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Monday, March 4th Results, Updated Standings

Standings after March 4th Games

1.       Knights 16 (92/26)

2.       Yeti  14 (83/35)

3.        Mayhem 12 (62/47)

4.       Colonials 11 (62/73)

5.       Eagles 10 (69/42)

6.       Jawas 4 (39/71)

7.       Walkers 4 (50/89)

8.       Hounds 2 (29/99)


Mayhem 10  Hounds 4 (Did not see any of this game)

The Mayhem are now sitting at 3rd place in the regular season standings with 2 games against the walkers and one game against the Colonials remaining.  They were led offensively by Anthony Schuckers and Vinnie last night.  Both Matchock’s were out sick last night which meaning Henry Sutter got to win his 2nd game of the season as a Mayhem goalie last night.   The Hounds got some good goal tending from Chris Snyder for a good part of the game and only found themselves down 2-0 by the end of the first period.  They were led offensively from Mark Chesley with 2 goals.  Cody Haag had a goal and one of the Brittons had their other goal.  The Mayhem extended their lead to 5-1 by the end of the 2nd period and then pulled away with 5 goals in the 3rd period.   The Hounds will go up against the Jawas next week.  They have been on the tougher side of going up against fill in goalies the last 2 games (Clint last week and Henry last night).


Yeti 7  Knights 6

The disadvantage of being undefeated and defending an xhl championship and srhl championship:  You are going to be taking everyone’s best shot.  The Knights took the Eagles best shot last week and took the Yeti’s best shot last night.  The Yeti got off to a better start in this game and actually led for a good part of the game.   Zach Smith scored a couple 1st period goals for the Yeti but Rooster scored a power play goal late in the first period to give the Knights a 3-2 lead.  There were lots of penalties in this game.  Early in the 2nd period, Dave Jewell scored a power play goal for the Yeti to tie the game at 3.   The Yeti kept their momentum going when Ben Rossi scored an impressive goal off of a Derik Day pass that originally got deflected in the air.  That goal was impressive enough to make sportscenter.   The Yeti found themselves up 5-3 for quite a while before Andy Calvert scored twice including one in the 3rd period to tie the game at 5.  The game would remain tied at 5 for the first half of the 3rd period until Derik Day scored to put the Yeti up 6-5.  They would score an all important insurance goal to go up 7-5.  With less than a minute to play, the Knights were on a one man disadvantage when Andy Calvert scored for them to close the gap to 7-6 with less than 30 seconds remaining.    Unfortunately for them, they were not able to score a tying goal or winning goal this time around.   They still find themselves in first place with 3 games to go in the regular season with the Yeti sitting at 2 points behind them.   The Knights will face the Colonials next week while their 2 biggest competitors, Yeti and Eagles, will go up against one another next week. 


Eagles 11  Colonials 4

The biggest question going into this game was how the Eagles were going to respond to their one goal loss to the Knights last week.  They were without Cody Schuckers but you wouldn’t have even known he was missing last night.  Maybe a little bit at the beginning when Bob Anderson set Denny Stinchcomb up for a goal to put the Colonials up 1-0 but that was about the only real highlight for the Colonials.  The Eagles scored 4 goals late in the first period.  It all started with Larry scoring and the goals kept coming.  On the next faceoff, Alex Waddell scored to put them up 2-1 then Eric Llewellyn scored a couple times soon after which forced the Colonials to call a timeout to try to stop the momentum.   It looked like the momentum may have stopped when Bob Anderson scored early in the 2nd period to close the gap to 4-2 but the Eagles answered on the next faceoff when Jerred Amick snuck a long shot past Colonial fill in goalie Adam McKinley to push the lead to 5-2.  John Matchock was out sick last night.    The Eagles went up 6-2 at the end of the 2nd period following another Alex Waddell goal.   Early in the 3rd period, Eric Llewellyn, Jerred Amick and Larry helped build the lead even more.  Zach Foradori chipped in a 3RD period goal as well.  The Colonials were able to close the gap to 8-4 when Denny Stinchcomb scored 2 goals on setups from each of the Anderson’s but the Eagles used a timeout to prevent the same outburst that happened to the Colonials earlier in the game.   As mentioned above, the Eagles were without Cody Schuckers while the Colonials were without John Matchock or Phil Mace.   The Eagles will face the yeti next week while the Colonials will look to get out of their slump against the Knights. 


Jawas 9  Walkers 5

The Jawas 7 game losing streak is over following a 9-5 win over the Walkers last night.  Adam McKinley, playing in his 3rd game last night, led the way offensively with 3 goals for the Jawas.  He scored one of his goals on a nice setup from Laken Dodd.  Following a Brice Miller goal to start the game for the Walkers, Jeff Wehner scored for the Jawas to tie the game at 1.  The game was close the whole way until the Jawas pulled away late in the 3rd period.  They had solid goal tending from Kaden Coulter and also got a couple goals from Derik Pearce and one from Joe Roush.   Roush’s goal pushed a 6-5 lead to 7-5 midway thru the 3rd period.  Brice Miller led the Walkers offensively.    Troy Gaydosh scored to close the deficit to 5-4 late in the 2nd period.  There were a couple close “no goal” calls from each team including one from Gaydosh that could have tied the game in the 3rd period.   Walkers goalie Tony Dodd did everything he could to keep the Dodd girls from scoring against him.  Laken scored against him off a rebound to push the lead to 6-4 late in the 2nd period.    Both teams have 4 points in the regular season standings.  For a better chance of winning the play in tournament, it will be a significant advantage to try to get 6th place to avoid having to win 3 games on the same night.  Right now, the Jawas hold a slight edge for 6th place due to point differential.  They split their 2 meetings this season with each game being decided by 4 goals.

Having trouble logging into facebook today. We will try to get some interviews out once its resolved.

We have a decent sign up list for March 28th tournament. Still time to get in if you want in.


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Brandon Rowles
Brandon Rowles
Mar 05

The penalties was one sided! I get that it's hockey things happen but atleast befair and don't just make calls out of spite whether it's because your mad or you want to see a team lose.. that's not sportsmanship.... LETS GO KNIGHTS

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