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9/30 Interviews

Bob Anderson (Orange)

1. Tough 6-5 loss last night. What can you say about the team effort in the loss?

I liked the fight we showed to make a comeback at the end of the game. We had a bad first period, and found ourselves down by four goals early on. After that I thought we controlled the play for most of the remaining two periods. Clint played very well and we were unable to put a dent in that lead until the final five minutes of the game. By then, it was just a little too late for us.

2. What do you think was the difference between winning and losing?

Pink came out strong and we weren't able to match their play early. We were on our heels for most of that first period and found ourselves down 4-1. Then they scored on the powerplay to start the second period to put us down 4. We pushed hard to get back in it but Clint stood tall. It wasn't until the last 5 minutes that the dam broke for us.

3. Whats been your impression of team Pink after playing them last night and reffing some of their games?

They've established themselves as the team to beat at this point and with good reason. They are solid all around! Zach did a good job of picking a team that compliments itself well. And Clint is playing really well right now.

4. You drafted Adam in the first round. Whats it been like having him on your side of the court instead of on the opposite side?

I'm enjoying it but I don't know if he'd say the same after out collision last night. In all seriousness though, Adam is a good guy to have on your team for more reasons that one. He's obviously a talented goalie, but he's also a guy who loves the game. It's always good to play with positive team guys like him. And he's a veteran who knows when to turn it up when it matters the most!

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5. What surprises have you observed within the fall league after these first 4 weeks and what do you expect from your team and some of the other teams going forward?

I've had a chance to watch every team so far and ref multiple games of every team I believe. There have been a few surprises so far. As the Facebook poll indicated, most people pegged team white as the early favorites. They've struggled a bit out of the gate, but they will be one of those teams you don't want to play at the end of the season once they have everyone in their lineup. On the flip side, aside from team pink, I think team black has developed quite a bit of chemistry early in the season. But perhaps the biggest surprise to me has been team green. While they may not win the league, they've shown a lot of heart and hustle. They've been a bigger challenge than I think most people would have suspected. As for my team, my goal in these fall and winter leagues is to be one of the top two teams heading into the playoffs. Having a bye on the play-in night seems a lot less stressful to me.

Larry K (Black)

1. Tough loss last night to team Blue. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? Team effort was great as usual. These guys always go out and give it their all. 2. You have lost a couple one goal games so far. Do you think that will better prepare the team for the rest of the playoffs? I think it will definitely help. Both of those games we were playing with a short bench. With a full team or maybe with even 1 sub the outcome is different. 3. You drafted Eric Llewellyn in the first round. What can you say about the way he is playing for your team right now? He is flying out there. He hasnt slowed down a bit since the summer. 4. What positives can you take out of another close loss like this? We played a good game even with a couple things stacked against us. 5. You will get a shot at Steve Hetricks team in two weeks. What kind of game are you expecting? It's going to be a grind it out game. I have been the ref or watched most of their games so far. Those kids have some skill. Just ask the "blue wave". They couldn't beat them even with an extra guy

Nate Wolfe (Green)

1. 2 wins in a row for this team. What can you say about the overall team effort in last night’s 6-5 win? We started off strong last night with two goals pretty quick from the start. Everyone is playing great and we’re all playing pretty well as a team. Everyone’s effort is amazing. 2. What do you think was the difference between winning and losing last night? Everyone played 110% the whole game and we kept fighting as a team and made good plays that turned into great scoring chances. 3. On paper, this team doesnt appear to be real flashy, but you have been able to surprise a lot of people so far. What kind of potential do you see for the rest of the season? A lot of people under estimate our team and it’s good fuel for the games. As long as we keep playing good team hockey and play hard like we have been. I believe we’ll end up winning more games down the road and make a good run at the end. 4. How do you think you have been able to fit in with these guys so far? Playing with this team has been a blast. I have enjoyed every minute of it. It’s a great group to play with. I feel as if I’ve played with them longer then I have. All the guys are very welcoming and give great advice. 5. What kind of leader has Steve been for you guys so far? Steve is an amazing leader. The way he interacts with the team is great and that he takes everyone’s input and is able to make great game plans with it and good game time decisions.

