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Tyler Luzier/Mark Pisarcik

Tyler Luzier

1. Hard fought loss last night. What can you say about the overall team effort despite the loss?

Everyone worked hard and played great defense and cashed in on some quality opportunities. I think everyone on the team was happy despite the loss.

2. It was only a 3-2 game going into the 3rd period. What do you think went wrong when they extended their lead?

A couple miscommunications in front of the net on some loose balls and a couple bad bounces and a real sticky floor.

3. What positives can you take out of this game?

Plenty, everyone seemed to mesh well quickly, and again,the defense was aggressive without being wreckless. I thought we looked pretty solid overall and we talked out a couple minor things after the game to make some adjustments and I think we will be just fine.

4. Any goals you wish you could take back?

I coughed up a real juicy rebound to Bob in his new black helmet. There was a few I wasn’t thrilled with, I was pretty rusty. A couple I was down and stuck to the floor but it’s gonna be an issue everyone has to deal with for a while.

5. What was your impression of team orange?

They have some speed, and no one seemed to hesitate to shoot the ball. They moved the ball well and seemed pretty organized, but that’s what you contend with when you play against Bob and his new black helmet.

Mark Pisarcik

1. Back on the court last night. How are you feeling today? Feeling good today! Was sucking air pretty good after the first period but felt pretty good the rest of the game and afterwards.

2. You happy with how you played? I was pleased with how I played last night for my first game back. Still need to get into hockey shape but that will happen as the season progresses. I had a lot of good chances last night and was able to capitalize on some of them so that is always good.

3. You mentioned that you played in Brockway this summer. How would you compare Brockway hockey to Reynoldsville hockey? As a lot of the guys who have played in both places would tell you it is very different. The surface the lighting how the ball bounces is all different. The XHL is definitely a more competitive atmosphere compared to Brockway but I do enjoy both leagues.

4. A 3-2 lead after 2 turned out to be an 8-5 win. What do you think you guys did better in the 3rd period? Just making adjustments helped and getting a feel for the game and the floor surface. I found myself on the floor a lot last night haha. It’s the first game playing with some of these guys so it takes time to see how everyone plays and learning their style. Tyler played very well and made the really good saves on us but we were able to bury some good shots along the way that helped us secure the win.

5. This team is similar to the Colonials. What kind of expectations do you have for this team going forward? I have played a lot with Bob and Fred over the years so we do have a lot of Chemistry and we are familiar with where to find each other on the floor. Having Adam between the pipes behind us instead of in front of us is also perk. It’s only been 1 game but I hope that we will continue to progress as the season moves on and I feel that we will compete with the other teams very well this fall.


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