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December 29th Tournament

Josh Clontz

1. Lots of hockey tonight. How are you feeling after all those games? I really feel like I ate too many Christmas cookies!

2. How do you think overall team chemistry was? Pretty good, considering we had a guy show up late and used a sub for a few games.

3. Do you like playing in these kind of mini tournaments? Absolutely! Why don't we do this more often?

4. Were you surprised team blue was able to win the championship game? Not really! Kevin says he is getting old and slow, but he is still on another level. He had a solid squad around him, then they had Henry between the pipes. Even if you can stop the rush, good luck scoring!

5. Zach is a special talent. What was it like playing on his team tonight? It was good, Zach always gives 110% he is fast, skilled and smart. It's nice to have a guy on your team who can get to open space and make plays happen in the offensive zone, and still hustle back and make big plays on defensive.

Mark Pisarcik

1. Lots of hockey tonight. How are you feeling? Yes that was alot of hockey but it was fun! Feeling really good today actually figured I'd be pretty sore but so far so good

2. How would you compare Reynoldsville hockey to brockway hockey? In my opinion they are totally different but I enjoy both. Brockway has so much more space to skate however it has taken awhile to get used to playing with a puck. Reynoldsville court felt so small in comparison to Brockway however playing with a ball makes it so much different.

3. How would you describe the overall team effort tonight? Team effort was pretty solid I would say. I'm familiar with playing with Bob and Brian. I was impressed by the play of Noah and Alex as well. We played solid defense but just couldn't capitalize on some of our scoring chances

4. Not much room for error in 10 minute games. Do you like playing in these kind of tournaments? In games like that it is so important to not get behind early. So many close games decided by 1 goal or ending up being tied! I do enjoy these type of tournaments especially when all the teams are pretty evenly matched.

5. You played a part in the brockway championship team this summer. What was it like playing on that team? The Brockway Championship this summer was pretty amazing to be honest! We had such a great team of guys who all had their own certain roles and played them well. We hadn't faired very well against that Narwals team during the season so it was pretty satisfying to come out on top in the end. I would like to see the playoffs in Brockway expanded to a multiple games series. The current 1 and done format is kinda rough.

Kevin Smith

1. Another tournament championship. How do you compare this one to the one you had back in September? Yes! It’s a good feeling to win! I would say it was similar from my aspect. Our team in September started out slow and got better as the tournament went on. Same for tonight!

2. What went thru your head after the first game tonight? I have to be honest, I was concerned after that first game. I was thinking we would be lucky to win 1 game let alone the whole tournament!

3. Anthony wasn’t present at the beginning tonight. What do you think he was able to bring to the team tonight? Better late than never I suppose! He brought a lot tonight, I thought he played spectacular tonight. Winning big face offs, grinding in the corners, back checking. Not only him but everyone played their butts off tonight!

4. What do think your team did different in the championship game compared to the opening game of the night against those guys? From the first game against Red to the last game, (championship) we were a completely different team. We were all playing our positions that best fit the team we had. I played back a lot and took chances when I saw an opportunity, our forwards did a great job of filling in for me on D when I took those chances. The formula we figured out as the tourney went on seemed to work really well for this squad!

5. You were surrounded by some younger face’s (and girl). How would you describe their play tonight? I think everyone played their role to their full potential, we all kept our heads up and battled all the way through. I believe that Laken was on the team that won the ‘ship in September as well. She plays the game the right way, always hustling and always in good position. Great team victories tonight! Thanks for putting this together! Happy New Year everyone can’t wait for the XHL season to get underway!

Derrian Matchock

1. Lots of hockey tonight. How are you feeling after all those games? I feel good for not playing in a couple months. Was nice to get some games in

2. Were you happy with how you played in general? I think I played decent. Obviously I want a couple but it is what it is.

3. Aside from the 4th of July outing, have you been able to play much hockey? I was playing in Tyrone and state college but that was months ago.

4. What do you think went wrong in that championship game? a few bad bounces for sure

5. You and your dad are both multi talented with what roles you play. Which role do you like better? I prefer to play in net which is what I usually do in every league. I would like to do that full time but if it comes to it I don’t mind skating out.

Justin Ritzie

1. Lots of hockey tonight. How are you feeling? after not playing in almost a year I’m ready for a wheelchair

2. How would you describe the team effort throughout the night? team effort was awesome a lot of good looks just couldn’t find the back of the net

3. You haven’t been able to play since last year? Have you missed it? I definitely miss it hope I can find time to play more

4. Were you happy with how you played ? I wasn’t completely disappointed in how I played always room for improvement

5. What was it like playing on that team tonight? the team was great there was chemistry there I think everyone on the team is a solid hockey player the goalie stood on his head all night even with having 7 teams and 3 goalies hats off to all of them

Henry Sutter

1. Lots of hockey tonight. How are you feeling following all those games? I’m sure it’s just the victory talking, but I’m feeling great. Happy to play for all the teams who needed a goalie.

2. You drafted and played on the championship team. How nice was it to be a part of a championship team? After falling 5-0 in the first game, I thought my GM credentials were going to get taken from me, but I’m glad we came together from then on. It’s been a while since I’ve won a league or tournament, so I’m glad to get a taste of that again heading into the XHL season.

3. What were your expectations going into that final game? . They stomped us in the first game, were the only team we didn’t beat, and had a the roster I’m playing with this winter, so I knew it would be a challenge. We had played so well leading up to the game, so we shut out the memory of the blowout.

4. Xhl starting up next week. What kind of expectations do you have for the season in general? . I’m thrilled to be on a team with playoff aspirations and guys who have won championships. It’s going to be a scrap for seeding, so I’m hoping for a fast start. I’m just excited to have more hockey.

5. How were you guys able to go from losing by 5 goals in the opening game to winning a championship. What do you think the team did better as the night went on? Anthony missed our first game, so he was undefeated on the night. He was huge in bringing everything together. Laken got stronger and stronger as the night went on, Walt played great defensively and put away the championship, and Jeremy Sawey gets better every time he’s on the floor. If I remember correctly, Kevin was there too. He chipped in a goal or two (or thirty).

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