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Double Elimination Playoffs Underway

Monday, November 28th Results:

Team McKinley 6 Team Scyoc 4

Team Dodd 10 Team Sutter 2

Team Matchock 9 Team Lingenfelter 4

Who Stood Out (no particular order)

1. Brice Miller ------ Continues to score a lot of goals for Team Matchock. A big 3rd period helped lead his team to a 9-4 win last night over Team Lingenfelter

2. Cory Schuckers ---- Multiple goals (including the first two) and assists to lead his team to a 10-2 win over Team Sutter.

3. Zach Foradori ---- Two third period goals to help team McKinley hold onto a 6-4 win over Team Scyoc last night. Both goals came when his team was clinging to a 1 goal lead.

4. John Matchock ---- Returned to the court after missing several weeks. He led his regular team to a 9-4 win and filled in for Tony Dod and played a big role in their 10-2 win over Team Sutter.

5. Laken Dodd --- Scored go ahead goal at the beginning of the 3rd period last night against Team Lingenfelter

6. Bob Anderson ---- Him and Cory combined for several goals in the team’s 10-2 win last night.

7. Alex Waddell ---- Scored a couple goals at the beginning of his team’s 6-4 win over Team Scyoc last night.

8. Jerred Amick ---- Played a big role in filling in for team McKinley last night (scored a couple goals and made a couple assists) and also played a big role for his regular team (Matchock).

9. Adam McKinley ---- Returned to his playoff form in the teams 6-4 win last night.


We normally hear the word bracket buster mentioned in March, but it was mentioned again last night after Team Matchock upset Team Lingenfelter 9-4 last night. The game was actually tied at 3 going into the 3rd period last night but it changed quickly. A shot by Laken Dodd went off Clint Lingenfelter’s helmet and found its way into the net to give them a 4-3 lead. Brice Miller also played a big role in the 3rd period outbreak. The lead was only 5-4 with about 5 minutes to go but 4 unanswered goals helped lead Team Matchock to a 9-4 upset win last night. John Matchock made several good saves when Team Lingenfelter was trying to rally in the 3rd period. Jake Kline and Rooster each had a couple of goals but it wasn’t enough. The game was tied at 1 going into the 2nd period but it looked like Team Matchock completely outplayed Team Lingenfelter in the 1st period. No one scored until Jerred Amick scored with about 5 minutes to go in the first period. A win by Team Lingenfelter would have guaranteed a rematch with the two teams next week, but the upset changed the bracket around significantly. See below for next week’s matchups.

Team Sutter got some bad news when Kevin Smith could not make it last night. He has been playing some of his best hockey this fall and his absence was noticed last night. Zach Smith was able to fill in for Kevin, but even as valuable as he is for any team he plays for, the time away from playing in Reynoldsville and the lack of chemistry with the other players on the team ended up getting the best of Team Sutter. What really stood out about this game was how well Team Dodd played last night. They have been hurt most of the season by Cory not being able to make many games, but his presence last night made all the difference. He scored the first 2 goals for the team and set up several others to help lead the team to a 10-2 win. The game was closer than the final score indicated. Larry scored a nice goal for Team Sutter to close the gap to 3-1 late in the 2nd period, but Team Dodd answered seconds later when Josh Clontz (filling in for Fred) made a nice shot from the side to make it 4-1. Henry Sutter was not expecting the shot. Unfortunately for Team Sutter, they would give up 4 more unanswered goals before Steve Pompeii scored on a nice pass from Zach Smith midway thru the 3rd period to close the gap to 8-2. By then, it was too late. Josh Clontz contributed a couple goals in his fill in role last night. John Matchock filled in for an injured Tony Dodd and played much better than the team expected. He made some big saves early in the game which would end up playing a big role in deciding the outcome of the game.

