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Additional Interviews from Monday, February 13th

Brenden Chesley (Mayhem)

1. 6-5 win over the Slashers last night. What can you say about the overall team effort? The team effort was there 100% we tried some new things and they seemed to work well

2. You got the game winning goal with less than a second to go. How were you able to get the ball past Adam on that play? I’m honestly not sure how I did I saw him come out made the move and barley made it to the opposite post

3. What was your impression of the other team? They are a very quick team and set up some very nice plays in looking forward to playing them again

4. You almost blew a 3 goal lead in the 3rd period. Were you getting worried? Yes I was getting worried we let up a little more than we should’ve and made some stupid mistakes

5. The team appears to be playing pretty well for most of you guys not being teammates before. How do you think the team is looking overall? The team is starting to come together everyone is getting used to how each other play we’re improving each game.

Adam McKinley (Slap Happy)

1. You found yourself involved in 3 games tonight. How are you feeling ? Yeah that was a little unexpected, but I was glad I could help. I feel pretty good! Fortunately, my body is still recovering fairly quickly.

2. The first game went down to the final second. Even though it wasn’t your primary team, was it disappointing to see them score the game winner on you and how enjoyable was it to play in that game? Yeah it's always disappointing to lose a game, no matter if you're filling in or playing on your own team. I enjoyed it. It's always fun to play on another team to see how they play in front of you.

3. How do you think your team looked tonight? I thought we looked better than we have in our several games. We controlled a lot of the play. A few defensive breakdowns, but we'll figure it out.

4. Colonials next week. What kind of game are you expecting? I'm expecting a tough and competitive game. Both teams will feel each other out and it should be a good game.

5. You have been going at hockey for over 2 decades now. How long do you think you can keep playing at a high level for? It's hard to believe that I've actually been playing for 30 years, 21 in the Xhl. I don't really have a set time to be done. I feel as though I can still compete at a decent level and I still really enjoy playing. The drive to compete is still there and my body is saying I can do it. Once I feel that I'm not enjoying it anymore or my body gives out, I'll hang it up, but don't plan on that being anytime in the near future.

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