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December 6th Updated Standings, Results and Interviews

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Updated Point Totals following December 6th's games:

1. Slap Happy 14 (75/33)

2. Colonials 13 (69/38)

3. Narwals 10 (57/47)

4. Mayhem 6 (40/55)

5. Mobb 4 (41/56)

6. Walkers 3 (28/85)

December 6th Results:

The Mobb picked up their 2nd win of the season last night, beating the Walkers 13-3. The Mobb pulled away with a big 2nd period. With the Narwals win over the Slap Happy, the Mobb will not be able to avoid having to play an elimination game or two on opening night of the playoffs. They can avoid at least one elimination game if they can find a way to pass the Mayhem for 4th place. If not, they would need to beat the Walkers at 620 pm (January 3rd). If they win that game, they would more than likley have to beat the Mayhem at 815 p.m on January 3rd. See what Tyler Luzier had to say in his interview below:

The Mayhem got word that Zach Smith would not be available last night (school finals) but Brandon Reiter agreed to take his spot just for one night. Thanks to some solid goal tending from Henry Sutter, the Mayhem hung tough and only found themselves down 1-0 going into the 2nd period. The Colonials scored two quick goals to go up 3-0 in the 2nd period but the Mayhem climbed back to within 3-2. A 5-2 colonial 3rd period lead got down to 5-4 after Brandon Reiter snuck one by Tim Herman, but the Colonials scored 3 unanswered goals late in the 3rd period to pull away. Dan Fatula and Kevin Smith each had 3 goals. The Colonials can still get the #1 seed if they beat the Mobb next week and beat the Slap Happy in regulation the following week. If not, they will find themselves playing a best of 3 series against the Narwals starting January 3rd.

The Narwals appear to be coming on, picking up a 6-5 comeback win last night. They have now beaten the Colonials, Mobb and Slap Happy in consecutive weeks. A win last night seemed very unlikely going into the 3rd period. They were without Austin Boyd and Steve Kalgren, and found themselves down by 4 goals, but climbed to within 5-4 with plenty of time remaining. They were unable to score that tying goal for a while, and Slap Happy were just inches away from scoring an all important insurance goal. The Narwals tied the game at 5 (not sure if it was Llewellyn or Andy that scored it) with 41 seconds left and it looked like overtime was coming. Less than 15 seconds later, the Narwals scored an unlikely go ahead goal and were able to preserve the lead in the final 29 seconds. The Narwals will finish the regular season with games against the Walkers and Mobb. They will most likely be facing the Colonials or Slap Happy in a best of 3 series starting January 3rd. Slap Happy still control their own destiny for the top seed. They will face the Mayhem next week followed by a game against the Colonials on December 20th. The top seed could face the possibility of having 2 weeks off. There are no games on Monday, December 27th and the top seed will not have to play when the playoffs begin on January 3rd. The top seed will begin a best of 3 semifinal series against either the Mayhem, Mobb or Walkers starting at 620 on January 10th. Game 2 of that series would be played at 815 on Monday, January 10th.


Adam McKinley (Slap Happy)

1. A 5 to 1 lead got away tonight. What do you think went wrong in the final period? They took advantage of their opportunities. When scoring chances happened, they were able to cash in. A couple of them I would have liked to have back.

2. They were missing Boyd and Steve kalgren tonight. Were you surprised they were able to rally without them? Not really. They're a good team when they're all on the same page. They got it together in the 3rd and we were unable to stop them. I felt very responsible for the loss. I let in some goals that are normally routine for me. My team played great in front of me. I felt I let them down.

3. Two one goal games in a row. Do you think these kind of games can benefit you going into the playoffs? Oh for sure. Winning a one goal game is a huge confidence booster.

4. Mayhem next week. What kind of game are you expecting? Hopefully one with a better outcome than tonight.

5. The last goal took an unfortunate bounce. Were you able to see the ball at all before it went in? It was point blank and Llew had time to measure up the goal. It's unfortunate that the ball bounced off Bob the way it did but I couldn't complain about it because the ref is a part of the game. If he's in the way and unable to move, that's how it goes. We just got an unlucky bounce. Game over. . . This time!

Alex Waddell (Narwals)

1. 6 to 5 comeback win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort tonight?Even when we were down 5–1 no one gave up. The 2 goals to make it 5-3 gave us a little spark and everyone realized we had a chance to win. After that we came up with a little bit of a plan and it worked out. Tonight was a perfect example of why you never quit.

2. You were down 5 to 1 going into the 3rd period. How were you able to climb all the way back? We stuck to our game even when we were down and it paid off. Maybe they got a little too comfortable with the lead.

3. No Boyd, no Steve. What does a win like this do for team confidence considering you didn’t have them tonight? Both of them bring a lot to our team. If we were able to win without them we should be even better off with both of them there. At the end of the day we really only need one person out there I think everyone knows who that is.

