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Monday, February 13th updated standings, results, recaps and interviews

Regular Season Standings after February 13th Games: Points for and Points Against in parenthesis.

1. Colonials 8 (29/21)

2.Eagles 8 (29/17)

3. Knights 6 (34/23)


4. Slap Happy 6 (23/22)

5. Mayhem 6 (36/43)

6. Slashers 2 (28/37)

7. Walkers 2 (34/47)

***Just a heads up for the playoffs. The top 3 teams at the end of the regular season will be guaranteed a best of 3 semi final series. The bottom 4 teams at the end of the regular season will have to play in a single elimination 4th place tournament to determine who the 4th and final playoff team will be. 4th place will play 7th place, 5th place will play 6th place. The winners of those games will play against one another on the same night to determine who the 4th and final playoff team will be. The top seed at the end of the regular season will get to choose which team they want to play when the best of 3 semi final series’s begin.***

February 13th results

Mayhem 6 Slashers 5

Colonials 5 Knights 4

Slap Happy 7 Walkers 1

Mayhem 6 Slashers 5

Based on the results of this game, it looks like the players were divided pretty evenly when all the players wanting to play in the XHL this season were split into 2 teams. Trent Bembenic and Jeremy Sawey were not present for the Mayhem last night. Jeff Wehner and Vinnie Deloia were not there for the Slashers. Derrian Matchock has been goalying for both teams on a regular basis this season but he could only defend one the Mayhem side last night. Adam McKinley agreed to goalie for the Slashers last night. Tony Dodd (Bye week goalie next week) will play goalie for the Slashers next week. This game was close throughout but the Mayhem stretched a 3-2 lead after 2 periods to 5-2 midway thru the 3rd period. Peach informed us that Brian Pangallo probably wont make it for another game this season (he got another job and a change of work hours to go with it). If his season ended last night, he did so in style by scoring two goals, including one to put his team up 5-2. The Slashers rally started when Josh Clontz got one by Mayhem goalie Derrian Matchock to get them to within 2 at 5 to 3. A couple minutes later, the Brittons helped the Slashers tie the game at 5. The game would remain tied until Brenden Chesley got one by Slashers fill in goalie Adam McKinley with less than one second remaining to give the Mayhem a 6-5 win. Chesley had 2 goals on the night for the Mayhem. Tyler Waltman had 2 goals as well. The two teams will play again next week at 720. The Mayhem are now 3 and 3 on the season. The Slashers fell to 1 and 5 but they have not lost a game by more than 3 goals.

Colonials 5 Knights 4

In a game featuring four of the league’s top players (Anderson/Smith/Reiter/Calvert) and two good goalies, its no surprise that the game went down to the wire. Adam McKinley even found his way onto the court at the end when Knights goalie Clint Lingenfelter had to go out with an injury. He played very well despite the injury (happened in the 2nd period) but was not able to finish the game. Adam McKinley prevented Bob Anderson from scoring an insurance goal at the end but the Knights were unable to score the tying goal. At the end, Kevin Smith tried to clear the ball to the other end of the floor but Andy Calvert was able to intercept the pass with enough time left to get a good shot on Tim Herman but the shot did not find the net. Unlike the first time these two teams met, this game was tight throughout. Kevin Smith had a good shot denied by Clint in the beginning stages of the first period but Phil Mace was able to get the rebound to give the Colonials an early 1-0 lead. Andy Calvert would answer later on in the first period to tie the game at 1. With less than a minute and a half to go in the first period, a Colonials faceoff win found its way to Fred Terwilliger around center court. Terwilliger’s shot hit a skate or two in the process and found its way past Clint Lingenfelter to put the Colonials up 2 to 1 at the end of the first period. Kevin Smith put the Colonials up 3-1 in the early stages of the 2nd period but the Knights would score 3 unanswered goals in a 5 minute span to go up 4-3. Jake Kline got the first goal on a nice pass from his son Noah, Nate Galentine got a rebound to tie the game up at 3 and Rooster scored soon after to put the Knights up 4-3. The momentum shifted after Bob Anderson’s (him and Kevin had a 2 on 1 break) shot got denied by Clint. The ball found its way to a light behind the net leading to it shattering on the floor and a brief stoppage in play. Soon after, the Knights were called for a penalty. Kevin Smith had a couple good shots denied by Clint but one of the shots found its way to Brian Anderson’s stick in front of the net which led to the Colonials tying the game at 4 going into the 3rd period. Despite a good amount of shots from both teams, the game remained tied at 4 until the 5 minute mark of the 3rd period when Clint’s save on Kevin made it to Brian Anderson’s stick in front of the net again. Anderson was able to get the shot by Lingenfelter to put the Colonials up 5-4. Neither team would score again despite some good chances for both teams at the end. The big 4 only combined for two goals but the game saw plenty of back and forth action while both goalies did everything they could to keep their respective teams in the game. The Knights have now lost 2 in a row following 3 wins to start the season. They will go up against the first team to beat them this season, the Eagles, next Monday night at 620. The Colonials will get their first meeting against the Slap Happy next Monday at 820.

