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March 27th Stars

Dave Jewell and Derik Day continue to do their thing for the Slap Happy. John Matchock kept the Slashers within striking distance in the 2nd game. Anthony Schuckers contributed goals all season for the Slashers including a handful last night. Tyler Waltman finished off a nice season for the Mayhem with 2 goals. Below are the 3 stars from last night:

#3. Vinnie Deloia ----- Played a big part in the Slashers 10-5 win over the Mayhem last night.

#2. Zach Smith ----- Drove from Erie for a taste of playoff hockey. Scored 3 goals to keep the Slashers to within striking distance against the Slap Happy.

#1 Joe Bussard ----- The Matchock's might want him to retire from the XHL after last night.

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