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Adam McKinley (Yeti rally for 4-2 win over Eagles)

1. 4 to 2 win over the eagles tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? The team effort was great. After their first 2 goals, everyone was on the same page and we played as one unit.

2. You turned a 2 goal deficit into a 2 goal win. What do you think you guys did better as the game went on? We controlled the play when we had the lead and fought hard when we didn't have. I was able to block a few shots to help us get the win.

3. 2 goals from Steve kalgren tonight. What’s his presence bring to the team (when he arrives to the games of course)? He's a smart player. He brings some ball control to a team that likes to control the ball.

4. What does a game like this do for your confidence in net? It's a good boost confidence for sure. The Eagles have a lot of offensive power and smart players that can turn it on and bring it at any moment. You have to be ready in net.

5. Knights again next week. Are you looking forward to it? Oh absolutely. It was a big win for us last time. I think this time will be a bigger challenge being that they will have guys that are healthier than the last game. Brandon is still on a tear and plowing right through people. We have to be at the top of our game in order to pull this one out.

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