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Jerred Amick ----------- Slap Happy Back On Track

1. 9-2 win over the Mayhem last night. What can you say about the overall effort in the win? This was important to get back into the groove and get the chemistry going a bit more.

2. You guys blew a 5-1 3rd period last week. Despite losing that game, do you think a loss like that is a good wake up call as the playoffs approach? I guess we won’t be letting up at all once we are up by a couple goals. Plus it’s bad luck to go undefeated into the playoffs. Also a wake up call to respect Norris winning defensemen Larry Krukow, as the game can change rather quickly with him out there.

3. They were missing Henry Sutter (Dean, their fill in goalie, had not played for 3 months). There is a chance you guys could play the Mayhem in the first round of the playoffs. Do you think Sutters presence and them maybe getting AJ in the lineup could give you guys a good challenge in that series? I think dean is a very comparable goalie to Henry. The goals that we scored weren’t because of an inferior goalie. Dean saved some for-sure goals. Mayhem has some really good players but they aren’t buying into each other on the court and appears they haven’t developed enough chemistry. It’s one of the scariest teams, if they can apply it correctly.

4. If you guys get the top seed, you will get two weeks off (December 27th and January 3rd). Do you think the two weeks off could possibly be a disadvantage or will it be an advantage to give Joe a couple weeks to heal up and to avoid having to play against the Narwals in the first round? I would say as we all get older the more time off, the worse the return will be. It will give Joe some time to get better as well though but I think I’ll be trying to play in grove city to stay in shape. I’m not really worried about avoiding the narwhals, it’s just Larry who we need to watch. What do Brent Burns, Roman Josi, Adam Fox, Larry Krukow all have in common? Concrete shut down defense and stellar puck distribution.

5. The first game against the Colonials went to overtime. Are you expecting a similar kind of game this time around? With colonials, you never know what you are going to get. Sometimes it’s a nail biter and goes to overtime, and other times its not even close. That’s inconsistent, and scary in the hockey world. Imagine Bob, taking a whole day off work, resting, and eating his wheaties. Not happening? Didn’t think so. But hopefully on the day we play him, he will have a long day at work; I’ll send Mt Dew and donuts to his history student’s in the morning… should make for a long day for him.

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