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The XHL wont be starting for another 2 months, but Bob Anderson wasted little time in forming the Colonials roster for the 2024 season.

While Tim Herman has not officially retired from hockey all together, he has decided to retire from Rollerdrome hockey. The summertime outdoor atmosphere in Brockway took away his desire to return to winter time hockey at the Rollerdrome. With that said, John Matchock will be the full time Colonial goalie this winter. Bob Anderson, Brian Anderson, Phil Mace, Kevin Smith and Fred Terwilliger will be back for another season. Kevin Smith was asked to join up with Cody Schuckers and company (last years eagles team) but he wanted to give the Colonials first chance since he has been a part of their roster for the past couple of xhl seasons. With John Matchock no longer skating out for the team, the team filled his void by picking up Denny Stinchcomb.

If your roster is set, be sure to let me know so I can post it on the site.

Ben Rossi is available to join a team. Tony Dodd is available to goalie as well (unless someone reached out to him between November 7th and November 9th).

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