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Monday, November 8th Interviews/Results/Updated Standings

Jake Kline (Mobb)

1. Hard fought loss to Slap Happy last night. What can you say about the overall team effort? Team effort was great. Best we have had so far this season.

2. Cory Schuckers hasn’t been able to play the last couple weeks due to a back injury. How do you think Corey Basset and the rest of the team responded in Cory’s absence? with cory out it deff hurts the team but we still have a team that can compete with all other teams everyone on team steps there game up to try to pick up for cory missing. And Corey Bassett help last night for sure.

3. Is a close loss against a top notch team a moral victory at all or is it more disappointment that you couldn’t hang on? I don't believe our team was disappointed last night we played pur best game as of right now and we led the game for most of it and hung in with a fight to what I believe at the moment is the number 1 team. I mean yeah we would rather of been the winning team for sure. But we are not disappointed that we lost.

4. Did you think that there was a particular goal or sequence that turned the momentum in their favor? . I would say what turned the momentum around we started playing different in the 3rd and prob end of the 2nd than what we did rest of game. Whether we played little lazy or slacked off a bit idk but if we would of played all the game like the 1st half the MOBB could of deff came out the win. You never know

5. You will get the Colonials next week. You were without a few guys the first time around. What kind of game do you expect this time around? I think the colonials better start practicing and get a game plan cause the MOBB is coming for them. Hahaha. Should be a fast paced game. 2 fast teams there. We are a different team that what colonials played 1st time around so. Be ready

Bob Anderson (Colonials)

1. 6 to 4 win over the mayhem tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? The effort was there from both teams. We threw quite a few shots their way but they made us fight to the end to eke out a win. I am glad to see them play such a strong game overall. I think they’ve got potential to knock off some good teams

2. They were up 4 to 2 going into the 3rd period. What do you think the team did better in the 3rd period? I’m not sure we did anything that was much different, we were just finally able to get a couple past Adam who was filling in for them. I think he was screened a bit on both shots so we were able to get a little bit of traffic in front of him at the right time.

3. Mayhem played its best game of the season tonight. What did you observe of them? . They showed a lot of heart and hustle tonight. I knew they had some talent. They just needed to put it together and tonight they did. They are going to be a very competitive squad going forward, especially when Zach makes his debut. Look out!

4. Kevin is taking some burden off of you this season. What’s it like having him on the team? He, and all of my teammates, have been a blast to play with. I don’t think we played much together at all for about 15 years. There was probably a time when we wouldn’t have wanted to play together because we both wanted the ball on our stick. Now it’s nice to have someone who demands so much attention from the defense. It means less attention for me and the others. He’s also a great teammate; a very positive person to be around

5. Mobb next week. What kind of game are you expecting? I’m expecting them to bring their best next week. I don’t think we caught their best version in week one with a couple of their players being out. But they gave they Slap Happy all they could handle and I expect we will get the same treatment next week. I’m looking forward to it.

Lauren Dodd (Walkers)

1. 12-5 loss to the Narwals last night. What can you say about the overall team effort? I don’t care what anyone says the team is doing great! There are always things to improve on yes, but that’s also why we play. Not just to have fun but try and improve! We haven’t been shut out or mercy ruled yet either (although we’ve been close on both) but if that’s not saying something…

2. You have played 3 of the leagues top teams the last 3 weeks. Do you think those kind of games can benefit your team going forward? Absolutely! We are constantly learning new things and growing as a team! It’s truly awesome to see! Personally it just makes me want to play harder, and I enjoy that

3. You will get to play the Mayhem next week. Considering you guys won the first game against them, do you think they will come out with more determination this time around? I do not doubt that one bit! They have speed, skill and determination, and that just drives us to play harder

4. Are you happy with how well your sisters are playing so far? I know we sometimes can get into it on the floor but honestly I’m just happy to be playing with them. And having my Dad in the net for that game just made it that much more special for me. (I am excited for Caleb to come back though!)

5. You played in Brockway this summer. How would you compare ball hockey in Reynoldsville to puck hockey in Brockway? For me the ball just moves the right way. The puck is nice on some aspects but I feel like it doesn’t move like it should sometimes. I enjoy both don’t get me wrong! The rink is bigger down in Brockway so more skating, but honestly the ball just moves a lot better lol.

November 8th Results

Narwals 12 Walkers 5

Colonials 6 Mayhem 4

Slap Happy 5 Mobb 3

Standings after games on 11-8

1. Slap Happy 8 (39/12)

2. Colonials 8 (35/12)

3. Narwals 4 (31/26)

4. Mobb 2 (19/26)

5. Walkers 2 (13/40)

6. Mayhem 0 (11/32)

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