Jeremy Lee (Seaform) (Kline)

1. 9-7 win last night over team white. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? I think we played well this week. A complete turn around from how I felt we played last week. 2. You scored a big goal in the later stages of the 3rd period, which turned out to be the game winner. How do you think you can fit in with this particular group of guys? I think I fit in alright. I don’t have any exceptional skills when I skate out, but I’m willing to sacrifice the body to block some shots. I also provide an extra set of legs to get our better skaters a breather. 3. A 5-3 deficit turned into a 9-7 win. What did you guys do different in that 3rd period? To be honest I just think having the extra guys helped us down the stretch in the 3rd. They came out flying to start the period and we looked a bit tired. But we eventually settled things down and were able to swing the momentum in our favor. 4. Were you guys happy with how Dan played in net last night? Dan played really well. He made some big saves there toward the end of the third when the game close. And that’s all you can really ask. 5. Team white was ironman, but with guys like Zach and Dave in the lineup. What kind of game were you expecting going into it? We wanted to push the tempo to see if we could wear them out early. But they kept right with us. Dave and Zach both provide a lot of offensively talent and you have to be well aware of were they both are at any given time on the court.

Zach Smith (White)

1. Back on the court last night. How are you feeling today? Feeling good. Took a shot off the chin, so my face is a little swollen. 2. Were you happy with how yourself and the team played despite the loss? I am happy for the most part. I think we just needed one sub last night to get us some legs in the third period to try and close off a 2 goal lead in the third 3. Things got away in the 3rd period. What do you think went wrong? Well I know we were all tired but I think looking back at it, we should of played more of a defensive style in front of james as soon as we got the 2 goal lead in the third. I should have stayed back and played defense more towards the end to try and protect the lead. 4. What positives can you take out of the game? I thought we played very well until the last 7 minutes or so. We controlled play and had lots of grade A opportunities. We seemed to have good team chemistry. Just need to play more defensive and limit the odd man opportunities. 5. You said you will be back for the remainder of the fall league. What kind of potential do you see with this team when guys like Chad and Cody, along with yourself and Dave are in the lineup? If we can get everyone to show up I think we will be very competitive. We hung will klines team playing iron man till the very end. I think going forward if we can get people to show up we will have a great shot at going deep into the playoffs.

Dave Glass (Blue) (Fatula)

1. You returned to the court to ref last week, and returned to ref and play last night. Hows your body feeling following the action last night? Knee feels ok- the real issue is I appear to have somehow strained my groin. It’s not terrible. Other than that I felt surprisingly good during and after the game. 2. You had voiced some concerns with pain following the reffing last week. Is that still a concern after last night or is it too early too tell? It’s a bit of a concern because I had zero pain during rehab and immediately had pain last week skating. I had some when I turned sharply last night but not as much, which is good considering I skated a lot harder last night. I’m thinking I can manage it 3. You had a big goal for your team last night. How do you think you will be able to fit in with these guys if you are able to continue to play without pain? You should have seen that goal! One-time snipe, bar down, from 25 feet! Ok, ok, so it was a 6” tap-in to a wide open net off a great pass from Dan. Still, it felt really good to contribute right away. I’ve played with most of these guys before and if I play within myself and keep good positioning, I do think I can help them. 4. What kind of potential do you see with this team going forward? It’s a Yeti kind of team. Not gonna blow you away with offense, but they play good defense and Rob (or last night Adam) will be there to stop most shots. I think most games will be close and the Blue Wave should be able to compete with anyone in the league on a given night. 5. This game was close throughout. What do you think was the difference between winning and losing? Honestly, probably our subs. Black was iron man and we had 6 skaters- when we had to push the action at the end, our top guys still had their legs and black looked a bit worn out. Black played really hard tho, credit to them. I thought Llew was a force on both ends of the rink all night.




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