on me tonight as well. I told Fred after the game I couldn’t be too upset with that loss. Sometimes you just have to tip your cap and say well done

3. No Cory again. How do you think jake played in his spot? Jake is always good. He plays well at both ends. Of course it’ll be nice to have our full team in the future. I think Cory will be a big help. Like Jake, he plays smart at both ends.

4. Match had one of his games tonight. How tough was it trying to get one by him tonight? I’ve been lucky enough to play with Match on nights where he’s on and I’m his teammate. I was on the wrong side of it tonight. He really shut us down for about the last half of the game. We were firing a lot of shots his way, some of them high quality, and he was just swatting them away like it was nothing

5. Any positives to take out of the first couple games? Of course. I got to play a game I love, with and against people I like, and got a good sweat in doing it. I am also liking the new stick I got. I was used to playing with a puck all summer and didn’t like how that stick felt with the ball. The new one feels much better. It feels good to be back in Reynoldsville playing as well. You can’t beat the stop and turn ability of the wood floor.

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