• Summer Anderson

White/Orange Split

Jason Iseler

1. Two hard fought games last night. How are you feeling today? I feel like I’m 48 and played 2 roller hockey games on one night lol. Sore but I’ll manage .

2. Both games were decided by a goal. What do you think made the difference for you guys in game 1 and what do you think hurt you the most in game 2? those 2 games went pretty much like I anticipated. Back and forth game , lots of shots on both goalies , great saves . The outcomes could have gone either way in both games . I think both teams rolled with a game plan and momentum swings to win . I think whomever has a positive push and momentum in game 3 will win .

3. Your last shot was so close to going in to force overtime. Did you feel good about the shot when it left your stick? that shift felt good but not good enough . Bob made a great pass under pressure and laid on a Tee for me . Lol I was just glad to get it “on net” cuz I’m still pretty rusty with my shot

4. How were you able to limit team white to 8 goals in two games considering the amount of offensive potential they have? team white is a skilled , disciplined group of guys that have lotsa experience playing with each other in the past . They had us scrambling in our own end for large chunks of both games. Our team did a fantastic job of staying with their cycle and movement & clearing rebounds . We blocked lotsa shots and Doc made some timely saves. Little luck helped to limit their scoring .

5. Game 3 next Monday night. Will you be there and what kind of chance do you give the team knowing Cody will not be on their side next week? I'm gonna try to be there. Missing Cody is a big hole . But they still have plenty of scoring potential and solid Defense and Goaltending. I predict a continuation of the last 2 games .

Adam Mckinley

1. 2 hard fought games tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort in each game? I think the team performed great. Everyone stepped up and put forth a tremendous effort. 2. What do you think made the difference for you guys in game 1? We kept the pressure on in both games and fired a lot of shots. The guys took advantage of the space they were given. 3. Any goals you wish you could take back in that 2nd game? The final goal scored on me. It was a point shot and it was coming straight for my left leg pad until it duck hooked and went past my left leg. I was caught flat footed. 4. How do you think the team did in trying to contain the big 3 on their team? The guys did a great job. Someone seemed to there to clear the rebounds for the most part and we clogged up the middle. Sure they got their chances and I was able to get in front of a few of them. Cody was able to manage 2 breakaways, but I was lucky enough to get something on both of them. 5. What was the team mood like after missing an opportunity to close the series but knowing team white will be missing cody next week? Anytime you have a chance to close out a series and don't, there is obvious disappointment. We had a couple opportunities to tie the game at the end but Josh and his post came up big. I think the mood in the room is good. We played a couple great games and there's one more to go. We're excited for game 3. Them not having Cody next week is a bit disappointing because it's always more exciting to play a team with their full lineup.

Josh Clontz

1. 2 tough games tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort in each game? Both teams gave 110% in both games. That was 2 of the more intense games I have played in! 2. Game 1 was a one goal loss, game 2 was a game 2 win. What do you think the difference was in that 2nd game? We did a better job of keeping our composure controlling the ball and playing our game. 3. A 2-0 game 1 lead got away. Are there any goals you wish you could have back? The first two goals for sure. I had guys screening me and I never saw either shot. I should have been more aggressive with keeping my crease clear. 4. They had a mad rush in the final seconds in game 2. What was going thru your mind? All kinds of stuff...push these guys out of the crease, were the biggest threats, is my defense where they should be, only leave Isler enough room to hit a post... 5. Game 3 next monday night, but the team will be without cody. You think the team can fill his void and come out with a win? That's a huge void to fill, but we have proved that we can win with or without him this season.

Zach Smith

1. Two hard fought games last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in both games? I thought we played good enough to win both games. I also think orange played good enough to win both games. Seemed like it could go either way 2. The team jumped out to a 2-0 lead in game 1 but ended up on the losing side. What do you think went wrong in that first game? I believe we gave up 2 goals in the last minutes of the first. Those kind of took our momentum going into the second and I believe was a turning point in the first game. Overall though I think adam was by far the best player for both teams. He made some key saves that kept his team in both games. Without him I think we win both games by a big margin. 3. The team was able to force a game 3 by winning game 2. What do you think the team did better in that game than the first game? I think we played a very well structured defense and we didnt have many odd man rushes against us. They are very good around the net and I think we tightened up that part of our game. 4. Despite salvaging the split, the team may be feeling a little bit of a let down considering Cody wont be there for game 3 next week. What was your overall mindset after splitting the games last night? It was disappointing after the first loss knowing this has to go to game three for us to win and cody wont be here. Knowing that we played well the second game knowing that, I believe we can go into the second game and win it if we stick to our game. 5. What can you say about the overall play of Josh in net last night? He made some key saves for us when we needed it, especially at the end of the second game when they were pushing for the tying goal. Most goals he gave up were screened or tipped, so can't fault him for any of them. That being said, I think he needs to play a great game 3 in order for us to win. 6. No Cody for game 3------------- you think the team has enough talent to win game 3 without him? I know we have enough talent, we just need to not make lazy plays and play with our heads up. Should be a good game.


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