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Fall League Conclusion

Green 6  Orange 3 (Father tops Son)

Orange was riding a 3 game playoff winning streak going into last nights game and it looked for a while that it may stretch to 4 games, but one of the spectators may have jinxed it when he started talking about the potential second game last night (I wont say any names).   Team Orange got off to a 3-0 lead early in the 2nd period thanks to goals from Mark Chesley, Noah Kline and Zach Smith.   At one point in the 2nd period, Brandon Reiter debated whether or not to save some of his energy for a 2nd game.  Anthony Schuckers closed the gap to 3-1 but it feels like the tide completely changed on one play.  Brandon Reiter got by Orange defender Rob Reed and got his shot by Adam McKinley to close the gap to 3-2.  Not only did the goal close the gap, but it left Rob Reed injured and he was not able to go back into the game.  It left Orange without their reliable defenseman and also left them without an extra body that they could have used as the game went on last night.   Team Green tied the game late in the 2nd period on a goal from Jake Kline and would go up 4-3 on a Troy Gaydosh goal midway thru the 3rd period.   Derrian Matchock once again played a solid game in net for his team and did not allow team Orange to tie the game despite some good quality chances in the 3rd period.  Brice Miller would score an all important insurance goal with around 3 minutes to go and Jake Kline somehow snuck a long shot past Orange goalie Adam McKinley to put the game away.   Despite the loss, Adam McKinley had to feel good about his overall play this season, especially in the game against Red last week.  He was one minute away from a shutout which is very rare for a draft league playoff game.  Team Green finished the playoffs undefeated (two wins over gray, one over white and one over orange).  Their only 2 losses came in overtime to Team Red on opening night and late in the season against Team Orange.  Orange finished the playoffs with a 3-2 record (split 2 games against white, beat team Black and team Red and lost to team Green).   Jake Kline and Brandon Reiter continue to win championships while some guys like Brice Miller, Anthony Schuckers, Tony Conforto and Troy Gaydosh got their first in Reynoldsville.   Derrian Matchock previously won a championship skating out for the Renegades. 


We would like to thank everyone for a fun season and thank Peach and Austin Boyd for reffing last night.  We will have a tournament on Thursday, December 28th with XHL season set to begin on January 8th.  We will be playing a 12 game regular season.  Rink fee will be $100 with a $25 ref fee as well.

We have a 7th team for XHL:  Garrett Britton, Andrew Britton, Jaron Buffone, Brenden Chesley, Mark Chesley, Erika Dodd, Cody Haag with Chris Snyder goalying (we can use Kaden Coulter on nights Chris Snyder can’t make it).  Their official team name may be the Hounds.   If your XHL team isn’t completely filled up yet, there may be some guys still available to play part time (Corey Bassett, Jeff Wehner and Rob Reed).   We don’t know the extent of Rob Reed’s injury from last night.


Brice Miller

1. 6-3 win over orange last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? We had a pretty slow start but as the game went on we matched their speed fairly well.


2. A 3-0 deficit turned into a 6-3 win. What did you think you guys did better as the game went on? . Just settled in. We knew it would be a fast game but we were slow out the gate and they were putting a lot of pressure on.


3. You scored a big insurance goal in the 3rd period. Did you feel pretty good about your teams chances at that point?  Yeah that goal was a relief to say the least. With this team there wasn’t a worry once we were up 2.


 4. How would you compare the orange team to some of the other ones your team faced this season? Fast. They played with a higher intensity that most other teams and back checked really well. There were times it was 1 on 4 entering their zone.


 5. Your first championship team in Reynoldsville. What was it like playing on this team? This was a fun group and the core of Jake, Anthony, and Reiter/Cody made things easy on me and I could fill into a role. Anyone on that team could score, but the defensive core was solid as the season went on


Troy Gaydosh

1. 6-3 win over team Orange last night. What can you say about the overall team effort?  Well, it was just that. A team effort in which everyone contributed.


2. You guys were down 3-0. What do you think you guys did better as the game went on?  We definitely started sluggish, but you know goals are going to come at some point. We definitely were a lot more locked down on defense as the game went on, and they didn't get any easy scoring opportunities.


 3. You ended up scoring the official game winner. Did you think that lead would hold up when you scored it?  Hey honestly no, I thought it would go back and forth, . It wasn't until we went up 2, until I thought all we had to do was hold them off until time expired.



4. How would you compare the orange team to some of the other teams you guys played this season?  The Orange team goalie (McKinley) stoned us earlier in the season. And they're pretty well balanced where any of their players can score if they get the chance


5. It was your first draft league in Reynoldsville. How would you compare the competition to some of the other hockey leagues you have done?  Over all pretty good. We might have been the most balanced/talented, but only a couple games felt easy where we ran away with a game.  I liked playing with everyone we had, and there's not much tweaking if any to make the teams any better. I've played in plenty of ice leagues that were much more unbalanced.


Derrian Matchock

1. 6-3 win last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? overall effort was great. Everyone played to their expectations and made simple plays and I couldn’t be more proud of how everyone played


2. A 3-0 deficit turned into a 6-3 win. What do you think the team did better as the game went on? I wasn’t too thrilled about playing another game and neither was anyone else so once we realized that orange was coming hard, I think we decided to play to our potential. Reiter coming when he did definitely helped sway the momentum.


3. It was anyone’s game in the 3rd period but you held your own. Were you happy with how you played? I wasn’t after the first but once I started to make a few saves I got my confidence back. I just got new pads and it took a little to get used to but once I did, I started to make saves I probably don’t think I should’ve.


4. How would you compare this team to some of the other draft league teams you have played on? best team I’ve played on draft league wise for sure. Having Jake on the back end definitely helps since he’s quick and blocks so many shots, even some I kinda wish he wouldn’t.


 5. You will be skating out for the walkers and goalying for the mayhem as much as you can. What kind of expectations do you have for those teams?  I don’t really have expectations. I’m just going to go in and try to contribute as much to both teams as I can and hopefully put up a competitive game every time we go out there


Jake Kline (Blocking too many shots?)

1. 6-3 win over Orange last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Team effort over all was good. We started off bad but got it together after the first and got things going again


2. A 3-0 deficit turned into a 6-3 win. What do you think you guys did better as the game went on?  We couldn't do anything right I'm the first. We didn’t get many shots myself I could connect with any passes. But I'd just say from the 2nd on We finally started connecting on passes and getting good shots at the net. Hard to win when you can't get any shots. And think the defense locked it down pretty good and Derrian stood tall when we really needed him to


3. How would you compare the orange team to some of the other teams you played against in this league?  The orange team I'd say has a quick speed team with a really good goalie. And they got that little weasel named Noah that is came along way in such a short period of time that he has played in our league. And I'd say Zach Smith and Noah was prob the best duo in this league. Noah's seems to work very well with zach


4. Derrian has been transitioning from Skater to goalie in the past year or so. How do you think he looked in net for you guys these last 2 weeks?  Derrian has played very well these last 2 weeks he prob the big reason we won both weeks. Only thing is I've never had a goalie complain so much about the defense blocking so many shots. Derrian has told me so many times I block to many. Hahaha


 5. You keep winning championships now. Whats it been like being on some of these championship teams after years of falling short?  Hahaha It feels great to be on the championship side for once. Been close so many times always fell short so yeah it feels pretty good. But the xhl and srhl prob the best feelings. Not only winning with alot of my buddies but winning with my son you couldn't ask for more.





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