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January 23rd

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Eagles 8 Slap Happy 1

Knights 10 Colonials 5

Mayhem 7 Walkers 5

Regular Season Standings after January 23rd Games: Points for and Points Against in parenthesis.

1. Knights 6 (27/12)

2. Eagles 6 (22/9)

3. Mayhem 4 (24/22)

4. Colonials 2 (10/13)

5. Slap Happy 2 (9/18)

6. Slashers (9/16)

7. Walkers 0 (18/26)

Week 3 of the XHL got underway with the Eagles dressing in style for their game against the Slap Happy last night. Not only did they dress in style, they played in style as well, scoring 3 first period goals on their way to an 8-1 win to improve to 3-0 on the season. They had some fancy passing going on early, mainly Cody Schuckers and Jerred Amick as they were setting up Eric Llewellyn and Alex Waddell for some goals. Jerred Amick also made a nice backhander to put the team up 3-0 in the first period. The 3-0 lead would carry over to the 6 minute mark of the second period when Dave Jewell got one by Henry Sutter to close the gap to 3-1. That would be the only goal Sutter would give up as he looks very comfortable defending the net for his new teammates. A 3-1 lead after 2 periods would eventually turn into an 8-1 win. Zach Foradori and Jerred Amick each scored a couple goals in the 3rd period to put the game out of reach. The Slap Happy will get a night off next week and will look to get back on track when they play the Mayhem on February 6th. The Eagles will be without Cody next week when they play against the undefeated Knights. The Slap Happy did not have Phil Pompeii in the lineup last night and Nate May did not arrive until late in the first period.

The Knights remain undefeated as well following a 10-5 win over the Colonials last night. The teams exchanged 4 goals to start the game but the Knights found their way to a 4-2 lead by the end of the first period. Brandon Reiter, Rooster and Andy led the way offensively throughout the night. A 4-2 lead after 2 would stretch to 5-2 when Andy’s pass somehow found Rooster’s stick around the net to make it 5-2. Bob Anderson scored a couple times in the game including a goal in the 2nd period to make it 5-3 but the Knights would score two more goals to stretch it to 7-3 with around 7 minutes to go in the 2nd period. The Colonials got to within 3 goals on a couple different occasions, with Brian Anderson scoring to close the gap to 7-4 and Bob Anderson scored in the 3rd period to close the gap to 8-5 but the Knights would score again with around 3 minutes to go in the game on a delayed penalty call to make it 9-5. They would score 1 more goal to close out the 10-5 win. Phil Mace scored in the first period for the Colonials as he is trying to get himself back to form after being away for a couple years. The Knights will take on the undefeated Eagles next week while the Colonials look to regroup when they play against the Mayhem in the finale next week. They hope to have John Matchock back in the lineup next week. They were without him the first 2 games. The Knights were without Cory last night.

The Mayhem and Walkers played the opening game last week and the finale last night. Like last week, this game was entertaining but not quite as high scoring. Both teams exchanged goal for goal this time around, unlike last week when the Mayhem got off to a 5-1 lead before the Walkers nearly caught them in the 3rd period. This game was different, but 2 goals in the final minute made the difference at the end for the Mayhem. Brenden Chesley scored the 7th and final Mayhem goal. He scored the first goal of the game as well. No one knows who scored the 6th goal for the Mayhem (may have been Chesley as well), which turned out to be the game winner. There was a lot of activity around the net which got to Tony Dodd’s glove but it somehow found a way to get away from him to give the Mayhem a 6-5 lead with under a minute to go. Following Chesley’s goal in the first period, Jason Stamler scored for the Walkers to tie the game at 1. Neither team had more than a one goal lead in this game until the insurance goal for the Mayhem in the 3rd. Jeremy Sawey joined up with the Mayhem last night and scored an important goal late in the first period. Mark Chesley answered for the Walkers to tie the game at 2. The 3rd period was pretty entertaining. Laken Dodd scored for the Walkers to tie the game at 4. Derrian Matchock had the ball in his possession but never seemed to secure it (he thought the whistle would blow). The Walkers went up 5-4 following a goal from Brice Miller with around 5 minutes to go in the 3rd period. Trent Bembenic made his season debut last night and contributed a tying goal late in the 3rd period to make it 5-5 before the Mayhem scored 2 more goals at the end to pull out the 7-5 victory. It was the only game Mayhem goalie Derrian Matchock had to play last night. The Slashers were off but will play against the Walkers next Monday at 620. Zach Smith will not be available for the Slashers but Josh Clontz is going to take Zach’s spot these next 3 weeks. The Mayhem will look to keep their momentum going against the Colonials next week. They were playing without Brian Pangallo last night. The Walkers were without Tony Conforto and Morgan Lyons last night. They had Jake Deberti back from an injury and he contributed one of the tying goals for the Walkers in the 2nd period.

