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Kevin Smith -------- Team Green

1. 10 to 7 win over Royal Blue last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? I have to say coming into the season I didn’t know what to expect from this team because I have never played with any of them. I have been pleasantly surprised every night with the effort and hustle from our group. Everyone does their part, plays to their strengths and it has worked well so far!

2. How were you guys able to put up 10 goals against a quality opponent like them? We took advantage of our opportunities and forced them to turn the ball over. I felt like we were pretty responsible on D which led to some quality chances for us!

3. Did you think there was a point in the game that turned the momentum in your favor? No not really. I felt like from the get go we kind of controlled the pace and dictated, for the most part, how the game was played. We didn’t dominate, but I felt like we were mostly in control. Joe was a beast as always and had me nervous a couple times.

4. Xtreme have picked up a couple of Zach’s (Foradori/Smith). How do you think they will fit in with the team this year? I will let you know, hopefully in August, but I think they will fit in well. Dave and I have played with Zach Smith in the past so that should be a fairly smooth transition. While playing with Foradori this winter we have had decent chemistry from the start and it has only progressed.

5. 20th season of xhl hockey coming up. Whats it been like playing in a league for as long as you have now? It is amazing that the league has been around this long. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered so much time and effort to keep it going this long. We wouldn’t be here without you. A lot of ups and downs for me personally. Back in the day I was a little bit crazy. Luckily I had some loyal people stick with me and they played a fundamental role in shaping me into the player I am. It’s been a blast and I feel so fortunate to have gotten to not only play hockey in this area, but to know all of the great people through the XHL!


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