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Monday, November 13th Results

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Monday, October 2nd Results

Red 10 Green 9 Overtime (Missing --- Bembenic, Sawey, Sutter)

Black 10 Gray 7 (Missing --- Clontz, Galentine, Rossi, Llewellyn, Matchock)

Orange 6 White 2 (Missing --- Kalgren, Cory Schuckers)

Monday, October 9th Results

White 8 Black 7 (Missing Cory Schuckers, Tony Dodd, Josh Clontz)

Green 9 Orange 7 (Missing Steve Kalgren)

Red 13 Gray 2 (Missing Llewellyn, Chris Snyder)

Monday, October 16th Results

Red 4 Orange 3 (Missing Bembenic, Sawey)

White 7 Gray 6 OT (Denny played for Cory, Pompeii, Lyons)

Green 9 Black 4 (Reiter played for Cody)

Monday, October 23rd Results

Red 6 Black 5 (OT)

Green 7 White 4 (Amick played for Cory)

Orange 10 Gray 8 (Larry, Pompeii and Stamler were missing for Gray. Amick and Miller filled in)

Monday, October 30th Results

Green 12 Gray 7 (Missing Llewellyn, Lyons, Stamler, Pompeii. Amick and Noah filled in for Gray)

Orange 11 Black 5 (Missing Rossi)

White 6 Red 5 (Missing Cory, Peach, Sawey. Jake filled in for Cory)

Monday, November 6th Results

Gray 5 Black 4 (Missing Pompeii, Snyder, Lyons, Amick, Galentine, Dodd)

Green 7 Red 6 (OT) (Missing Bembenic, Sawey, Sutter, Waltman)

Orange 5 White 3 (Missing Peach)


Monday, November 13th Results

Orange 5 Green 2 (Missing Reiter/Cody, Kevin Smith filled in)

White 9 Black 8 (Missing Amick, Clontz, Kevin Smith filled in, Henry filled in for Clint)

Red 8 Gray 3 (Missing Bembenic, Kline filled in, Missing Pompeii, Morgan Lyons, Denny filled in)

Standings After November 13th Games

1. Red 11 (52/35)

2. Green 11 (55/43)

3. Orange 10 (47/33)

4. White 8 (39/45)

5. Black 3 (43/45)

6. Gray 3 (38/64)


Orange 5 Green 2 (Only saw the last 5 minutes)

Team Orange got some revenge from a loss earlier this season to team Green. Neither Cody or Brandon Reiter could make it for team Green opening up the door for Kevin Smith to make his season debut. While he had several opportunities to score, Orange goalie Adam McKinley stood in the way. The win for Team Orange puts them one point behind Red and green in the standings with one regular season game to go. For anyone looking to put an xhl team together, Anthony Schuckers is looking to get on a team. Brandon Reiter said that he should be available for Green next week.

White 9 Black 8

For the 2nd time this season, team White pulled out a one goal win over team Black. Team Black was missing Jerred Amick and Josh Clontz but had Noah Kline and Kevin Smith fill in for them. Kevin Smith is trying to work himself into shape for this upcoming XHL season. While he was critical of his play in the earlier game mentioned above, he played a big part in keeping Team Black in this game. Every time team White gained a 3 goal advantage, team Black would do enough to stay close. With team white clinging to an 8-5 lead in the 3rd period, team Black scored 3 unanswered goals to tie the game at 8 with about 5 minutes to go in the game. The 3 goals came in a short time span. Noah Kline, Ben Rossi and Alex Waddell contributed goals in that stretch to help even the score. Clint was missing for Team White but Henry Sutter filled in. Both goalies, Henry and Tony Dodd, faced a lot of shots throughout the game and both made their share of good saves. Team White got off to a lead early in the game. Their first 4 goals were scored by different players (Bob, Denny, Brian and Cody Haag). Kevin Smith scored twice in the first period for black to get them to within 3-2 going into the 2nd period. Team White gained a little separation in the 2nd period when Bob Anderson set Denny Stinchcomb and Brian Anderson up for goals but that’s when Team Black kept doing enough to stay within striking distance. Team White led 7-5 after 2 periods before Black eventually evened it up at 8. With the game tied at 8, Denny Stinchcomb scored with 7 minutes to go to put White up by a goal. The lead surprisingly held up at the end as both goalies did their part to keep their respective teams in the game. Kevin Smith and Denny Stinchcomb led their respective teams in goals. Kevin Smith said he is available to play next week if a team needs someone to fill in.

Red 8 Gray 3

This was a much better game than their first meeting (Red won 14-2), but Red led from start to finish. Andy Calvert led the way in the first period to put Red ahead 3-0. A nice backhanded goal by Laken Dodd put Red up 4-0 early in the 2nd period but Team Gray had some answers to make this game more interesting than their first game against one another. John Matchock batted in a rebound to make it 4-1, then Jason Stamler scored on a nice wrister to close the gap to 4-2 and Eric Llewellyn eventually got one by Henry Sutter to close the gap to 4-3. Late in the 2nd period, Andy Calvert scored on a pass he intercepted to put Red up 5-3 going into the 3rd period. They would gradually build that lead up to 8-3 which put them into first place going into the final week of the regular season. There is a chance the two teams could meet again when the double elimination playoffs start up in a couple weeks. Both these teams are looking for more people to show up. Trent Bembenic and Jeremy Sawey were not present for team Red last night. Jake Kline filled in. Steve Pompeii and Morgan Lyons were not there again for team Gray. Denny Stinchcomb filled in but could not find a way to get a shot past Henry Sutter.