Slap Happy 7 Walkers 1

Slap Happy picked up its 3rd win of the season last night to improve to 3 and 2 on the season. The Walkers were big underdogs coming into the game but they hung in this game for quite a while. Brice Miller got the scoring started about 8 minutes into the game to give the Walkers an early 1-0 lead. Soon after, they had a power play opportunity but not only did they not convert, but they gave up a goal when Dave Jewell finally got a shot by Walkers goalie Tony Dodd. Dodd made his share of good saves throughout the game, especially early in the game. The game would remain tied at 1 until early in the 2nd period. Dave Jewell set Joe Bussard up for a goal to put the Slap Happy up 2-1 and would score a goal of his own soon after to make it 3-1. Phil Pompeii snuck a long shot by Dodd late in the 2nd period to put the Slap Happy up 4-1 after 2 periods. The game remained 4 to 1 for a while until the Slap Happy added 3 insurance goals in 2nd half of the 3rd period. Joe Bussard led the way offensively for the Slap Happy. Jason Duttry scored their last goal to give them a 7-1 win. Adam McKinley was playing for his 3rd different team of the night. Only a good shot in the first period from Brice Miller prevented him from earning a shutout. The Walkers had a few chances to score when they were only down by a small margin but were unable to inch any closer. Slap Happy will play the Colonials next Monday at 820. The Walkers will be off next week. The Mayhem will be waiting for them in a couple weeks.

Kevin Smith (Colonials)

1. 5 to 4 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort? Team effort was excellent, we had a plan and everyone played their role very well!

2. This game was much different than the first game against them. What do you think the team did better tonight than in the first game against them? Yeah much different game tonight. Like I said we had a plan and all bought in. The biggest difference tonight I would say we didn’t try to play their game. We played our game and made them play our style a little more than theirs

3. They scored 3 unanswered goals to go up 4 to 3. Were you concerned the game could get away at that point? I wouldn’t say I was concerned the game would get away, I was a little concerned we as a team would panic a little bit, we didn’t and we’re able to just keep moving forward.

4. Not a lot of youth on this team. How do you think you have been able to fit in so far this season? Not a lot of youth on this team is an understatement! I might be the youngest guy on the team, that means we are OLD! I think I am fitting in well. I have played with most of the guys before so there is already some chemistry. Just figuring out my role and playing to the teams strengths is how I’m trying to fit in!

5. Slap happy next week (Day/Bussard/McKinley/Jewell/Pompeiis). What kind of game are you expecting from them? I would expect them to want to play a similar style as us, so I would expect a low scoring battle down to the wire. Should be a fun one!

Andrew Britton (Slashers)

1. 6-5 loss to the Mayhem last night. What can you say about the overall team effort last night? The overall team effort was pretty good last night as it is most games.

2. You guys have been competitive in every game this season. Do you like playing in those close games or are you afraid of making a critical mistake that could cost the team a win? Close games are fun to play for the competitive aspect, but making mistakes is definitely more costly in those types of games as they’re harder to get away with, so that’s definitely a drawback to them.

3. You guys haven’t really had a chance to play alongside one another in the past. How do you think you guys have done this season considering the circumstances? We’ve done good considering this has never been a group before. Our games are always tight and all of the teams we’ve played against seem to have great chemistry so that’s a challenge in itself for a team like us.

4. How do you compare Reynoldsville style of hockey to Brockway? The style of hockey in Reynoldsville is faster than Brockway. A lot more quick possession changes and fast breaks in Reynoldsville where Brockway there’s more open space and offenses can set up a bit more.

5. You will play the Mayhem again next week. What kind of game do you expect from them this time around? Expect to see the same hard fought effort from them and another good battle between us.

Morgan Lyons (Walkers)

1. 7-1 loss last night. What can you say about the overall team effort? I’d say the team effort was pretty great. I think we work well together.

2. You were playing against a higher caliber team. How do you think you guys did to try to keep up with them? I think we did well. I’m pretty sure we scored first kept up with them pretty well until towards the end of the second period

3. Yourself and your team appear to be getting better each week. Are you happy with how the season is going so far? I wish we won a few more games but I think we’re playing great.

4. You had a full team there last night. Do you think its good to have a full lineup or do you think it can be hard trying to give everyone equal playing time? I think it’s good because my team is pretty good about taking equal turns on the floor.

5. How do you think Tony did defending the net last night? I think tony did amazing. He made a lot of great saves and I’ve always loved having him on my team.

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