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Henry Sutter (Mayhem)

1. 13-1 win over the Walkers last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Our team has really come together as the season has progressed. From where we started to now, it’s night and day. Of course, adding a player like Zach Smith is huge, but the whole team has been playing good hockey.

2. You guys were up 6-0 before you even saw a shot. Is it tough staying focused in those kind of games or did you enjoy watching your team play as well as they did? It is tough to stay focused, but luckily the defense made sure I didn’t need to lock in. I’ve been on both sides of blowouts, and while it’s fun to see a ton of shots, coming away with a win is what really matters.

3. AJ was back. How do you think he fit in with the rest of the guys last night? I was surprised how seamlessly he fit back into the lineup. We were iron man for the first period, so it put his lungs and legs to the test right away. He finished some chances and meshed well, so hopefully he’s around for the postseason.

4. The regular season is now over. Are you looking forward to your do or die game on Monday, January 3rd and how do you think you match up with the Walkers and Mobb? We’ve seen a lot of the Walkers at this point, so it will be nice to round out our fifth matchup in do or die fashion. If the Mobb advance to face us, it will be a rematch of one of our best games of the season, so I’d bet on a great game on Monday.

5. You didn’t have to face a lot of shots last night, but you faced a lot of shots during the season. How are you feeling about your overall play going into that do or die play in game? I’m not sure if I’m where I used to be when I played all the time, but this is the best I’ve felt since coming back. More of a tune up game would have been nice, but I’ll be ready to give my team my best in my first elimination game in quite a while. 1

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