• Summer Anderson

Steve Hetrick and Brandon Reiter

Steve Hetrick (Green)

1. 7-4 loss last night. What can you say about the overall team effort? Team effort was great as usual. Everyone plays their hardest and leave nothing in the tank. I know I tried being a bit more aggressive and poking the ball away and ended up getting a tripping penalty called on me instead. Something I will have to watch to not have my teammates make up for my mistake. 2. Team pink is right up there at the top of the standings. What kind of game were you expecting going in and what was your impression of them last night? team pink has a very skilled set of players. They seem to know who to pass it to and when to pass it. 3. What positives can you take out of the loss? The positives are that even though we haven't had a W in a while, we still give it our all every time. Not one person on the team gives up. 4. You happy with the way Tyler Luzier played in net last night? That is a bit of an understatement. I'm always pleased with how Tyler plays in net. He has helped keep us in many of games... But, the team does not have just one person to put in the spotlight. All of my players deserve credit for everything that they do. Vollmer for being our net guy and playing some good D as well. Definitely makes it a pain to try to make a play on the ball when he is right in your face. AJ for his speed and agility of making guys take him lightly as he comes and either steels the ball away or makes you buckle your ankles. Jake for his hustle, good defense and Superman ways of literally flying into the net and scoring. Then there is Lauren whom is not one to take lightly. She's not afraid to put herself in a position to make a play, even if it cost her getting hit by a shot or a player. Beebs is a great defenseman, and play maker on the opposite side of the rink as well. Not afraid to sacrifice his body either to make some plays. And finally last but definitely not least is Nathan. He has a knack for making some impossible passes connect when we need them. Almost like threading a needle at times. Has a great attitude towards the game and is another one that I can count on. 5. You have faced each team so far. Do any of them stand out as the team to beat?

Beating all of the teams would've been great, but our cards did not fall that way. Some games I wanted the win more than others, but I was still very pleased with my team after the loss. As Bob said before, we were a team that others took lightly and it almost cost them a win. It's funny too how this game plays out... We beat Dan's team, Dan beat Zack's team and Zack beat us. Just makes you look at things a little different. I'd say Bobs team of course is one to watch, but I'm going to go with Chuck's team on this one. With Reiter joining them, they seem to have a new boost of confidence and are hanging with the other teams just fine. I think an upset is in the future.

Brandon Reiter (Chuck Ritzie's team)

1. Tough 13-9 loss last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? I think the effort is there. I don't think we are losing from a lack of effort. 2. You joined this team last week. What kind of potential do you see going into the rest of the season? I see a lot of potential. I think it is a good group of players. 3. Team white put up 13 goals. What was your impression of them after playing last night? They played a good team game. Anytime you play the President come prepared to play. 4. Any positives to take out of these first 2 weeks back? We were in both games. If we can start and finish the game stronger, and be more mindful in our own end we will start winning. We just have to put it all together. 5. The team did not have you on the floor the final couple minutes when your team was only down a couple goals. Did you just need a rest or did the younger guys just want a chance to see what they could do? I can't remember how things finished out. If someone wants to come off and let me on because they think that gives us a chance , even though they might be more fresh, I would go. If no one wants to come off thats fine too.


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