Fred Terwilliger (Colonials)

1. 10-5 loss to the Knights last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? The Colonials have some significant strengths as a team. The Knights have some significant strengths as a team. The two are not the same. The Colonials strength, as a team, is NOT speed. The Knights have a lot of speed. We can't beat them at their own game. Our team effort trying to "keep up" was as good as I would expect but would not be able to match their speed.

2. Everyone on the team knew this would be a tough challenge. Do you think it will prepare the team well for the rest of the season? Well... prepare?.... I don't know. Establish expectations, is more appropriate.

3. The game plan was to try to slow the game down a little bit. Do you think the early deficit caused the team to push the tempo a little bit? Being down in the score always forces a team to abandon their usual game play. So far this season, it has been a rotation of Bob, Kevin, and myself playing back. When we are down.... we really have little choice but to have Bob and Kevin play a little more aggressively forward. This opens the door for an increasing deficit.

4. What was your impression of the Knights after playing them last night? A nicely balanced squad of speed and strength.

5. Any positives to take out of a blowout loss? Exercise

Clint Lingenfelter (Knights)

1. 10-5 win over the Colonials last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Team effort was great! It will b every week!

2. How do you think overall team chemistry looked last night? Great again! Everybody knows their role and most the guys on this team have played together in the past!

3. How do you think your squad did trying to contain Bob and Kevin? Good! It's hard to contain those 2. We just tried to limit their opportunities. Keeping them on the perimeter was the most important thing...can't let those 2 get open shots in the center!

4. Were you happy with how you played individually? Ya. I mean there was 2 that I shouldn't of let in but that's just how it goes sometimes! Our defense does a great job at keeping the shots on me easy and far away!

5. You got some of your prior teammates on the opposite side next week. What kind of game are you expecting from them? It'll b aggressive. Playing with them over the past 2 yrs gives us both an advantage. They know my weaknesses and I know theirs! I just hope I can hold up my end not being a top 2 goalie!

Steve Hetrick (Walkers)

1. 7-5 loss to the Mayhem last night. What can you say about the overall team effort? Team effort was absolutely stellar last night, even though we didn't come out with the win. I asked the players to play their butts off from the first second to the last. To play the entire 45 minute game and they all did just that. The first two games we have had to come from behind and fight for our chance at a victory. The last two write ups on our games said both times that we got off to a slow start. I wanted to change that last night and we did.

2. What do you think went wrong in that final minute? . I believe it once again was a shot from Brenden that took the wind out of our sails. It was a high shot that I think hit The Dodd Father in the head and then bounced onto the top of his blocker and then rolled down the back of his arm into the net. Was just a so off the wall shot that had a couple lucky bounces. I think once that happened we found ourselves in desperation mode and looked for a lucky bounce for us as well, but ended up getting another goal scored on us within the last 20 seconds I think for them to secure the victory. As one of our players stated last night after the game, "We play the game how we think it should be played" or something along those lines of saying, when we are behind, we play much harder, when we have the lead, even if only by one goal, we lighten up. This will be something we will all have to work on considering every team in this league is a threat.

