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Additional Colonial Interviews

Fred Terwilliger

1. Another championship on your resume. How does this one compare to some of the other ones you have been a part of ? Well .... the core of the team is the same for the most part. This one seemed to be a little anti climactic to be honest. I suspect that is largely because of the is the uncertain times we're living in a along with the fact that so many of us are getting older. To be honest, I'm more proud of playing in my 20th XHL season season then I am another championship trophy.

2. You haven’t been able to play for a while. How did you feel after playing a couple games last night? I felt OK the 1st game.. The 2nd game I lost steam quite quickly. Coming back from 6 weeks off is difficult enough it's difficult enough… then throw on top of that a double-header championship game against a high quality team and ....maybe I should have taken one more week off.

3. Joe was not present for them, but were you still surprised to beat them by 7 goals in the first game? Even with Joe out of the lineup of the lineup… I was still surprised to beat them by is them by that large of a differential. A player of Joe's caliber being out of the lineup is going to impact any team.

4. The 2nd game was much closer. What do you think made the difference for the team in winning that game? Both teams were quite tired in that 2nd game… the beginning of the 2nd game sort of looked like it was in slow motion. I think the difference in the 2nd game was just a few bounces going the Colonial's way along with Bob finally deciding to "batten down the hatches".

5. This team seemed to click right from opening night. When you first heard of the roster before the season started, what were you expectations? I felt really good about the roster when I saw it. A lot of role players.. Enough scoring up front and enough defense in the back to make a well rounded team. Tim Herman

1. Another championship on your resume. How does this one compare to some of the other ones you have been a part of? This one is a little different. Maybe I am just a little bit older… but it’s more about enjoying what I am doing than winning. And I really loved playing with this team. But it was weird… there wasn’t a fan in the building. Not even one person to help with scoreboard/clock in last two minutes of the game. Place was quiet. Just weird

2. They were without Joe last night, but were you still surprised to win by 7 goals in that first game? yes… that is still a great team. And with Adam in goal, I expected a much closer game. It’s a shame Joe couldn’t make it, because our games against them during regular season were really competitive.

3. The 2nd game could have gone either way. What did you think made the difference for the team? Well I obviously wasn’t the difference in the second game… lol. How many shots went straight past my blocker? Lol. I’m not sure there was any one thing that made the difference. We just kept attacking. But the big difference was our commitment to Defense. Bob and Kevin put the good of the team ahead of their offense. Freddy is steady back there as always. And Match has stood tall in front of me on quite a few teams. I always know he has my back.. and that helps.

4. When you first looked at the teams roster, what were your expectations for the season?

When you have Bob on the team, you know you can be competitive in any game. And If Kevin shows up to play.. we should be really good. Then you just wonder how the new guys(Dan and Rooster) mesh to determine how good we could be. They fit in well, and here we are…. With our names on the trophy again

5. 20 years of xhl hockey is now complete. Do you think its realistic for a small community like this to keep hockey going in the unforeseeable future? Absolutely this can keep going. Look how many young players have already become the second generation Andy was 16 when he started playing (I think). And now he’s getting old.. lol. And then you have Bert… who is really old. He can be grandpa to some of the young girls playing

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