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March 7th Results, Updated Standings, Recaps and Interviews

March 7th Results:

Gray 9 Black 5

Gold 9 Green 6

Blue 6 Red 3

Updated Standings After March 7th games (5 weeks)

1. Gold 8 (25/14) ***

2. Pink 6 (35/25) ***

3. Blue 6 (25/20) ***

4. Green 4 (34/42) ***

5. Gray 4 (31/39)

6. Black 3 (29/32) ***

7. Red 3 (19/27)

Dont forget: Top 3 teams are guaranteed a best of 3 semi final series starting April 18th. 4th place to 7th place will have to win a 4th place tournament on April 11th to get into a semi final series against the 1st seed starting April 18th

Team Gray picked up their first win of the season last night and leapfrogged team Red and Team Black in the standings. Andy Calvert took Kevin's spot last night. From a statistical standpoint, he was pretty well contained by Clint (Black's goalie), but he made everyone around him better. Rooster continues to put up lots of goals. He had at least 3 or 4 last night. The Dodd girls (Erika and Morgan) are continuing to fit right in with whoever they get paired up with, Tyler Waltman did his thing by scoring a couple goals and playing good defense. Joe Conforto also contributed an impressive goal in the 2nd period. The game would not have been as close as it was if not for Clint making a lot of saves last night. Team Gray went ahead 5-1 in the 2nd period. Team Black tried to call a time out to slow down the momentum but it didn't work. They got within 3 goals on some different occasions but couldn't get any closer. Dean Risser didn't face a lot of shots, but he made some good saves when he had too. It seemed like Gray controlled the game from start to finish. With Andy in their lineup, they are probably the youngest team of the 7 in this league. Jerred Amick has agreed to fill in for Gray (Kevins spot) on the 21st (his team has a bye that night). After last night, Rooster said he wishes Andy could play on their team every week. See below to see what Rooster had to say in his interview. Gray will be off next week. Black will face Blue at 815 next Monday.

Team Gold remains undefeated after picking up a 9-6 win over team Green last night. In a group text chat Monday morning, team Gold was expecting a tough game but did not expect to go down 3-0 just minutes into the game. Steve Pompeii got the scoring started with an easy tap in goal, then they scored a couple more quick ones (Llewellyn/Denny) to go up 3-0. Team Gold was able to weather the storm. Bob Anderson finished off a pass from Brian Anderson to make it 3-1 then scored on a long slap shot to make it 3-2. Green went up 4-2 before Gold scored the last 2 goals of the period to tie it at 4. Brian Anderson snuck a wrist shot by Green goalie Tony Dodd (Dodd filled in for an injured Kaden Coulter) and then Jeff Wehner scored on an impressive slap shot to tie the game at 4 going into the second period. Team Green had some nice passing last night. Chesley found Llewellyn on a 2 on 1 odd man break to put Green up 5-4. Gold tied the game at 5 when Brian Anderson made a 3 foot routine pass to Bob Anderson at mid court. From there, Anderson skated by every green shirt on the court and faked out Tony Dodd on his breakaway goal to make it 5-5. Anderson just turned 40 years old last week but didn't show it on that breakaway goal. After Brian scored on a pass from Bob to put Gold up 6-5, Green did some fancy passing of their own to tie the game at 6. Not sure who did all their passing on that sequence, but Denny found himself tapping in an impressive pass to tie the game at 6. After the following faceoff, Bob Anderson found Brian Anderson in front of the net to put Gold ahead 7-6 just as the 2nd period was ending. Bob and Jeff Wehner each scored in the 3rd period to add some insurance. With just a minute to go in the game, a light came crashing down on Adam McKinley, Fred Terwilliger and Brenden Chesley. Maybe that was a fitting way to end that game last night. Green will look to rebound against team Red next week. Gold gets to play pink.

