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February 20th ------ 3 stars

Its hard to pick just 3. Jerred Amick scored 4 goals for the Eagles last night. Anthony Schuckers scored 4 times for the Slashers. Brenden Chesley scored another game winner for the Mayhem and Adam McKinley played his best game of the season in net last night for the Slap Happy. He also made contributions in his skate out role for the depleted Slasher line up last night.


#3 --------- Derik Day. Scored 2 first period goals for the Slap Happy and factored in their final goal of the night to lead his team to a 5-4 win over the Colonials.

#2 ------- Nate May. Scored two big goals for the Slap Happy last night.

#1-------- Brandon Reiter. If this was his job, he may be getting in a little bit of trouble for being late, but in this particular case, its better late than never. He scored 5 of the Knights 6 goals, including the game tying goal and overtime goal.

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