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3 Stars ------ February 27th

Its hard to pick just 3. Jerred Amick had another solid game for the Eagles. Kevin Smith scored a couple goals and assisted on a couple more Colonial goals while Brenden Chesley rallied the Mayhem yet again. Jason Stamler had a couple impressive goals for the Walkers in a losing effort. Below are the 3 stars from last night:

#3 ------------- Tyler Stitt. His 3rd period goal put the Mayhem ahead 6 to 5.

#2 ------------- Henry Sutter. Fitting in very well with his new team. He helped keep the Eagles ahead of the Slap Happy last night.

#1 ----------- Andy Calvert. Rallied the Knights for a win over the Colonials last night. He even contributed a goal in the shootout. He had at least 4 or 5 goals last night.

Interview with last night's star of the night, Andy Calvert:

1. 8 to 7 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort? It was a great team effort everyone played a part from Noah's forechecking to Nate hustling back for a big stolen pass in the 3rd and Clint was a brick wall in the shootout! All around everyone did what they needed to get it done.

2. You guys have come back from deficits the last 2 weeks. How have you been able to keep making these comebacks? We never really feel out of the game so theres no frustration or pressure. We know we can get it back with just a few good shots, I don't know if anyone remembers but the knights were always a 3rd period team.

3. What’s it been like playing on the same team as Brandon Reiter (don’t think you have ever been teammates with him)? Playing with Brandon has been great he can take a game completely on his own. And he easily has the best shot I don't think anyone can argue that.

4. Do you like the 3 on 3 overtime format for 3 minutes? I actually do like the 3v3 it gives a bit more room to skate, I would rather have 4 but I do feel the rink is the perfect size for 3v3 hockey. I like the shootout that comes after a little more though!

5. You earned the star of the night tonight. What does a game like this do for your confidence and for team confidence? A game like this is always a big confidence boost! I felt great last night got some new skates and it was much needed so I felt like a new person. And when one of us are playing well everyone else's just feeds off that and gets better as the game goes.

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