• Summer Anderson

Austin Boyd

1. 6-5 win over team Orange last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? I think our team is comprised of very smart players. We got off to a great start playing hard defense and forechecking. As the game went on the orange team played harder defense than we did which in turn provided them with many more scoring opportunities. It was a good game. 2. What did you think was the difference between winning and losing? I believe with the orange teams momentum, had that game gone to another period, we would have lost. We started breaking down and will need to play a full game to completion in order to beat them next time we face them. We were sloppy at the end and will need to address that. 3. You were away from the league for 5 years. Did you play any hockey in that time period? I played no hockey while I was away. 4. You feel like you are getting back into shape? Each game that passes I feel my body getting stronger and my wind getting longer. I should be ready for summer league! 5. What kind of potential do you see with this team going into the rest of the fall league season?

I feel we are the team to beat! We have very strong offenders and defenders. What I believe makes us so strong is that mix. Our team, on paper, has guys that have been dedicated to defense for years in this league. Our offense can rely on our defense to protect and our defense relies on our offense to give us the lead we need. This team is a great experience for the league re-enter.


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