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Monday, November 1st Results and Standings

Colonials 14 Walkers 2 (Colonials score 8 unanswered goals in the 3rd period)

Slap Happy 12 Mobb 6 (Good 2nd period for the Slap Happy) Lots of white shirts on the floor. Cory Schuckers out with a back injury.

Narwals 13 Mayhem 1 (No AJ, Jeff, Waltman or Trent for the Mayhem) Better late than never for Steve Kalgren.

Standings after games on 11-1

1. Slap Happy 6 (34/9)

2. Colonials 6 (29/8)

3. Narwals 2 (19/21)

4. Mobb 2 (16/21)

5. Walkers 2 (8/28)

6. Mayhem 0 (7/26)

Monday, 11-8

Walkers vs Narwals at 620

Colonials vs Mayhem at 715

Mobb vs Slap Happy at 815

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