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How long will he be back for?

Phil Mace

1. Back on the court last night. Hows your body feeling today? I am feeling great. I can honestly say that I feel as good, if not better than I have in 15 years 2. Were you happy with how you played considering you led your team in goals last night? I am more happy with how I felt out there and how I feel today. I clearly have a lot more work to do to get back to where I want to be but getting back on the court was the first and most difficult step. 3. You have been retired on many occasions, but you find your way back. What made you come back this time? I figured why not? My mind and body were in a good place for the first time in years and I couldn’t find any reason outside of my age to not give it a go. 4. What do you think was the difference between winning and losing last night? The simple answer would be Cody lol. Seriously, though, the team we played last night is a collection of very talented players. I applaud you for being able to draft such a team. That being said, I don’t feel and didn’t feel like we were seriously overmatched. I think that the single biggest thing that hurt us, was our unfamiliarity with each other and our individual playing styles. 5. What kind of expectations do you have for yourself and this team going forward? Going forward, I think this team will gel as a cohesive unit. To a man, this team is smart and has the overall skill to give any team in the league a challenge every night. Personally, I don’t have expectations for myself but I do have personal goals, which in turn, will help my team and me become better. It should be a fun season and I can’t wait to get back at it already.


How many games will he make?

Tony Benanti

1. Hard fought game last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? Well we really started to put it together there towards the end, but all together for it being our first time all out there as a team, I feel good about it. 2. Any positives to take out of the game? We’ve got guys that can put together plays, we can make some things work with a game plan so that’s a start. 3. What do you think was the difference between winning and losing? Keeping llew away from the net haha. If we could’ve kept him in check and away from taking shots we could’ve reduced his goal count. We let them take a lot of shots and after so many, they are bound to go in so.. 4. You only got to play 3 games this summer. What kind of projection do you have for the fall league? Well, assuming I work my schedule the way I’m meant to I should be home for 3 again. But maybe I can squeak a couple more games in with some time off. Time will tell. 5. What was your impression of team black after playing them last night? Speed. They have legs. Gotta be able to keep up with that if you wanna compete. Solid squad.


Taylor Memorial Cup going fishing?

Eric Llewellyn

1. Nice win last night to start out the fall league. What can you say about the overall team effort? I thought we looked good for never playing as a team before. Those young dudes got legs and love to grind in the corners. Theres some strong rosters out there but we will be able to compete every week with this team and with Herm between the pipes

2. You are going from a key role player to the looked upon guy on this team. You think you can adjust to the new role? It was harder to adjust with the Renegades. Skating 35+ minutes and driving the net to score goals is a role im way more familiar with. I felt great last night!

3. What kind of potential do you see with this team? Were gonna win some lose some but the potential to be a very strong contender is there. I know the recipe to winning these draft leagues and we have a lot of the ingredients on this team.

4. What do you think made the difference last night? They made a late push on us but before that we pretty much controlled the entire game. They also had a reasonable amount of costly turnovers in really bad spots. I was able to cash in multiple times. That made it tough for Jim back there in net.

5. Biggest question ---------- Are you still taking that cup fishing with you? Absolutely! I take her anywhere she wants to go. Ive been playing hockey a long time... and its only my 2nd time ever with the hardware. Ive won draft leagues... randy tournaments (thats 2nd to me) goal titles and all that but nothing compares to the cup. Our season was a great hockey story... ill never forget it!

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