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Interviews and Playoff Agenda

Couple Corrections to Yesterdays Write Ups:    Jake Kline scored 3 goals for the Knights.  Either Ben Rossi or Dave Jewell scored the Yeti’s 7th goal to give them a 7-5 lead.   The playoff agenda is listed below.   The original plan was to have a 4th place tournament between the 4th place, 5th place, 6th place and 7th place teams in the regular season to determine the final playoff spot, but then we ended up forming another team the night before the regular season started.   The 5th place, 6th place, 7th place and 8th place teams will need to win 3 play in games to make it into a best of 3 semi final playoff series.  3rd place and 4th place will play against one another to determine the #3 seed in the playoffs.  The winner is guaranteed a best of 3 semi final series against the 2nd seeded team in the regular season standings.  The loser of that game is not eliminated but will have to win a single elimination play in game against whoever is left between the 5th place, 6th place, 7th place and 8th place teams.  The winner of that game would play against the #1 seed in a best of 3 semi final series.  A more detailed playoff schedule is listed at the end of this write up.


Andrew Britton (Hounds)

10-4 loss to the Mayhem last night.  What can you say about the overall team effort?  We didn’t give up the entire game which was great to see



2.  The game was close until the 3rd period.  What do you think went wrong in the 3rd period? We got exploited on turnovers a few times and goalie play could’ve definitely been cleaner on a few occasions 


3.  What was your impression of the Mayhem?  Mayhem is well rounded, they play a mix of conservative and attack you when necessary 


4.  What positives can you take out of last nights game and the season so far?   Knowing where people should line up on defense was much better last night compared to other games earlier in the season so that’s a positive 


5.  Jawas next week.  You guys lost to them the first night of the regular season.  What kind of a game do you expect against them this time around?  The Jawas and us have a pretty even roster in terms of squaring up against each other, so definitely a tight one probably a one or two goal game



Ben Rossi (Yeti)

1.7-6 win over the Knights last night.  What can you say about the overall team effort in the win?  It was a hard fought game tons of penalties. We played hard, left it all out there and came out on top. Anytime you give an undefeated team their first loss it's a pretty good feeling. 


2.  Whats it been like playing alongside some of the leagues best players in this league? Its been awesome... Im just trying to fit in and earn my spot. Little nervous to start the year cause I didn't wanna disappoint. I've played on some alright teams but this is the best team I've played for. I deserve to be on a good team I know I'm a good player and I'm happy where I'm at.


3.  Lots of penalties in this game.  How do you think your power play looked along with your power play kill?  I believe we scored 2 PP goals so that's good enough for me. We gave up a shorty so that's no good. Can't remember how we did shorthanded though. 


4.  What can you say about Adam's play in net last night?  Adam was our best player last night. A good goalie can steal some games. That's all I will say about that 


5.  Eagles are up next week.  What kind of game do you expect from them?  It will be a hard fought game. Probably get a little fiesty out there which is alright with me. They've turned things around and will be ready to play so it will be a good game im sure

Denny Stinchcomb (Colonials)


1.  11-4 loss to the Eagles last night.  What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss?  I think we were all trying hard and getting nowhere.


2.  They scored 4 goals to end the first period.  What do you think went wrong?  I have no idea, it all happened so fast, I think it was Zach Foradori's new look


3.  The team has not been too competitive recently.  Is it a reason for concern going into the last part of the season?  Yeah I wasn't too concerned going into the 2nd period but my level of concern is equivalent to how many goals we let in as a team


4.  Any positives to take out of last nights game?  The drama has ramped up, it's always exciting, win or lose


5.  What was your impression of the Eagles this time around compared to the first game against them a month ago?  I felt like Match stole that first game for us. Our offense was clicking at the start of the year but we have cooled off and our defensive play has been sub par so I thought that was not a good recipe for success against a team that was ready for a rematch. Anybody ever see the Big Lebowski? That scene when he's in the cab and Peaceful Easy Feeling by the Eagles is on the radio? Well, I had a rough night and I hate the fuckin Eagles man hahaha 


Playoff Schedule.

Monday, April 1st

6 p.m.  #3 seed vs #4 seed (Winner will advance to a best of 3 semi final series round starting on Monday, April 8th.  Loser will need to win a play in game on April 8th to be guaranteed a best of 3 semi final series)

6:50 p.m.  #5 seed vs #8 seed.  (Loser Eliminated, Winner plays again at 8:30)

7:40 p.m.  #6 seed vs #7 seed (Loser Eliminated, Winner plays at 8:30)

8:30 p.m.  6:50 p.m. game winner vs 7:40 p.m. game winner (Loser Eliminated, winner plays at 6:15 p.m. on Monday, April 8th)


Monday, April 8th

 6:15 p.m.  Play In Game for #4 seed.  (Loser eliminated, winner plays at 8:15)

7:15 p.m.  2 seed vs 3 seed

8:15 p.m.  615 p.m. game winner vs #1 seed


Monday, April 15th

TBA depending on April 8th’s results.


Monday, April 22nd

TBA depending on April 15th’s results.


Monday, April 29th

TBA depending on April 22nd Results.


***Championship game(s) will be played on a separate night.  We will not combine a potential game 3 semi final series and game 1 of the championship series on the same night.***

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