• Summer Anderson

Joe Bussard (Xtreme)

  1. First of all, when the Knights chose you as their opponent, what was yourself and your teams reaction to getting a chance to play against them?

Ha, there was a quick chat via group message. We weren’t aware that you could pick in 2nd round and we were all grumbling about it. I got over it quick knowingly that we had to go through them no matter if it was this round or finals. It was a bit insulting that they picked us over the 4th seed and thought we are soft. Especially since they seemed to struggle with us in the regular season but manage to get both regulation wins. I think they were really banking on Kevin not being able to attend early matchups. Regardless I wanted a chance at them. They are definitely a great team.

2.You guys did a good job of slowing them down last night. How were you able to do that?

Defense first, then worry about offense. They play a press, so someone is always open as long as you can see them and make a nice pass. Then it usually turns out to be a nice break out. They are definitely fast…

3. Clint gave up a goal on the first shot, but seemed to settle in pretty well. What can you say about his effort last night?

Clint was MVP last night. He bailed me out 2 times when I created a bad play at center and left him defenseless. There were a few other guys on the team that he bailed out also. It had to obviously stand out last night that he played well.

4. You have had 12 goals in these first 3 playoff games, with the 2 biggest coming last night. Are you happy with how yourself and this team is playing right now?

Listen Points aren’t everything… I’m happy that we are playing as a team. My individual play is a bit disappointing; stamina is low and I feel slow. Just getting lucky on the scoring to look good at the right times.

5. Tomorrow night----------- how important do you think it will be to get the first game and do you look for the knights to try to push the tempo a little more?

Its important but more important for them. I hope they do push the tempo, leaves the D more exposed if you can get the breakout. We can play either way slow or fast.


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