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Playoffs under way

Brian Anderson (Colonials)

1. A 6-4 game with about 5 minutes left turned into a 10-4 loss. Did you think the game was more competitive than the score? I would like to think it was. They controlled the game most of the way though. We kept having to play catch up. Against a team as good as they are, it eventually catches up to you. I think that’s what happened last night. We ran out of gas.

2. You guys were trailing 2-1 in the second period but had a 4 on 2 powerplay and failed to score. Do you think that was the turning point in the game? Absolutely. Are we allowed to decline penalties? Our power play has been pretty powerless.

3. What do you think you guys need to do differently Wednesday to force a game three? We were able to get ahead 1-0 last night, but other than that, we were playing catch up the whole time. I think we need to play a very conservative, defensive minded game if we want any chance to hang with those guys. Even if we have to keep 3 guys back, we may need to explore that option. We aren’t good enough to overcome three or four goal deficits. Especially against a team as good as they are.

4. All four games last night turned out to be lopsided contests. Do you think the playoff format may need to be revised in the future? We are always looking for ways to make the league and the playoffs more exciting. Last night was kind of a disappointment. Having ten teams and 2 teams having byes every week, it was tough for teams to establish an identity. I didn’t like the idea of awarding the top 2 a bye this year for that reason. Guys like to play instead of sitting home. I honestly expected the games to be more competitive than they were last night. Maybe tomorrow will be different. We will certainly evaluate all that before next season begins.

5. This season has proven to be relatively drama free. Would you say it has been one of your best as President? Definitely. I just cant believe how fast the season has gone. Seems like we just started. I feel like its been a good team effort. From myself, to Dave Glass, to the board, to the refs, score keepers, stat keepers and participants, its been a pretty stress free season. Hopefully the playoffs will be a little more fun than they were last night.


Mike Lehman (Renegades)

1. You took more of an offensive approach last night. Was that part of the plan or did it just work out that way? No that wasn’t the plan at all actually. Just started ripping them on net and it ended up working out for us. 2. The team appears to be getting hot at the right time. You like the direction the team is going in? Yeah absolutely. Took us basically all season but we are finally playing the way we all knew we could! 3. You guys chose Jagrbombs as your first round opponent. What was your impression of them after playing them last night? I think they’re a very determined team and I won’t feel comfortable until it’s all over and we hopefully get the win 4. Game 2 tomorrow. Do you expect them to try anything different to reduce the amount of goals you score? I mean I would think they try something different to keep us a little more controlled 5. A 4-3 lead after one grew to 11-4. What did you guys do differently in that 2nd period? I think we just underestimated them in the first and then came out with all cylinders firing in the 2nd


Jeremy Lee (Renegades)

1. 16-6 loss to the Renegades last night. Any positives to take out of the game? I thought we fought hard and dug deep. The short bench and heat didn’t do us any favors. 2. A 4-3 deficit turned into an 11-4 deficit. What do you think went wrong in that 2nd period? i think we got tired. Not to say we didn’t play hard. But when they gave all the dynamic players that they have, to be able to rotate guys to get fresh legs, and not lose any skill or depth it really wears you down. 3. 54 shots against you. Were you disappointed to give up 16 goals? Very disappointed. I thought I played well in first. But as the game went on I was less and less effective at making saves that I should of made. 4. What adjustments do you think the team needs to make in game 2 to have a better chance? I don’t think we really have adjustments to make. We played extremely well when we had the energy to play to our strengths. 5. Renegades appear to be playing at a championship level. What was your impression of them last night? They played relentlessly and fast. Like sharks sensing blood in the water. They may have had a couple defensive breakdowns that allowed us to notch a few on board, but their offense and possession dominated the majority of the game.

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