Team Blue got back on track with a 6-3 win against team Red. The game was tied at 3 going into the 3rd period (did not see who scored blue's 3rd period goals). Ben Rossi got the scoring started early in the 1st period. Blue would go up 2-0 at the end of the 1st period but then Red rallied to tie the game at 2. Jordan Tosh scored with around 6 minutes to go in the 2nd period to get Red on the board. Soon after, Rob Reed tapped in a rebound to tie it at 2. Dave Jewell later found himself on a breakaway sequence and got one by Henry Sutter to put Blue up 3-2. Alex Waddell scored on a last second goal in the 2nd period to tie the game at 3. The momentum was short lived in the 3rd period as Blue pulled away for a 6-3 win. The win kept Blue in the all important 3rd spot in the regular season standings and prevented Red from leapfrogging them. Blue was playing without Vinnie Deloia and Phil Pompeii last night. They picked up Tyler Waltman so they could at least have a sub. Josh Clontz may be in their lineup next week. Tony Benanti has not made it to a game yet for team Blue.

Rooster (Gray)

1. You guys picked up your first win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort? We played well tonight, we’ve started to play better together, obviously it’s a big plus to have a guy like Andy help out too, it’s challenging when your first round pick hasn’t made a game yet, puts ya behind the 8 ball as a group

2. Were you surprised to control the game like you guys did? I was, didn’t expect to jump on them so quickly and never really looked back after that

3. How do you think Andy fit in filling in for Kevin? Andy makes anyone undeniably better. I wish we could have him full time

4. You continue to put up goals. Are you feeling pretty confident with your overall play right now? Yeah Iv gained more confidence over the last year in my ability to shoot and handle the puck more. First few years playing on the heavily talented teams I played on I just tried to go to the net and get the dirty goals and stay outta the way.

5. The good thing about missing Kevin is getting to play alongside some different faces like Jerred, Reiter, Jake and Andy. Do you like getting to play with different faces just to see how you fit in together? I do, I’m glad you mentioned that cuz that was my first thought when they mentioned Andy playing with us tonight. Iv never played with him so I was looking forward to it. Jerred as well a few weeks ago, never played with him before so I enjoy it.

Brenden Chesley (Green) 1. 9 to 6 loss tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort? I think the effort was there but we kinda fell off towards the end and couldn’t get control back.

2. You guys got a quick 3 goal lead tonight. Did you think you guys had some good chemistry going at times? We’ve definitely got good chemistry going especially on offense just need to keep it going the whole time.

3. What positives can you take out of losing a close game like this? We kept it close until the end and we had some good passing tonight.

4. They shut you guys down in the 3rd period. What do you think went wrong offensively? We just couldn’t get any passes made and kept getting turn over after turn over.

5. They were missing Zach smith tonight. Did you think you guys should have won since he wasn’t there? They have a very solid team going even without him there with Adam in net and Bob upfront and they’ve got their passing and placement down packed Clint (Black)

1. 9 to 5 loss tonight. What can you say about the overall team play tonight? Sloppy and not interested. We cant play like that again

2. They seemed to fire a lot of shots your way tonight. Is that the conclusion you came up with too? 100%! They had the ball in our zone controlling it for probably 80% of the game. Which led to alot of shots....I enjoy that but thats how u lose games easily!

3. They had not won a game until tonight. Were you expecting them to play that well even with picking Andy up to take Kevin’s place? Not at all! They have alot of good smart players and they worked hard tonight. Hats off to them!

4. Your team seemed a little flat at times tonight. Anything positive to take out of a game like this and do you think the bye did more harm than good? Thats a game u forget quickly and move on! Tbh I think byes always do more harm than good...not a fan!

5. You like games where you face a lot of shots or does it start getting frustrating after a while? Id say both! I enjoyed making alot of saves tonight but it does get frustrating when its the same thing over and over again. Defense always comes first. Thats how u win, creating offense off of ur defense is what the best teams do!

