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Down to 4

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Orange 11 Black 2 (Did not see any of this game)

Team Orange stayed alive with an 11-2 win over team Black last night. The win guarantees them another week of hockey but they will have to win twice next week and twice the following week to claim the fall league championship. The loss eliminated team Black.

They will start out by playing against Team Red next week. The teams split their regular season series with each game being decided by a goal. Team Orange won the regular season finale in a shootout. The winner of this game will play against the loser of the White/Green game at 815 next week.

Green 13 Gray 3

It looked like déjà vu when team Green scored 2 quick goals to open up last nights rematch against team Gray, but team Gray hung in there until the final minute of the 2nd period. Larry scored a goal for Gray in the 1st period to get them to within a goal and they had some chances to tie it late in the first period but Derrian Matchock played another good game in net for his team. Chris Snyder allowed a couple goals early but made some good saves in the first period to keep team Gray within striking distance. Team Green went up 3-1 in the closing 15 seconds of the first period. Cody Schuckers once again led the way offensively but had his share of help again. Jake Kline had a first period goal. Team Green went up 6-1 by the later stages of the 2nd period but Eric Llewellyn scored to draw gray to within 4 at 6-2. Unfortunately for Gray, Team Green pulled away with 2 late 2nd period goals and another 5 goals in the 3rd period. Troy Gaydosh and Anthony Schuckers chipped in some goals offensively for Green. The loss eliminated team Gray.

White 4 Red 3

Bob Anderson and Team White pulled off a 4-3 win over team Red last night. It was the 2nd time these two teams played a one goal game with team White winning both so far. There is a chance the two teams could meet again next week. Both goalies, Henry and Clint, did their normal thing by making their share of good saves throughout this game. Both teams played a defensive minded game for the most part as we saw a lot of blocked shots from both teams. Bob Anderson scored a first period goal (around the 5 minute mark) to put White ahead 1-0. The lead would hold up until the 10 minute mark of the 2nd period when Andy Calvert scored to tie the game at 1. With around 6 minutes to go in the 2nd period, Andy Calvert capitalized on a team white turnover to put his team up 2-1. With the way the game was going, it looked like that goal could have been costly for white. With under a minute to go in the 2nd period, Tyler Waltman was called for a penalty. While team White did not have enough time to get much going on the power play to end the 2nd period, they started out the 3rd period with a one man advantage. Andy Calvert got possession of the ball and held onto the ball for a while in an attempt to kill the penalty, but Bob Anderson eventually got the ball and found Brian Anderson open past half court. Brian Anderson had room (and enough energy) to skate and was able to sneak a shot past Henry Sutter to tie the game at 2. Bob Anderson scored twice in a 2 minute span for White to put them ahead 4-2 with around 4 minutes to go. The first One came on a nice set up behind the net from either Denny or Cody Haag. Trent Bembenic got team Red to within a goal with around 3 minutes to go in the 3rd period when he skated a good ways down the court, gained some separation and found a way to get one past Clint to close the gap to 4-3. Team Red had some chances to tie the game late but was not able to get a tying goal. Team White had a couple nice blocks in that final stretch.

Looking ahead to next week

Team Red will play against Orange in an elimination game next week. The winner of that game will take on the loser of the White/Green game. Cody Schuckers will not be back for the remainder of the playoffs for Team Green but Brandon Reiter plans to be there for whatever games they have left. The loser of the White/Green game will not be eliminated, but it will present them a much tougher road. The winner of that game will only have to win one more game to claim the fall league championship while the loser will have to turn around in a hurry and beat either the orange or red team. Whoever survives that will have to win twice on December 18th. To put it simply, there will be a lot at stake for the white team and the green team when they play against one another next week. While the loser wont be eliminated, the winner will have a much easier road to a championship.

615 Orange vs Red (Loser Eliminated)

715 White vs Green (Winner does not have to play again until December 18th)

815 Orange/Red winner vs White/Green loser. (Loser Eliminated)

If you are available to ref games you aren’t playing in next week, let me know. With the uncertainty of who is playing at 815, we will need to have a couple guys willing to ref in the event their team is not playing at 815.

XHL News

Don’t forget, if you need a tune up for XHL, we are having a Christmas/New Years Tournament on Thursday night, December 28th. We are going to plan on starting around 5 or 5:30 depending on the turnout we get. It will be a draft style, ironman tournament. (There could be a sub on each team depending on how many sign up).