Peach (White)

1. A wild 9-8 win over team Black last night. How would you describe the overall team effort? . It was a great all around effort. We had a couple lapses but everyone hustled and got the job done in the end

2. They came back to tie the game at 8 in the 3rd period. What do you think went wrong in that stretch? I don’t really have an answer. We started the 3rd playing it safe but also trying to get another goal. I blinked and we gave up 3.

3. How do you think Denny has done in trying to fill Cory’s void this season? Denny has been a great compliment to Bob, and has added some much needed speed. There are a couple fast teams in the league and his speed is very much welcomed.

4. You had to miss a couple games prior to last night. Was it nice to be back on the court last night? Heck yeah. I planned on missing one but not the other, and it felt great to be back out last night at 100%

5. You are trying to find a home for a lot of kittens. While you probably aren’t a salesman, what can you say that may help interest more people to adopting some of your cats? The first thing that comes to mind is NSFW and would probably get edited out. All I can say is “Who doesn’t need a little ‘kitty’?”

Henry Sutter (Red) Filled in for White last night as well

1. 2 games last night. How would you compare each game? I can never complain with a winning night, especially when I get to play twice. Both games were close, and both groups of forwards brought a lot of skill. I'd always like some of the goals back, but I was happy to be back this week.

2. You filled in for Clint and played a big part in helping White hang onto team Black last night. How would you describe the final couple minutes of that game last night? The final minutes were pure chaos. Black threw absolutely everything they had our way, and Kevin was on fire the entire game. He picked me apart, and he was one of many on the floor who could have tied it. We all rallied in the end to protect the net, and I was happy to avoid OT with another three periods coming up.

3. Your regular team (Red) got off to another early lead before gray came back. What do you think you guys did better in the 3rd period after they had closed the gap in the 2nd period? 3. The second period got away from us a bit. We started losing their forwards in front of the net, and they really pushed to claw back in. Steve asked me if I wanted a timeout after their third goal in a few minutes, but I knew we could adjust without a stoppage. From there, we locked it down and pulled away. We got back to our speed game and backchecked hard for the entire third period

4. The only concern for team Red is getting more people to show up. How do you think the team has looked in each guy (and girl) having to play a lot of minutes each game? We've had some issues with attendance, but for me personally, I don't anticipate missing any games from here on out. If we can get everyone on the court, we're a tough out for anyone. We've managed as best as we can with those who show, and I give my skaters a ton of credit for powering through.

5. A rematch with Team Orange next week. What kind of game do you expect this time around (first game was 4-3)? Orange is one of the few teams that can match our speed stride for stride. They were flying when we played them last, and we were fortunate to gut out a win without subs. Hopefully we can have the full squad, and hopefully Zach Smith stays snakebitten against me. I know it cant last forever

Zach Smith (Orange)

1. 5-2 win over Green last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? It was good as always. I like the hustle from our team on the backcheck. It always brings a smile to my face when I see players hustling back

2. What can you say about Adam’s overall play in net last night? Honestly, he is the reason we won these last two games. We have gotten out to nice leads recently, but our play has gotten complacent with the leads we have been building early on. I personally witnessed him make 5 saves within 4 seconds against green the other night. That shows how well he was playing.

3. Kevin filled in for them last night. How do you think you guys did in trying to slow him down? You can never slow kevin down. You can only limit his chances. I thought we did alright, but the same answer with the last question, Adam was our answer to kevin in that game.

4. You guys lost to them earlier in the season. What do you think you guys did better against them this time around? I thought we capitalized on our chances. I wasn't there for the first period, but it was a pleasant surprise being up 3 to 1 without even playing at all. Our group has been relentless starting out games recently.

5. Team Red up next week. You guys lost by a goal the first time. What kind of game do you expect this time around? I expect henry to make multiple spectacular saves on me and andy to put on a show. Honestly, that's what seems to happen every time I play those guys. It should be a close game. Whoever capitalizes on their chances will come out victorious.

Kevin Smith (Green and Black fill in)

1. 2 games of hockey last night. How are you feeling today after a long layoff from hockey? Shockingly I feel good, a little sore but not like I thought. I played basketball over lunch and was able to move around like normal!

2. How would you compare the first game you played to the 2nd game you played? I played better in the second game over all, the first game was a little shaky with the long lay off I have had.

3. How do you compare playing against a team with Bob/Denny on it to a team with Zach Smith/Adam McKinley on it (your 2 opponents last night)? Different style of games for sure. Zach pushes the pace and is very fast, Bob is as well but he is a little more methodical than Zach. Adam was tough last night, he made a few saves that I just had to shake my head and tip my cap.

4. How would you describe the effort your teams gave last night and do you like playing in those close one goal games? I think both groups I played with the effort was there, we came up a little short in both games but I think we could have won both. The bounces in the first game seemed to all lean towards the orange team.

5. You will be back with the Colonials this season. No Tim Herman in net this year but the team will be picking up Denny. Are you looking forward to getting back into playing on a regular basis? It will be weird without Herm, I like playing with him he is fun to be around! I am very excited to play with Denny, we have always had a good connection and chemistry in the few times we have played together. Plus with Bob leading the charge we should be in every game! Looking forward to getting back into playing every week!

List of Free Agents for XHL Season:

Ben Rossi, Cody Haag, Andrew Britton, Garrett Britton, Anthony Shuckers, Vinnie Deloia, Corey Bassett, Kyle Dilling

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