Brian (Gold)

1. Zach Smith was out of the lineup last night. You stepped up and scored some big goals. Did you feel added pressure to contribute considering his absence? I knew we would all have to step up if we wanted any chance to win last night. Larry drafted a solid team so I knew we would be in for a tough game. One single player can’t fill Zach’s void, but I thought everyone on our team would have to step up last night. We did and thats why we won.

2. Team Gold is off to a 4-0 start to the season. You, Fred, Zach, and Bob are used to being teammates, but how has it been playing with guys like Jeff, Steve, and Adam so far? I feel right at home with all of them. Jeff and Steve are team players for sure. They give it everything they got when they are on the court but they also play within their roles. If they get tired, they try to come off. Unfortunately, we haven’t had too much of a bench so far this season but maybe thats why we have good chemistry right now. Steve has come a long way since he first came back to playing 3 or 4 years ago. Jeff scored a couple big goals for us last night at opportune times. I don’t know if I have ever been on Adam’s team before except for when he skated out for us. No matter what he does, he is valuable to have. Not having to go through him to score is always a big plus.

3. After a rough week last week, Team Green came out hot last night. How would you assess their play against you guys? I knew we would be in for a tough game. I was doubting our chances when they went up 3-0. The good news is that we had plenty of time to get back in it. The game was much tighter than the 3 goal margin indicated. I thought they played well and Tony did a good job for them in net. He kept them in the game. If anything, their defense gave up their share of odd man breaks. If they can get that cleaned up, they will be just as good as anyone down there. They got enough talent offensively to keep up with anyone but their defense needs a little more work.

4. There have been quite a few close games so far this season, yet some have criticized the imbalance of the teams so far. Do you share that critique or do you think the teams are pretty fair? They seem pretty fair to me. Every team has at least 3 or 4 points in the standings and we have seen multiple overtime and shootout games already. I started a message chat with the captains about subs so everyone is on the same page with who is subbing for who each week. I thought Andy for Kevin was a fair trade off last night. Same with Chesley playing for Corey Bassett and Waltman playing for Phil Pompeii. Most of the games have been close with the exception of a couple games.

5. Team Pink is next on the schedule. They will be well rested after a week off. They could pull even with your team for first place with a victory in regulation next week. What kind of a game do you expect against them? I am expecting a tough game. They really don’t have a weakness and I think they match up well with us. They seem to play a defense first style so we will have to earn whatever goals we score. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a 4-3, 5-4 kind of a game.

Laken Dodd (Red)

1. 6-3 loss last night. What can you say about the overall team effort? We all played very well and are seeming to play better with each other each time we play.

2. Your team gave up 3 goals in the 3rd period. What do you think went wrong in that final part of the game? We were all tired and couldn’t get in good passes.

3. You scored a big shootout goal last week. Were you confident you could score in that situation? I was hesitant but my team helped me build confidence.

4. You are one of the youngest players in the league but have already made a good impression. Whats it been like playing in these leagues on Monday nights? Playing in these leagues have helped me grow my abilities and have fun doing it.

5. What positives can you take out of last nights game? All though we lost it helps us all grow and learn to work together more. Dan Fatula (Blue) 1. 6-3 win over Red last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? The guys played hard all game. Everybody contributed.

2. You guys pulled away in the 3rd period. Did you guys do anything different in that 3rd period or did you just get a little luckier? We got away from our game in the second period and at some point in the third we got back on track. Both sides had great goaltending and we were just able to get a few past Henry.

3. You have had a thin roster all season. How are you feeling physically from all this playing time you have been getting? Ha. You should've heard a few of us "young guys" talking about our bad backs after the game. I like the extra playing time.

4. You probably haven’t been teammates with Ben or Vinnie in the past. How do you think they have fit in so far? They both fit in great. Like me they are offensive minded and have played well. Its a fun team for sure.

5. Henry Sutter and Tim Herman are 2 of the leagues better goalies. You like playing in these kind of games where you know your team will have to earn their goals? Love it. Both goalies delivered great games and kept their team in it. This game wasn't pretty but it sure was fun. I'd rather lose 3-2 than win 12-0.

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