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7/29 Interviews

Tim Herman (Colonials)

Ha.... I’m going to say I don’t know a lot in this one.

1. 5 to 4 win last night over the Xtreme. What can you say about the team effort in the win? I don’t know... guys played our game well. Didn’t try to do to much. Didn’t get caught out of position much. Blocked lots of shots in front of me 2. A 2-1 lead turned into a 4-2 deficit. What do you think went wrong in that stretch? I really don’t know... lol. They are a good team, and got a couple of good chances to go through 3. You were able to shut the door in the 3rd period and the team was able to tie the game. Did you think the team did anything different in that stretch? Honestly, we didn’t press too much. We took our time and kept attacking. Didn’t give up too many odd man breaks by pressing. 4. Any saves in the shootout, overtime or regulation that stand out to you? Ha. I feel like there were a couple in the game that jumped out as big at the time, but I don’t really remember. Two big ones in the shootout were Joe and Dave’s second shots. Joe caught me off guard not trying to beat me with his speed and reach. It worked the first shot. He missed wide, but I like to think I scared him to shoot side

Dave’s second attempt he shot from further out. There was something about his move that I was able to jump out a little last second. I’m pretty sure if he faked that shot I would still be standing in that same position with the ball in the back of the net. Whew

5. The team will await it’s playoff opponent. Who do you think it will be and do you think your body will be recovered by then? I don’t know. And I don’t know. I’m not sure how teams might approach the new playoff matchup selection. As for my recovery, I’ll be fine. I was pretty well whipped last night. I’ll work on pregame hydration, and get a few more drinks during the game.

Alex Waddell (Storm)

1. Tough 12-0 loss to the Mayhem last night. What can you say about the overall team effort despite the loss? I think we played hard the first two periods and fell apart in the third which seemed to be our issue most of the season. I don’t think they had any goals in the second so that’s a positive. 2. The team didn’t have its full squad there most nights. How tough was it finding a role and team chemistry? Its always hard to build chemistry when you have a different group every night. Even though that was the case I still feel like we got better as the season went on. I’m thankful to everyone that helped us out and joined our team along the way. 3. What positives can you take out of the season? I had a lot of fun and got to get back in shape doing something I love. Win or lose I’m just happy to play. Our group seemed to make the best of what we had. I think everyone improved a lot over the season and Dan did amazing in net. I think our team was great for all of us to get started or back into it since there wasn’t the high pressure of being on a championship team. 4. You hadn’t played in an xhl season for several years. Were you glad to return and how would you compare it now to then? I think it has gotten faster and more competitive (or I’m just getting older) There’s a lot of new faces in the league which makes it less predictable. Definitely glad I played and got to make as many games as I did. 5. Would you consider playing again next season if the opportunity comes up? I would love to play again hopefully with some of the guys I played with this year. I think with some consistency in players and some defense we could improve a lot. It was nice to play on a team that just wanted to have fun and not have the high pressure or drama.

1. 7 to 6 win tonight. What can you say about the team effort? Were gettin hot at the right time! Every week its felt better and better.... we feel great to be honest with you. 2. The lead almost got away. Were you worried? Not really. We got the “zebra flu” there towards the end of the game and they got a good amount goals from it. 2 at least.... maybe 3. We feel like we owned the ball most of the game 3. What can you say about the Josh Clontzs effort tonight and all season? Clontzy is always solid. Thats what nice about having him back there. You know for a fact that hes gonna play good enough to give us a chance to win every single week. You can count on him. Always. 4. The win and xtreme shootout loss gives you 2nd place. You like the way this team is playing going into the playoffs? I will say that I speak for every single person on this team when I say we feel the best we’ve felt all season. If the xhl had power rankings... itd be hard not to put this team in 1st place 5. Who do you want to play in round 1 ? Anybody! You wanna be the best you gotta beat the best. We can beat anybody if we play the game the right way

Matt McGinnis (Mayhem)

1. 12-0 win over the Storm last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? We played a really solid game. A little more structured offensively, responsible defensively, and we controlled the pace of the game. 2. Are there any particular games this regular season that you enjoyed playing in the most? We were more competitive this season, so all of the games were more exciting than last year. The games against the Jagrbombs, though, were tight, low scoring games, and those were probably the most exciting. 3. You will be awaiting your first round playoff opponent. How do you think you guys match up against the Knights, Renegades and Xtreme? No matter what team we face we will see a lot of speed and a lot of skill. I think we’ve shown that if we skate hard and hustle we can keep things close. We just have to play smart and be prepared to outwork the other team. 4. Vinnie and Brad played a big role in a fall league championship last year. How do you think those guys have fit in with your team this season? Both have been great additions! Vinnie has been a pure goal scorer that we are able to lean on, and Brad has been very reliable at both ends of the floor. 5. No matter what happens in the playoffs, whats it been like playing on this team this season?

It’s been a lot of fun. We have enough talent to make games close, but at the same time we aren’t trying to win at all costs. It’s a good group of guys, and it’s been great to be a part of the Mayhem!


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