The best game of the night happened at 620 last night. The #3 seed (McKinley) took on the #4 seed (Scyoc) and it lived up to what we expected. Unfortunately for team Scyoc, Brad Van Scyoc (injury) and Andy Calvert (illness) could not make it last night. Dave Jewell filled in for Andy and looked good despite a bad injury in the SRHL playoffs back in September, but even as well as he played, the absence of Andy hurt the teams chances to win. As usual, Adam McKinley played well in net when needed most. Alex Waddell scored the first goal of the night for Team McKinley. Henry Sutter filled in the net for Brad Van Scyoc while Jerred Amick filled in for Joe Roush and Nate Galentine. Alex Waddell and Jerred Amick had some good chemistry together which would eventually help the team go up 3-0 before Josh Clontz (filling in for Peach and Jeremy Sawey) scored late in the 2nd period to pull Scyoc to within a goal at 3-1. Tyler Waltman scored soon after to make it 3-2. Henry Sutter robbed Zach Foradori of a goal with around 10 minutes to go in the 3rd period, but Foradori soon got revenge by scoring 2 big goals in the 3rd period, including the one that made it 4-2. He would score another to make it 5-3. The final score would end up being 6-4 and moving Team McKinley into the best position of any of the teams left in this double elimination tournament. Below is how next week’s games have been decided:

The #3 seed (McKinley), the #5 seed (Dodd) and #6 seed (Amick) all won last night putting them in the winner’s bracket. With McKinley being the highest seeded winner, they got to choose which winning team they wanted to take on next week. Team McKinley will take on Team Matchock next week.

The #1, #2 and #4 seed are now in the losers bracket. The #1 seed (Lingenfelter) have chosen to take on #4 seed (Scyoc) next week which leaves Team Dodd and Team Sutter getting a rematch next week.

Next Week’s Schedule:

620 ---- Team McKinley vs Team Matchock

720 ---- Team Lingenfelter vs Team Scyoc (Loser eliminated)

820 ----- Team Dodd vs Team Sutter

Zach Foradori (Team McKinley)

1. 6 to 4 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort? We played great for the first 30 minutes. 3rd period was pretty sloppy.

2. You had 2 big goals in the 3rd period. Which did you think was the bigger one? The one to make it 4-2 right after waltman made it a 1 goal game. Think it kind of killed any momentum they would have got

3. You guys picked up Amick while they picked up Henry Sutter. What kind of game were you expecting when you saw the lineups? Low scoring. Both Adam and Henry are really good goalies.

4. How do you think Adam looked in net tonight? Adam looked great. We need to sure up our defense in front of him so he’s not killing himself.

5. They didn’t have Andy. Do you think that gave your team an edge considering Dave Jewell had not played for a while? It definitely didn’t help them offensively but it helped them on defense. I think Dave blocked more shots by himself than our team got shots.

Brice Miller (Team Matchock)

1. Big win tonight. Were you surprised at all? I don’t necessarily want to say I’m surprised, but it obviously was the unlikely outcome to get a win tonight. I had a good feeling heading into the game. It’s only one win, but I feel like we’ve been close and just needed to get the chemistry going

2. What can you say about the overall team effort tonight? One of our best efforts to say the least. Everybody contributed in some way.

3. What did you think you guys did different in the 3rd period? In the third we were able to get some quick offense and lock it down. The forecheck really causes problems for them and we stepped on the gas at the right times. We had some of our best offensive pressure we’ve put fourth all season

4. What can you say about John matchocks effort in net? Match was on his game. He made the saves we needed him to make all night. Both wins we’ve had he was huge.

5. Not much success during the regular season but a big win tonight. What does this do for overall team confidence? It’s definitely huge for our confidence as a team. Moving forward we know the game we are going to have to play to win games.

Henry Sutter

1. A couple disappointing losses for you tonight. What positives can you take out of it? Had some rough games tonight, but it’s always a good night when there’s hockey. Still get another chance next week to bounce back

2. You played really well in the first game but did you think it put you at a disadvantage in the 2nd game? . I feel like I haven’t played well in over a month, so I appreciate it. I actually like playing back to back when I’m in the zone. The first game warms me up, and the second game is usually sharper, but that wasn’t the case tonight. I need some confidence and mojo back

3. The 2nd game got away in the 3rd period. What do you think went wrong? . We couldn’t find the back of the net, and I couldn’t keep the puck out of our net. I think we got a little frustrated and demoralized. Nothing we can’t fix

4. Clint’s team fell tonight as well. Does that surprise you at all? . The way Match played in our game, I’m not surprised to hear that. I can’t wait to read the blog recap to hear how it actually went down, but I’d bet Match had a big hand in the upset.

