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Fred Terwilliger/Steve Hetrick

Fred Terwilliger (Team Dodd) 1. 11-7 loss last night. What can you say about the overall team effort? I think the team effort was decent. Still need a little time to clcik as a team.

2. You got to see perhaps more playing time than you were ready for last night. Hows your body feeling today? My role as someone who enjoys playing only defense and really isn't too concerned with scoring fates me to playing the whole game when we are Ironman or only one sub. It felt good to exert myself but I was a little sore today. I'm usually fine by Noon the next day.

3. How do you compare the style of play in Reynoldsville to the style of play in Brockway? I am not good at stick handling. I am, however.... WAY better with a puck than the ball. The court being a little smaller and going from the puck to the ball always requires a little time to adjust.

4. Cory was missing last night. How tough was it trying to defend the opposition last night? Cory is a good 2 way player. With my staying back all the time, that allows someone like Cory to jump up in the play to help out on offense.

5. You got to play on a championship team in Brockway, but a couple guys on that team said they wont be playing hockey anymore. Has that crossed your mind at all or do you want to keep going for a little while yet? Every year for the past 5 years has been my last year. Then the next season starts and it just continues. It has ceased to be if I am going to play the next session and is now just the challenge of how long I can keep pushing myself. I'm going to play as long as I can

Steve Hetrick (Team Lingenfelter)

1. 8-7 win last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? The team effort came together more in the third period. Think we were trying to find our places on the team the whole game. I know I played a little sloppy at first and watched the trainwreck in front of our net like a deer in headlights. Instead of skating down to help out. Think we pulled it together better and I know I certainly did as the game went on.

2. This team appears pretty solid. How do you think everyone did trying to fit in with one another last night? As stated above I think it took us a little bit to find our groove. We didn't have our full team tonight and had one player not playing to his full potential due to an injury. I know we will continue to do well as the season goes on. I will have to watch building ramps when catching passes. (Jake Kline).

3. How do you compare Reynoldsville style of hockey to Brockway style of hockey? I like that in Reynoldsville you can play year round compared to Brockway you are limited to a few months. I feel that Reynoldsville is much faster and you need to make plays a lot quicker. I need to figure out how to get the ball off the wall without spearing myself... As for Brockway having more room, I think the hockey is more planned out and you almost have to know where you are going with the puck ahead of time. Reynoldsville is more like controlled chaos lol.

4. What do you like most about playing in the draft leagues? Draft leagues are nice, you play with players you typically wouldn't play with and sometimes you play with ones that you know well. I think draft leagues make the games more competitive.

5. This game was close throughout. What do you think made the biggest difference last night? I feel that when Mark scored our short handed goal that it took the momentum out of the other team and put it more in our favor. I heard Clint say after the game that we were down by 4 going into the third period. He exaggerates sometimes, but I know we had some work to do. I know we played more solid defense that period and Clint made some amazing saves to come out with the W at the end. The most I remember about that period is Rooster telling me to keep doing what I was doing as the final seconds were running down. I had no clue where the ball was and was basically skating in a circle with the ball under my skate. Lol.

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