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Jerred Amick (Vegas Gold)

1. 9 to 6 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Well the effort went up and down accordingly in that rollercoaster of a game. I thought Clint put forth the best effort of all of us. He made some key saves at opportune time for us. It also helps with Issac forechecking and forcing bad passes and turnovers.

2. It probably feels like a long time since you have been on a winning team. Is it a relief to get a win? It really didn’t feel like that to be honest, I came off a red hot SRHL season with scoring the game winning goal to win us the cup in overtime, plus a member of the knights which we had only had two losses all season, except with the disappointing playoff round loss (Tampa bay lightning choke). Playing on a loosing team builds humbleness and forces you to work on other aspects of your game.

3. Did you think there was a play or sequence that put the momentum on your side? There actually was a couple instances that resulted in a change in momentum. Clint made a few big saves that I thought were key in our sudden surges up that resulted in goals. I think some of those goals wouldn’t have been scored if the team wasn’t compelled by clint’s effort in net.

4. What kind of team expectations do you have going forward? We have the talent and skills on the team to be a much better team. If you can remember, myself, Lew, Waddell, and Kalgren won multiple tournaments in the early 2010s (cookie monsters), so with 3/4 currently present on this team, we definitely know the chemistry is there between us. Rossi is also easy to play with along with Capetta; we all share the same concepts and views except we just all appear to be rushing things a bit too much and are getting caught with giving up too many 2-on-1’s on our D and Clinker. Fortunately he’s been doing well in net

5. Randy Carlson tournament saturday. Got any team expectations and any memories that stand out from the tournament? It’s always my favorite. My expectations is that I hope I win a Chinese auction basket. It’s always a fun tournament especially with so many people/spectators too. It’s the biggest day of hockey in this area, and should be fun. Parking, however, will not be!

Adam McKinley (Cobra Kai)

1. 9-4 loss to atomic blue last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? Well, for the Cobra Kai members that were present, the effort was good. We played until the end. Unfortunately, we were missing 4 players and had to pick up a couple guys.

2. It’s been a tough start to the season for your team, mainly playing with short line ups. What signs of encouragement have you seen that can help this team turn the season around? There's still 4 of us standing! As long as one of us is still standing at the end of the season, I'll consider it a success.

3. What was your impression of Atomic Blue last night? They are fast, fast, fast!

4. You like the idea of skating out to change things up a little or do you prefer to be in net? I always, always prefer to be in net but I'm having fun playing out on this team.

5. Randy Carlson Saturday. You have been on many championship teams, including last years. What kind of expectations do you have for your team this Saturday? Just to have fun and try to keep the ball out of my net. I think we have a good chance to be there at the end but there's a lot of good teams. A bad bounce here or there can be all the difference in short games. Josh Clontz (Royal Blue)

1. 10 to 3 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort? I thought the effort was good, we took a little while to get rolling but then in the second period we really came to life and never really let up.

2. You like the way your team is playing right now? Its early and it's a draft league so we have things to sort out, but fortunately everyone on the team has been great about giving and receiving advice where needed, so for week 3 I'm very happy.

3. Were you surprised to win by 7 goals? Yes I never expected that, I know we are capable of putting up alot of points but I didnt expect to contain them as well as we did.

4. Fall league didnt end as well. Was it discouraging not being able to get that last victory? It's never fun to make it that far and not end with a W. Looking back it was a great season that ended in one of the best series I have been a part of, so it wasn't a total loss. Brian, you drafted a great team and I was glad to be a part of it. Thanks again!

5. Randy Carlson Saturday. Your team appears to be a strong contender to win it. Are you looking forward to the event? I always look forward to the Randy. I will be playing with a very talented group of guys, but that aside it's nice to be a part of such a good cause. It's crazy to think that Bob and Summer can organize an event that gives us the opportunity to help a local family just by doing something we enjoy.


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Jerred Amick (Vegas Gold) 1. 10 to 2 loss to atomic blue last night. What do you think went wrong for you guys? We did not have the subs and consistently the same problem with this specific team,

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