4. Were you surprised to score 2 goals in the final minute to win in regulation? It’s tough to score on Adam at all so yes. We got a couple garbage goals but sometimes that’s what you need.

5. You will probably be playing the colonials or slap happy in a best of 3 series starting in January. How do you think your team matches up against those two teams? I’m glad it’s a 3 game series. As long as we have our full team I think we have a good chance against either.

Tony Conforto (Walkers)

1. 13 to 3 loss to the Mobb tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort? I am always proud of how hard the walkers play and how well we support each other during games. We knew what we were up against and played hard until the final whistle

2. What positives do you take out of tonight’s loss? One positive I took away was how well we started with moving the ball into their end and our passing game was more on point! The Dodd’s did a great job getting open and putting pressure on the Mobb which is probably why we stayed so close in the first!

3. What’s it been like playing on this team this season? Missing the last three games ( 2 because of covid) showed me how much the team has progressed. It was like returning to a different level of play last night and as always we held our own and made the other team work for most of their goals. I would not want to be on any other team! We use positive motivation with each other and don’t allow any one person to take blame.

4. What was your impression of the Mobb after playing them tonight? On paper the Mobb looks like an all star team but they played with good sportsmanship and didn’t get dirty! This team is definitely one of the top contenders for the championship! I feel that playing against them last night helped improve our game because they are fast and all have great shots!

5. The game slowly got away from you guys in the 2nd period. What do you think went wrong? Nothing went wrong per say. I feel as if the Mobb was not playing as a team in the first which led to turnovers and some missed opportunities. They came out in the second and adjusted a little to play to their potential. We played hard and got a few in (back to back goals by Erica<~?) but ultimately lost to an all star team. We will get there eventually and it will be an awesome growing experience and fun to watch along the way!!! Go Walkers!!!!!


Brandon Reiter (Took Zach Smith’s place for the Mayhem last night)

1. 8 to 4 loss tonight. What can you say about the team effort tonight? The effort was there. Sutter played really well and we were able to give ourselves a chance until the end

2. A 5 to 4 deficit got away from you guys at the end. What do you think went wrong in those final couple minutes? We gave up an easy breakaway to let them make it 6-4 and that pretty much did us in.

3. What was your impression of both teams tonight? The colonials are a very experienced team. They moved the ball around well and controlled most of the play. The mayhem have a lot of hustle and grit and just need to find some more offense. Part of that was on me, I had a couple great chances I didn’t capitalize on.

4. How did you feel physically? I feel ok. Not in game shape though

5. Did you miss playing or were you enjoying the time away? Both.

Tyler Luzier (Mobb)

1. 13 to 3 win tonight over the walkers. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Effort always looks good, we just can’t get going for some reason. We have moments where it looks great and then it all just takes a dump.

2. Does a win tonight help team confidence going into the final part of the season? I hope so, we need it.

3. Colonials next week then the Narwals. You looking forward to the challenge? Not really.

4. With the Narwals win over slap happy, your team will most likely have to beat the walkers and mayhem on the first night of the playoffs to get into a best of 3 semifinal series. How do you think you match up with both those teams? Who the hell knows anymore? We should match up great against any team down there, but we seem to be our own worst enemy.

5. How are you feeling physically these days? Not too bad, thanks. Knees better feel stronger but I have lost some flexibility.

Tim Herman

1. 8 to 4 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? This isn’t your father’s old colonials…. Has anybody seen the colonials box this fall? The effort from the guys is amazing. the guys play unbelievable every week. Blocking shots… hustling back… counter attacking. It’s all effort, and helps make my life easier.

2. Mayhem were only down by a goal with 3 minutes to go. Were you getting worried? Honestly I didn’t know that. I’m always worried about the next shot… but I guess I felt that my guys had it in control or would step it up to the finish.

3. How do you compare Henry Sutter to some of the other goalies you have seen play? What can I say about Henry. He seemed to make so many big saves to keep those guys in it early. Watching from the other end.. I can see the shot… see it going in bottom corner.. and then leg flashes out and ball is in the corner. I think we easily could have put 5 or 6 in during the first period if it wasn’t for him.

4. How do you think the team did trying to contain Brandon Reiter? Who the hell decided to let Brandon fill in for Zach…. There are 50 other guys that are currently out of the league that I would much rather see before facing Brandon on the other side. That being said.. I think we did really well. I couldn’t tell you if any of their goals where scored by him… I only remember him ripping one blast, And only one time did he come in hard to the net behind our guys…. I think Match cut him off behind the net. I’ll call that a win.

5. Kevin has been present every week. How do you think he has fit in with the team so far this season? it’s great to see Kevin make it every week. Obviously he’s still got it. I think he’s the catalyst for the Colonials increased pace of play. And having another “A” player brings the best out of all the guys. I think he helps make Bob more dangerous, if that’s even possible, And takes some pressure off of Bob as well. If he’s on my summer league team next year… I’m going to pull a Bull Durham and flood the fields a lot on game days

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