• Summer Anderson

Brandon Reiter (Yeti)

1. 2 tough losses last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in each game? The first game could have went either way. I felt we really needed to win the first game and we were very close. It was a good playoff hockey game. I'm proud of the team for battling back to tie it up and give ourselves a chance, so despite the loss, there is some satisfaction there. The second game we came out strong and it felt like we had a good grasp on things in the first period. We had a lot of chances but they were able to hold us off. They rattled off some nice goals and momentum shifted. Once we got down by 4 or 5 goals in the third I think we kind of let up knowing a comeback likely wasn't going to happen a second time. 2. You and Cody had a 2 on 1 break late in game 1. Is there anything there you wish you would have done differently or do you just credit Josh for making the big saves? I think we had a few chances to win it. I had a couple. I was pretty disappointed to have had a strong game offensively and not be able to finish it off at the end. Clontz was where he needed to be and made the saves. I'd maybe try to get in closer on one of those opportunities and look to deke or pass, but I have a hard time deciding if I'd do anything different. 3. An 8 to 4 deficit turned into an 8-8 tie. What was said at that time out that helped you guys tie the game up so quick? I don't really remember what was said, but something along the lines of keep playing our game, stick with it type stuff. Mostly it was just a chance to regroup and keep our composure. 4. A 5-2 deficit after the 2nd period in game 2 got to be 11-2. What do you think went wrong in those final 15 minutes? We were down a few goals going into the third and once they got another I think that just took the life out of us. 5. The team was playing without Mike Jacobson last night. Do you think his presence could have made a different in at least getting you guys one victory last night? Mike is for sure a difference maker on both ends of the rink. It was certainly unfortunate he was unable to be there.

Mr. President, thank you for another successful summer league. Best of luck to the remaining teams. Thanks to Yeti for having me.


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