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January 13th Interviews

Brandon Reiter (Red)

1. Tough loss to Atomic Blue last night. What can you say about the overall team effort last night? The effort is there we just need to structure our team game a bit more.

2. Did you think there was a stretch or a play that may have turned the game in their favor last night? I think we just made it easy for them for parts of the game with bad turnovers and allowing numerous breakaways

3. What positives can you take out of the loss? We were in the game until the last few minutes. So we are competing we just need to fine tune our game.

4. 11 goals given up last night. You attribute that to an off night for the goalie or some missed defensive assignments? Goaltending didn't lose it. Our goalie had some nice stops last night to keep us in it. We need to help our goalie more.

5. Got any team expectations going into the rest of the winter league and you think you and Zach can develop some good chemistry together as the league goes on? I expect this team to be able to compete with any team and win a few in the process. I think Zach and I already had some more passing going this last game than the first so hopefully we can keep building on it, as well as the other guys Rob Keith (Green)

1. Hard fought win last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win?

Despite having a short bench, we did our best to keep up and stay just ahead of them! We have a few organizational things to take care of, but overall it was a good effort.

2. What do you think was the difference between winning and losing last night? We kept fighting for that 2-goal buffer, and it paid off. We sometimes got into defensive scrambles, and that's where we'll try to improve.

3. Kevin is obviously the person that will make this team go. You think he will have enough help around him to keep the team competitive each week? I have not played with many of these players before, and I was impressed with how well they played together. They really threw it all out there, even diving in front of shots for me. That's great stuff! I think we'll hold our own.

4. Any goals you gave up that you wish you could take back? Oh my yes. I was down early, off my angles, not following plays as well as I can, etc. They also put a lot of pressure on us, so they created a bunch of great opportunities. I adjusted and felt more comfortable later in the game, but I'm hoping they broke a heavy layer of rust off of me.

5. Do you find yourself focusing more when games are that close? It did take a lot of focus - I think more than I expected. Things got real crazy with the traffic they created, the intense zone pressure they applied, etc. I wasn't quite ready for that type of game, but we found a way to get one more tally on the board then they had.

Derrian Matchock (Purple)

1. Nice 8-6 win over Vegas Gold last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? I thought everyone played pretty great. Few defensive collapses but we overcame

2. The team trailed in the 3rd period but rallied to win. What do you think the team did better in that stretch? I thought we hunkered down on D more in the last period then the first two

3. You have been asked to goalie and captain this team. You like having the expanded roles? I don’t mind playing goalie at all but being captain is something I don’t normally do.

4. You have played well in the first 2 games. Are there any goals they scored last night that you wish you could have back? the 2 that went 5 hole on me and the one that was called a goal, but really wasn’t. In that case you just gotta keep playing and hope everything else goes your way.

5. What kind of expectations do you have for the team going into the rest of the winter league? from what I’ve seen so far, I think we have a pretty solid team

Eric Llewellyn (Vegas Gold)

1. Tough 8-6 loss last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? It was tough having 1 sub and I personally wasnt ready to play yet. We still created some offense which was nice to see but as a team we were awful on the back end and we fell short because of it

2. A 3rd period lead turned into a 2 goal loss. Do you think the team wore down at the end? Yeah it gets sloppy when people are tired. Our strategy was there but we need to be way more disciplined if were gonna start winning games

3. 9 teams in this league. What kind of expectations do you have for your team going into the rest of the winter league? I think we’ll pick it up Im just really trying to rush it along. I dont want the team thinking we have a bunch of time to turn this around. I’ll be playing and I want to win next week.

4. You have been battling an injury. How did you feel last night? I was happy with the progress. Ill get better each week. I felt good enough to play so I played.

5. Randy Carlson coming up and it appears that your team has a good chance to make a deep run. Are you looking forward to the big event and what will it be like playing alongside all the talented players? Definitely looking forward to the Randy. Ill be good to go for that and I think we have a good chance at takin the whole thing. Me and Dave found some chemistry in a winter league not too long ago....Ive played with Kevin before... and Me and Pat have combined for a goal or 2 as well. Should be fun! Aaron Postlewait (Royal Blue) 1. Hard fought loss last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? I think the team isn't doing bad we got some great players and some people like myself that need work yes we lost but those more experienced guys are helping out getting our team to come together and be a better team

2. What do you think made the difference between winning and losing last night? The difference in winning or losing was simply a few bad plays that went there way instead of ours. I thought we were playing pretty good just didn't have it all last night

3. You weren’t able to play in the fall. Are you happy to be back for this league and will you be back for summer league? I'm very happy to be back feel pretty Rusty but glad to be back and I am hoping to stick around for the summer if anyone needs a player

4. What positives can the team take out of last nights loss? Last night I got told some great advice on simple things that I was doing to make things harder on the team so I have more knowledge on how to be better and I got to get some time playing with the team learning their play style

5. You sustained some injuries outside of hockey. How are you feeling now? I feel pretty good now my jaw is healed after the accident I definitely still feel sore on some days and feel some after affects from the wreck but overall I'm doing pretty good not broken bones anymore so that's a plus

Gus Gates (Neon Yellow)

1. Nice win over Cobra Kai last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? I thought that the team played well in the win. We definitely played much better together compared to last week, but still have a lot of work to do trying to "click" as a unit.

2. The team scored 5 first period goals last night. What do you think helped get your team off to such a fast start? I think the team came ready to play last night - we were disappointed by the loss last week and used that to fuel our legs. Plus, having Tyler and his speed on the forecheck was a nice addition that we didn't have last week.

3. You feeling good about how you have played the first 2 weeks? I am feeling alright - definitely rusty from taking off from fall league to recover after 3 different summer leagues. I feel great cardio wise. Just need to still get all tuned up on the rink!

4. You got a couple guys like Dave and Cory around you and some good role players. What kind of team expectations do you have going into the rest of the winter league season? Cory and Dave are 2 great players - amazing at both ends of the rink. I think we have pretty high expectations for our team if we work together and play as a unit.

5. The league and maybe Jim himself may look at him as the team’s weakness. How do you think he has played these first 2 weeks? I think Jim has played very well these first two weeks. Yesterday he made some really big saves for us! We need to just make sure to play defense for him, as I have noticed that sometimes we get caught up in the offensive zone and all of a sudden its a 2 on 1. Just have to play smart! But I think Jim has played very well for us and we just gotta keep rolling next week!

Tyler Armagost (This was following Purple's Week 1 win over Neon Yellow)

1. Nice 7-4 win last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Thanks! It was definitely all team work! We all stepped up and played where we were needed and filled in the gaps very well with hardly any chemistry.

2. You haven’t played hockey for a while. What was it like to be back? It’s been 3 years and I can tell you that I’ve missed every minute of it! Missed all the hard played games and great people!

3. What do you think was the difference between winning and losing? Honestly if it would have gone either way it was a well fought played game on both sides!

4. Derrian doesn’t play a lot of goalying, but has been asked to goalie this winter. How do you think he looked last night? I think he looked great! His form and the way he reacted to shots on net and getting to the ball every chance he did definitely showed he’s going to be a goalie to beat this Winter League.

5. What kind of expectations do you have for this team after playing last night? Honestly I don’t have many expectations. We looked good and had fun doing what we were doing. I’m just glad to be back and win or lose I’m just there to have fun P.S. Sent Interviews to Phil Mace (Cobra Kai) and Steve Hetrick (Atomic Blue). Will post if they get back to me.


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