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Jerred Amick -- Slap Happy

1. 7-4 win over the Narwals last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? It was a much closer game than the score shows. Consistency is what we are going for with this team so it wasn’t any worries.

2. They were missing Boyd and Andy last time around. This time, they were missing Tosh. If they can get a full lineup for your next matchup, how do you think you guys (with a full lineup) and them match up against one another? It’s always good fun to play against better competition so I will be looking forward to a more challenging matchup! Always enjoy playing against Boyd just as much as I like playing with him too.

3. This team had a lot of star power before you decided to join up with them. Were you worried that you wouldn’t have as much of a role on this team as you could have if you joined one of the other teams? I knew I was going to be a huge role on this team as I would be able to really hog the minutes. Slap happy basically is an aging team, and I was guaranteed lots of playing time. Also playing with Adam and Jewell on the backend means I can try some high risk plays knowing it’s not going to end up in my own net from an offensive turnover.

4. 5 games into the season. How do you think team chemistry has been overall? Just how all hockey goes, it takes time to develop chemistry with players; some better than others. Players here still trying to find me and learn my tendencies.

5. The Colonials remain undefeated as well. You will have a couple games coming up with them in the 2nd half of the season. From what you have seen and heard, how do you think your team matches up against them? Everyone knows that any team that bob is on is always a contender as you never know who might show up to the game; “tournament bob” or “aw fiddlesticks bob”.

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