5. You may get a rematch next week. Do you hope you do? No matter who we play, I’ll need to find my game again. The team deserves more consistency on the back end. If we do draw the same matchup, I hope to rise to the challenge.

Zach Smith (Filled in for Kevin last night)

1. You got a little taste of Reynoldsville hockey tonight. How did it feel ? I felt off all night. It's been a few weeks since i played any hockey and a few months since i played with a ball. I think i need to play a few more games before i get into a groove down there

2. The game got away from you guys in the 3rd period. What do you think went wrong? They had better passing and possession then us to put put it simple. It never felt like we were in the game so the third period wasn't much of a difference play wise. They just capitalized on their chances more in the third

3. You had some big shoes to fill tonight (Kevin). How do you think you did considering you had not played for a while? Kevin is a better player than i am and probably has better chemistry with the players on black. I don't think i did very well to be honest

4. The lowest seed beat the best seed in the game you reffed tonight. What was your overall impression of that game? Lots of complaining was my impression. It's come to be expected, but i think it was frustration from bad play from a certain team and the only way for them to vent was to complain about the reffing. Blue didn't deserve to win even if we called a penalty every time a blue player fell down, which would have put them on the power play for most of the game. I get it, every person complains about the refs and tries to get calls to go their way, but most of people complaining don't even ref, miss obvious calls when they do ref, or don't know basic rules like where a faceoff should be after the ball goes out of play (the side of the court the shot originated from). It honestly is hilarious to hear some people talk, it keeps it fun out there. I think people should start looking at themselves a little more before taking it overboard with the complaining. The green team did a good job limiting the time and space of blue and for the majority of the game outplayed blue. Most of blues chances came off the rush while green had sustained pressure in blues end

5. What was it like playing on team Interim Healthcare this past season? It was fun, the guys on that team really worked well together. We had our struggles throughout the year but the veteran leadership on the team helped us pull it through at the end there. I don't think we win that championship without the unbelievable play of herm in that game so I think he had a lot to do with us winning it

Bob Anderson (Team Dodd)

1. 10 to 2 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort? It seems that we may have saved our best effort for the playoffs. It was a solid all around team effort tonight. I thought we played smart and didn’t force chances. As a result we were in good defensive positioning and were able to keep their chances to the outside for the most part. Matchock filled in as our goalie and played a very steady game too!

2. Cory was there tonight. What’s a guy like him bring to a team? . I love playing with Cory. He knows the game so well. You can trust that he’s going to make the smart play 99% of the time. He puts himself in good position to always get back on defense and his offensive skills are really good. Plus he’s a heck of a passer so you know you have to be ready for him to find you

3. Josh filled in for Fred and Match played goalie. How do you think they did? . Both played great! Josh scored a sneaky goal in the second period. I don’t think Henry was expecting him to shoot from that angle and he kind of caught him off guard a bit. As for Match, you’d think he would have been a bit rusty after not playing for a little while, but he was sharp early and all game. It was good to see him back!

4. No Kevin tonight. What did his absence mean to them even with Zach taking his place? . I was disappointed Kevin couldn’t play tonight. I didn’t get to play against him in the regular season either. Brandon filled in that night. I have reffed a couple of team Black’s games this year and Kevin has been a beast. I’m not sure anybody has played better than him in this league. He controls the game for them and his absence was a huge factor tonight. Of course Zach is a heck of a player in his own right, but it’s different for a guy to fill in on a team he hasn’t built chemistry with during the season

5. There is a good chance you will be playing them again next week depending on which losing team Clint chooses to play next week. Do you hope Kevin can be there since he hasn’t made the first 2 games against your team? Absolutely I hope he gets to play. They deserve to have him in the lineup. They had a great regular season and will be a tough team to eliminate even with one loss. If we play them, we know our first order of business is to try to limit his chances. We know you won’t stop him completely, but you can’t let him take the game over either. It’ll be a great challenge if we see them again.

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