• Summer Anderson

Vinnie Deloia ---- Mayhem

1. Nice win over Jagrbombs. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? I think everyone played pretty well last night, saving Grace was definitely Henry though, he stood on his head that game 2. You contributed 3 goals in the win. Whats it been like playing for this team so far this season? This team is great, might not be a contender for the trophy but I'm happy to play with everyone on it. 3. Do you like playing in the lower scoring, grind out type of games? I definitely think having close games is more fun than winning or losing by 10 goals 4. You will play those guys again next week. Do you expect a similar game to the first 2 against them? I think it will be close, seems like our teams are a good matchup and the games have both been competitive. 5. No matter the outcome these next couple weeks, you guys should qualify for a playoff spot. Do you think your team is good enough to compete against one of the league’s elite teams in the first round of the playoffs? I don't think we stand much of a chance against the top teams this year, a lot of talent on them. But hey I'd love to be wrong.


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