Peach has another Mayhem team in line for the upcoming season: Peach, Trent Bembenic, Tyler Waltman, Anthony Schuckers, Vinnie Deloia, Tyler Stitt and Jason Stamler. Derrian Matchock will be their goalie for most of the games but Derrian is also on the Walkers as a skater. When the Walkers play the Mayhem, Derrian will be skating out for the Walkers. Kaden Coulter reached out and wants to goalie for a team when needed. Chris Snyder is also available.

It looks like we have enough for another team as well. Cody Haag, Garrett Britton, Andrew Britton, Brenden Chesley, Jaron Buffone, Erika Dodd. Mark Chesley is interested but isn’t 100 percent sure yet of his availability. Corey Bassett is an option to join the team but will miss a couple weeks at the beginning of the season. Chris Snyder and/or Kaden Coulter are available to goalie.

Who will Laken Dodd play for? The Knights are rumored to be the same as last years team?

Brice Miller (Green)

1. 13-3 win over team gray last night. What can you say about the overall team effort? We played well, but also a little sloppy out the gate

2. The game was close up until late in the 2nd period. What do you think you guys did better as the game went on? Just got the offense going and had some more possession.

3. Cody will not be back to finish out the playoffs. Whats it been like playing on the same side as him in this league? Playing with Cody has been fun. He plays a dynamic game with his speed and opens a lot of opportunities for us. It helps having someone that communicates well and isnt afraid to tell you where to be on defense.

4. Brandon Reiter will be able to play these next 2 weeks if your team makes it to the end. How do you compare his style of play to Cody’s? Its fairly similar playing with Reiter. They both have a big shot from the point and defend well. I think the biggest change for me is being able to match Reiter’s speed on the rush a little easier.

5. Team White next week (Andersons, Denny Stinchcomb, Fred, Peach, Cody Haag and Clint). What kind of a game are you expecting ? White looks a little different then when we saw them last, now that they have Denny. Nobody wants to see playoff Bob so it should be a good game.

Steve Hetrick (Red)

1. 4-3 loss to team White last night. How would you describe the overall team effort? Our team effort has been phenomenal all season. We are definitely a well rounded group.

2. A 2-1 lead after 2 periods got away from you guys. What do you think went wrong in the 3rd period? Honestly I feel that we out played team white the entire game, but just couldn't capitalize at the end. We controlled a lot of the game and were even able to shut down the top players on the team that they were sending Freddy to the front lines to mix things up a bit. I feel we just got tired for going 100% all game and that led to some mix-ups.

3. You have gotten a lot of playing time in this league. Are you feeling pretty good physically from all the added minutes? I definitely have been playing more and in my opinion I have been playing a lot of good defense. I've been trying to up my own game the winter league. As for my health, the last couple minutes of the game I tweaked my knee but nothing a frozen bag of beans can't help.

4. With the loss, you guys get another game against the Orange team. Both games have been decided by a goal. Are you expecting anything different this time around? It will definitely be a very fast paced game and I'm sure will come down to the wire once again. The Zach Attack will be in full force. The young little "Native" kid on the team will be a fun one to heckle with though.

5. You have put a competitive roster together for the walkers this upcoming season. What kind of expectations do you have for this particular group? I hope we can come out and win a few games this season. Definitely have some more firepower that we lacked back in the day. And as long as we beat Mayhem I'll be happy lol. Peach took a couple of my players away from me, something about a big hot tub and extra bubbles. Fred Terwilliger (White)

1. 4-3 win over team Red last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Team effort was solid.... maybe not as solid as last week against orange but still mostly everyone playing their role.

2. They were up 2-1 going into the 3rd period. What do you think the team did better in the 3rd period? I think "safe play" was our key in the 3rd. We didn't take unnecessary risks and patiently waited for the opportunities to present themselves.

3. This team has been on the winning side of a lot of one goal games in this league. Are you feeling pretty confident to be out on the court in those late game situations? I am typically comfortable out there when we have the lead, even if only one goal. My stress come about when we are behind and the whole team has to push forward on the offense. After decades of playing.... I am slowly becoming relatively comfortable when having to provide even the slightest bit of offense.

4. You lost some weight over the summer. Have you noticed a significant difference in your stamina since the SRHL league ended? I can't say I notice much difference in the level of stamina. My style of play has always allowed me to conserve for when the critical play is at hand. I have, however, felt like I've had a little more "get-up-and-go" compared to years past. Overall, it has translated to just feeling better on my skates.

5. With the win, team Green is next. They have Brandon Reiter playing next week in Cody’s spot and they have a very good group around him (Jake, Brice Miller, Anthony Schuckers, Troy Gaydosh, Tony Conforto and Derrian in net). What kind of a challenge are you expecting from them ? Round bruises are probably expected. They are a physically strong team, so hopefully we can somehow counter that.

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