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December 13th Updated Standings and Results:

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

1. Slap Happy 16 (84/35)

2. Colonials 15 (79/45)

3. Narwals 12 (69/49)

4. Mayhem 6 (42/64)

5. Mobb 4 (48/66)

6. Walkers 3 (30/97)

Slap Happy 9 Mayhem 2

No Henry Sutter for the Mayhem last night. Dean Risser filled in. AJ Cebulskie also was not present for the Mayhem. He will need to play the regular season finale against the Walkers to be eligible to play in the playoffs (has only made 2 games so far).

These two teams faced each other for the only time this season and went scoreless for the first 10 minutes but the Slap Happy scored 3 consecutive goals to go up 3-0 going into the 2nd period. The lead stretched up to 5-0 by the end of the 2nd. Zach Smith and Trent Bembenic each scored a goal to get the Mayhem within 3, but the Slap Happy scored 4 unanswered 3rd period goals to pull away. They were missing Joe Bussard (shoulder injury). The two teams could meet in a best of 3 series depending on if the Mayhem can win a single elimination play in game against the Mobb or Walkers on January 3rd. The Slap Happy will clinch the top seed with a win against the Colonials next week or if they take them to overtime.

Colonials 10 Mobb 7

No Cory Schuckers for the Mobb. Brandon Reiter filled in. No Fred Terwilliger or John Matchock for the Colonials.

This was a back and forth game from the start. The Colonials were ahead most of the game, but the Mobb kept climbing back. They got to within 8-7 after Jake Kline scored a power play goal with 3 minutes to go but Bob Anderson scored an insurance goal for the Colonials after a time out. Dan Fatula would go on to score another insurance goal. Brandon Vollmer had not played since the two teams last faced one another, but made his presence known. He scored 2 goals on his first shift and added another later in the game. Bob Anderson and Dan Fatula each had 3 goals as well. Brandon Reiter was much more of a factor in this game than he was in his Mayhem fill in role last week (filled in for Zach Smith). His most impressive play may have been a full court pass to Nate Galentine that tied the game at 2 late in the first period. He added some goals as well to keep the Mobb close throughout. Dan Fatula made an impressive pass to Brian Anderson in the final seconds of the first period to put the Colonials up 3-2 going into the 2nd. Anderson soon returned the favor to Fatula to put the Colonials up by 2 goals. The Mobb got within a goal on several occasions but were not able to get the all important tying goal. The game featured several penalties including 3 total against the Andersons. The Colonials will need to win in regulation against the Slap Happy next week to avoid having to face the Narwals in a best of 3 series starting January 3rd. If they would clinch the top seed, there is a chance the Mobb and Colonials could meet again in semi finals. The Mobb will most likely need to win two play in games on January 3rd. The Colonials swept the season series. They won on opening night by a score of 5-2 and won 12-6 on November 15th. There is a chance the Mobb could avoid one play in game but they will need to beat the Narwals next week and the Walkers would need to beat the Mayhem in regulation.

Narwals 12 Walkers 2

The game was closer than the final score indicated. While the Walkers never led, they hung in for a while and only found themselves down 3-2 at the end of the first period. The Narwals scored twice in the 2nd period but went a while without scoring again. Once they scored a 6th goal, the goals kept piling up. A 5-2 3rd period lead with around 6 minutes to go turned into a 12-2 win. Tony Dodd filled in for Caleb Freemer and held his own for a while, but may have wore down in the final minutes. The Narwals were missing Eric Llewellyn. Andy Calvert and Jordan Tosh scored the majority of the goals. Austin Boyd and Steve Kalgren found the back of the net as well. The Narwals are already locked into the 3rd seed and will either play the Colonials or Slap Happy in a best of 3 series. They will close out the regular season in a meaningless game against the Mobb next week. The Walkers will close out the regular season against the Mayhem. The Walkers will most likely face the Mobb in the first play in game on January 3rd.

Dean Risser (Fill in for Henry Sutter last night)

1. You filled in last night. How did you feel following the game? I felt great, little sore today but not bad at all. It was nice to put the gear on and work up a sweat. I certainly prefer playing this time of year vs. summer league (way to hot).

2. Were you happy with how you played or did you feel some rust? Certainly some rust, a few goals I got my pads on but couldn’t make the save as the shots were rocketed. The other team did a great job moving the ball which made it challenging.

3. You had to play against the team with the best record. What was your impression after goalying against them last night? Haha, those guys play well together. They are all unselfish and know where each other are at, they communicated all game and that helps. Some of those guys can really shoot the puck and are very accurate.

4. What can you say about your team’s overall team effort in the loss? The team played hard, I think they were just over matched. Not much communication between them but they didn’t quit and kept at it.

5. Despite the loss, were you excited to get to play following a couple months without getting to play? I was really excited to play last night, it’s fun and a good group of guys. I didn’t realize who I was playing against until I got to the rink but I still had a great time. Certainly need to keep working at it, playing goalie isn’t something you can just do randomly and expect positive results!

Steve Hetrick (Walkers) 1. 12-2 loss to the Narwals last night. What can you say about the overall team effort?

We play every game to the fullest. From the first play to the last, we give it our all each and every night we play. We have progressively gotten better each and every game as well. Couldn't ask for anything more from this team.

2. A 5-2 game got away real quick. What do you think went wrong in the final minutes?

I honestly feel that we shook them a little bit at the beginning when we scored a couple goals to get it that close, then held them there for a bit. I think they regrouped and came out with a different strategy, more of an aggressive one and took us out of our game. Think we got a bit tired near the end holding them to just the 5 goals that they had at that time.

3. This team is known to give 110% every week. Whats it been like being the leader of this team? I wouldn't change this team for anything, we all give our hearts and souls to the game every time we play. We do a good job on lifting each other and complimenting the strengths and help each other work on their weaknesses. This team has a lot of great talent on it and the players will be ones to watch for in years to come.

4. Tony filled in for Caleb Freemer last night. How do you think he did before things got away in the end? Tony did a phenomenal job for us throughout the entire game. And being able to fill in for Caleb on such short notice was amazing as well. For being at his strong age of (27) I think he plays the role really well.

5. You will probably be facing the Mobb in the first playoff game. Do you think your team can give them a good challenge? I think we give every team a good challenge. So playing the Mobb won't be any different... I do feel tho that the Walkers are long over due for another Win Josh Clontz (Mobb) 1. A wild 10-7 game last night. How would you describe the game? Chippy would be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of last night's game, the Anderson brothers might as well be renamed the bash brothers after last night! It was a fun game with lots of goals and lots of action, we even played a little hockey.

2. You guys were down in the 2nd period but kept climbing back. Was it disappointing not to catch them or encouraging to know that you can hang with the best teams in the league? I think it did us good to keep up with the colonials, if we could get a bounce or two and a little chemistry we might be dangerous.

3. Brandon Reiter filled in for Cory Schuckers last night. How did you think he fit in with your team last night? Brandon is one of the best players around, he could fit in with anyone and we were glad to have him.

4. Your team had plenty of power play time last night. How did you think the power play looked? I would like to take this time to thank the bash brothers for the extra opportunities to score last night. Some local chiropractors would also like to thank them for the added business today. We had a 50% success rate on the power play, so that's good in my opinion. We also scored a shorty so power plays were working for us in both directions!

5. You guys will most likely have to beat the Walkers and Mayhem on the first night of the playoffs to get into a best of 3 series against the Slap Happy or Colonials. Are you looking forward to the challenge? Yeah, it would be fun to shake things up a bit in the playoffs...but we like to take it one game at a time, and right now we are 100% focused on the Narwhals. Thanks for the interview Brian!

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