• Summer Anderson

Henry Sutter (Mayhem)

1. 2 slow first period starts this week. What do you think led to those bad starts? I just think it was difficult for us this season to play a full game. Earlier in the season, we struggled with finishing games, and we got off to slow starts at the end. I think we could have been more dangerous this year if we could’ve played the full 45 every night. 2. The team had no answer for Joe in this series. Did you try anything different in an attempt to slow him down? First things first, congrats to Joe on an amazing series. He played some of the best hockey I’ve seen, especially without any subs in either game. We tried to force him to the wall on the rush, but his size, speed, and the skill of his teammates made it tough to slow him down. 3. The team fought hard the last 2 periods. What can you say about the overall effort in those last 2 periods? I was really glad to see that we were competitive with them late in games. Despite the rough starts, we held our heads high and played to the end. A 3-2 run through the final two periods isn’t a bad way to end the season against a great team. 4. What was it like playing on this team this season? We certainly had our ups and downs all season, but we had a good time along the way which is all I can really ask for. I was happy to be back for my 5th XHL season after a year off, and if this was my last one, I had a blast thanks to my teammates 5. Some have sadly said this was possibly your final xhl game. Any idea if that is true? I don’t have any plans set in stone yet, but I imagine that this was my last summer league game. I’ll still be around for some tournaments here and there if anyone needs a goalie. I’ve had a great time trying to figure out how to be a goalie, and I’d like to thank Matt McGinnis and Tyler Waltman for putting up with me every season from the Raptors, to the Knights, and finally with the Mayhem.




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