3. Despite no wins yet, you have to feel pretty good about how the team is playing. How are you feeling about where the team stands after the first 3 games? I couldn't ask for anything more from this team. We are getting better each week and are finding our groove. Watching Bobo staying with a play and making something out of it, Mark taking it coast to coast and scoring. Jay stretching out Joe Spencer and keeping us in the game and being huge on defense as well. Deberti coming back from an injury and still having a smile on his face and looking to play again, and being an amazing offensive threat. Tony finding a position as a front guy for us making good screens in front of their net and getting faster with his skating. Morgan in the first game holding her own against a team that plays rougher than the rest. Brice making huge offensive plays for us and skating back to play some hard defense as well. And The Dodd Father really stepping it up in net for us when we need it most. We all felt we could pull it off last night, but ended up falling a little short. But listening to the other team talk about how tired they were and how we controlled much of that game, that is definitely showing a lot of improvement on our end. We don't have any wins on paper yet, but these are the wins I will take for now

4. You probably don’t know much about the Slashers but if you do, what kind of game are you expecting next week? (Vinnie, Anthony, Corey Bassett, Brittons, Jeff Wehner and Josh Clontz will be playing in Zach Smiths place the rest of the season)? I jokingly said last night to my team that we play Mayhem.0 next week. Judging by the lineup I see some speed and mostly grinders. Guys not afraid to get into the boards with you a little bit. Not necessarily in a bad way though. Just ones that will give it 110% just like we will. I look for it being another back and forth kind of game. We will have to wait and see who their goalie is as well.

5. Tony got hurt in the fall league but is back for this league. How do you think he has looked so far?

The Dodd Father is definitely one of a kind. Always there for a good laugh or even some good advice. I actually can thank Jay Stamler for helping me get him in net for us when I was in a bit of a bind before the season started. For The Dodd Father being the ripe age of 27, I think he is doing a hell of a job for us. Definitely improving every game and to come back from his injury and do it again says a lot about his character. We'll see what contract negotiations need to be made for next year too. Zagnuts!!!

Eric Llewellyn (Eagles)

1. 8-1 win over the Slap Happy. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Cant say enough about the effort. Grade A! We played a very good game on both sides of the floor

2. A 3-1 lead after 2 periods turned into a blowout. What did you guys do different in the 3rd period? It wasnt the 3rd period that changed.... it was the 2nd. We came out hard in the 1st then we kinda took our foot off the gas in the 2nd. We didnt score a single goal that period. We knew that wasnt going to work.... so when the 3rd started we went right back after them and started scoring goals again. We'll need to play that way for 45 mins next week if we expect to beat Brandon.

3. Were you surprised at all considering the talent level on their team and their goalie? . I was surprised we won 8-1. For sure. I dont think anyone expected that result. BUT.... How about we take a second to consider the talent and the goalie on this new Eagles team?!?!? Cant be that surprised.

4. Knights next week. What have you observed from them so far and what kind of game do you expect? They're doin their thing. Winning games. Flyin all over the place. Playing some really good unorganized hockey right now. They just get it and fly to the other end and score a lot of goals off the rush. Personally im excited to see how we match up. I dont see them scoring 8 goals on the fly against us... a few im sure.... But they have weaknesses just like any other good hockey team. One of which we are well aware of. I expect a tight game. Win or lose I expect my guys will give them their toughest game yet. Im excited I wish we played tonight

5. Most important question ----- Who came up with the fancy jersey design and color? Those are some sweet threads eh!?!?!? Being sponsored by the Reynoldsville Eagles we knew we had to get very American with it. The closer you get to that jersey the more cool stuff you will see on it. We got together with the board of directors and used the official FOE logo for it. They came out really nice! Quick shout out to the Eagles by the way. They are absolutely fantastic. I cant even express how thankful me and the guys are for what they have done for us. Hockey is expensive and they did all that for us without anybody even asking. Not to mention after the big win last night they got us a giant pizza and ice cold beers. It was a great night and they did literally everything for us so i just wanted to say thanks and let everyone know how awesome they are.

Cody Haag (Mayhem)

1. 7-5 win over the Walkers last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Overall I think the team effort was great! Both teams I think played a faster game than the week before.

2. How do you think team chemistry has looked these first 3 weeks? Chemistry is coming on slowly. I think by the end of that game we were getting more comfortable with each other and finding the open pass.

3. The game was back and forth the whole way. What do you think made the difference in the end? I think the difference was starting to take our time and finding the point guy for a shot on net.

4. What was your impression of the Walkers these last 2 weeks? The walkers have some good players and are a good team. They can be competitive with anyone and I think they will get even better as the season goes along.

5. Colonials next week. What kind of game do you expect? Colonials have a good team and I think one of the favorites to win the league. I expect the game to be fast and high scoring.

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