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Larry K ------- Will Mobb be a good playoff tuneup?

1. 12-2 win over the Walkers last night. What can you say about the overall team effort last night? Effort ended up being closer to what we want. We came out of the gate slow but found our game.

2. You guys put a lot of goals up on them late. Did your team do anything different or do you think they just ran out of gas? We started playing the game the right way. We just need to do that for 3 entire periods not just 2

3. Your team really hasn’t had a full lineup all season. Will that be a concern if everyone is present for the playoffs? We knew coming into this season that some guys were going to miss some games. Most of us have played together enough that we can step and get it together quickly.

4. Next weeks game against the Mobb really wont mean anything for you guys. Do you think playing them is a perfect chance for a good tune up going into the playoffs? There has been a lot of talk leading up to this game since the first time we played them. It may not mean anything for the standings but it means something to some of us for other reasons.

5. Biggest question. You will either face the Colonials or Slap Happy in a best of 3 series. Who do you think you match up better with? Either team is a tough match up for anyone. However things end up I’m confident in our team in any 3 game series.

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