• Summer Anderson

Tyler Luzier ------ Excited to play the Knights

1. 13-5 win over the Chiefs on Monday night. What can you say about the team effort in the win?

I thought we played well. Everyone was working hard, passing has come a long way also.

2. You guys played the Chiefs 3 times this season. Did you notice any improvement in them this time compared to the other couple games you played them?

They have definitely improved throughout the season. They have us a pretty good run through 2 periods this time, it didn’t get away from them until the third.

3. The Knights have chosen you guys to be their playoff opponents. You didn't play them all season. Whats been your impression of them from watching them?


4. You went into a little slump a month ago. You feeling any better about how you are playing now?

I feel better, I think a lot of it was needing a little break and we had a couple weeks off in a matter of a month and I started feeling a little less beat down. I feel pretty good again.

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5. Are you looking forward to the opportunity to play the Knights at all?

I am excited to play the knights, should see a lot of shots and should be some fun hockey.

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