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Kurt Schindler ---- who will knights play in round 1?

1. Tough 7 to 6 loss tonight. What did you think went wrong? The way we started the game was the main problem. We came out slow and without much determination and they were all over us. And it wasn’t until late in the second period that we started to get things going but by then we dug ourselves too deep. We have to play a complete game and I’m confident that we will the next few weeks. 2. You werent playing for anything in terms of standings. Did you approach the game any differently? We said that this game wasn’t gonna be any different than any of the others going in but I think maybe sort of subconsciously we were thinking about it in the first period and it showed. We were caught off guard and they took advantage of it. 3. You think a loss tonight can benefit you guys going into the playoffs? Yes and no. It’s great to have a bunch of momentum riding the win streak we were on into the playoffs. But the loss does give us a good wake up call, showing what we need to work on and that we can’t get too comfortable. 4. Renegades are the defending champs. What was your impression of them tonight? They’re a great team plain and simple. They’re very well rounded and have everything they need to be a contender for the championship. They have two very good puck moving dmen, their forwards work hard up front and Clontz is as good as usual in net. With all that said though, I hope we get the chance to see them again this season 5. With all said, who are you choosing to play in round 1? We haven’t decided anything yet but no matter who we pick we know it’ll be a tough, competitive series. I’ve seen lots of good things from all the teams and we’re excited to get started with the playoffs. We’re gonna come out strong and there’s only one goal in mind for us and I’m sure you can guess what it is. As for who we’re picking specifically, we’ll let you know soon.

Amended added answer for Tim Herman, QUESTION 4 on previous interview:

4. Any saves in the shootout, overtime or regulation that stand out?

And both saves on Kevin Smith. I was having flashbacks to when I first started playing goalie for the B team years ago. It was always a big source of pride when I could stop Kevin on a breakaway Or penalty shot competition. I’m glad I still have it once in a while .


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