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Winter League Begins

Alex Waddell (Vegas Gold)

1. Tough start to the season last night. What can you say about the overall team effort? I think we had some good looks but maybe went a little too hard the first period. If we had one more sub it probably would have been a little closer. It was a good learning night and I’m sure we will be fine after a couple games together. 2. What do you think went wrong overall? We have a few things to work on but overall puck possession is something we need to get better with. We hung Clint out to dry far too many times and that got worse through the game as we got tired. 3. Can you take any positives out of the loss? I like to play hockey so that’s always a positive. 4. The team was missing a couple players. What kind of expectations do you have once a full team is in the lineup? I feel like we have a good team if everyone can make it. If nothing else to have more subs. Having that Eric kid could potentially help us a little, I hear he’s decent. 5. What was your impression of your opponents last night? We played a very good team team that in my opinion is a champion contender for sure. I think they have some good chemistry already and will continue to build that throughout the year.


Denny Stinchcomb ( Royal Blue)

1. Back on the court last night after taking the fall off. How are you feeling today? I feel great today. I've been sick for the past 3 weeks and it was nice to get out and see the boys and play some hockey 2. How do you think the team looked overall? I was impressed with everyone on our team, everyone had a solid game, even our goalie. 3. Did you think there was a play or sequence that turned the game in your favor? They came out flying with a couple of quick goals but we responded well to that. 4. 12 goals. How do you think the team was able to put up that much offense? I think we jelled well together quickly and hopefully we can keep that consistency moving forward. 5. You ever played on a team with Joe before and what do you think he will help bring to yourself and the rest of the team as the league goes on? Joe is one of those guys that can take it end to end no matter who is out there, so there's that. He's a good leader, aware of his surroundings and let's others know what they have to do to be better, but not only him, this whole team played a solid, responsible game last night


Cody Schuckers (Team Grey)

1. 2 games, 2 wins. What can you say about the overall team effort in both your games last night? It was nice to come out with two wins on the first night especially after a break from playing last and with a whole new group of guys. We have some good pieces with this group and with some good organization and hard work from everyone it could be a good season 2. The nice thing about fall and winter leagues is getting to play with different guys. What expectations do you have for this particular group of players? After our first showing I think all our expectations are high with this group. As I said we have some good pieces and we looked good right off the bat and I think we’ll only get better and gain more chemistry 3. The 2nd game was closer than the first game. How did you think your team did trying to contain Brandon and Zach? Even by themselves those two are hard to play against Brandon is a monster out there and can skate with anyone and everyone knows how he can shoot same with Zach he plays and skates as hard as he can whenever he’s on the court so you have to constantly be moving and grinding to be able to defend. They definitely had their chances but I think we did a good job of closing up lanes and keeping the play outside 4. How do you think Tyler Luzier looked in net? I think Tyler played great both games he was able to bail us out quite a few times whenever our d broke down and he did his job 5. Randy Carlson tournament is coming up and there look to be some competitive teams. Whats it like competing in such a big event like that? It’s always a great event to attend and be apart of I don’t know home many I’ve been to but it’s always fun win or lose and obviously for a great cause gotta tip your hats to the individuals that make this happen I’ve been to a lot of different tournaments and things like that and I think what we get to be apart of with the randy Carlson is very special


Joe Roush (Team Red)

1. Tough loss to team Grey last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? Team effort was good but more importantly everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. First game as a group... can only get better from here. 2. Did you think there was a particular sequence that seemed to swing the momentum in their favor? There wasn't a particular sequence that changed the game. It was more of a lack of possession for us. Gray was able to hold the ball up top at the point and we didn't pressure them enough. 3. What kind of team expectations do you have going forward? Every team seems to have a pretty good roster. That's what makes these computer drafts interesting. You find yourselves playing with guys you wouldn't normally. We seem to have a good group, just need to communicate and help eachother. 4. Any positives to take out of last night’s game? We kept it a tight game against a good team. I was hoping the fact they had played a game already would help us in the end but we couldn't make it happen. 5. What things do you think the team needs improvement on? First time playing as a group and it showed. There seemed to be confusion at times defensively and looking on from the bench I noticed some bunching defensively but that can be fixed. We definitely have some guys that can shoot and take over a game so we need to get more active offensively as well. We just had a tough go at it last night is all.


Kyle Dilling (Neon Yellow)

1. You got your first taste of Reynoldsville hockey last night. What was it like? I like it a lot. Had to get used to playing on that surface but it was good. 2. Was the competition better, worse or about what you expected? The competition was exactly what I expected 3. Were you happy with how you played? I was semi happy with my playing. I did score a goal but I really need to work on getting back in shape. Playing goalie for all those years lol. 4. The team fell 7-4. What do you think went wrong overall? I think the chemistry wasn’t all there but once we work out all the kinks I think we will be good. 5. Tell us a little bit about your hockey background, what you feel like your strengths are, weaknesses, etc? Ive started playing when I was 7 and Ive played goalie for 13 of the years. It’s been a little over a year since I played roller hockey. My strengths are shooting and passing and my weakness is staying on my guy and wanting to chase the puck


Caleb Freemer (Atomic Blue)

1. You got a taste of Reynoldsville hockey last night. What was it like? The game has a fast pace to it in which I enjoy. It was a great experience along with a great group of people 2. Was the competition tougher than you expected? I knew going into the game that it was going to be a lot tougher and more fast paced then previous leagues I have played in. It was tougher entering back in after being off for quite a while. 3. Are there any goals you gave up that you feel like you could have stopped? Definitely feel like I could have stopped more than I did. Bad bounces killed us. I just need to improve on angles and I believe we will be set. 4. What positives can you take out of the game? Even though we lost, it was our first and my first game in the league. I believe that we did great skating and had some good passes in some rough areas. We all got to get a feel for the team/teammates and I'll take that as a positive in itself. 5. Got any expectations for the team going forward? I believe we have an excellent team that will be able to grind and hammer hard going forward. We have a good group of guys that I believe will be able to definitely win some games this season.


Rob Stanley (Old man team)

1. Back on the court for Cobra Kai last night. Hows your body feeling today? Trashed! I had a roller derby bout Saturday & was still feeling that. Then our game yesterday, my old ass can't take that anymore! Lol 2. The game was close most of the way. Did you think there was a goal or play they made that swung the momentum of their side? Not really, they had speed and youth on their side(except for The Show). There was the slap shot goal I had that some how no refs saw but the people watching did. No biggie though, I'm not here playing for blood. I'm here to have fun with these guys 3. Were you happy with how you played? No, not at all. I was very sloppy, rusty & off my game. This is why I retired to begin with. 4. What team positives can you take going into the rest of the winter league season? We are going to get better the more we play together. Getting Match & Chad will help too. Short bench doesn't help us at all. Lol 5. No Matchock and no Chad. Everyone got lots of playing time. You think maybe the team wore down a little? Ya, especially in the 2nd period, fatigue set in & we got sloppy. Kevin knew this and had a good game plan. I did have fun playing against him & will try to continue to against the rest of the teams.

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