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Postgame 6/24

Jeremy Lee (Jagrbombs)

1. Big win tonight over the mayhem. What can you say about the team effort? Team effort was awesome. I felt like we played great in both ends. I feel like the guys in front me controlled the tempo most of the game and made life for me pretty easy. 2. What kind of game were you expecting going in? I was expecting hard fought grind it out game. That’s exactly how it turned out. I think our teams match up quite well. They have the speed advantage. But we have a good core of veterans and some newer players who mesh well. 3. Which of the 4 goals do you think was the biggest? It’s easy to say the game winner but I would say our second goal we scored to answer back right after they scored that goal gave us the lead and we kept at least a one goal lead through the rest of the game 4. Defense only gave up 3 goals. What can you say about the defense? Defense was great. The way I look at it the defense didn’t give up any goals they limited the opposing team from getting a lot of of high percentage chances. And the 3 goals we gave up fall on my shoulders. 5. Xtreme next week. You think the team can hold their own against them? I think we do a good job of holding our own against the top tier teams. I just don’t think we have the legs that they do. I look for it to be good game for both teams.

Jim Dennison (Chiefs)

1. The team was able to pick up an 8-4 win over the Storm last night. What can you say about the team effort in the win? That is exactly what it was, an all out team effort. We were able to get the early lead, keep it and add to it each period. Our advantage was having the full team there to sub in and out on a muggy night when the breathing air seemed scarce. 2. Some different players contributed goals. Have you noticed improvement with the team since your first game of the season? Yes indeed we all have improved and its been a blast doing it together as a team. Every guy and gal has been grinding away at it never getting discouraged and moving forward as a team. Fun to watch! 3. You made 29 saves last night. Were you happy with how you played and are you feeling more confident? Yes I was very happy how I played. I made a few good saves and I also let a few squiblbers roll between my legs and end up in the net but the saves I remember most were the ones I did not have to make because the Chiefs out front knocked them down before they got to me or stole the ball before the shot was taken. That really pumps me up! 4. Some people within the league have said they have noticed improvement with your goaltending this summer. Have you made adjustments or are you just doing what you have done before? Well thank you for saying that they have seen improvement in my goal tending, I do appreciate that. I am always trying to see what works and what dosent for me, what to wear and what not wear while I am out there but I have come to realize that I do believe the majority of my game is in my head. Gotta stay pumped and into the game, making each shot against count as its own. If one gets by me not to dwell on it but be ready for the next shot. 5. The team will face a really tough task against the Knights. What kind of goals do you set when your team is a big underdog? It will be a pleasure facing the Knights. I know their games are fun to watch while I am back at the rink. Our goal as a team will be to make them earn the win giving them 45 minutes of tough Chiefs hockey.

Curtis Johnson (Storm)

1. 8-5 loss to the Chiefs last night. What can you say about the team effort in the loss? With me and only playing a few games for this team I can already tell that were getting all around a little but better 2. You contributed 3 goals in the losing effort. Are you feeling pretty good about your individual play since joining this team? I feel like I could be playing a little bit better my legs are still jello and my hands aren't moving as fast as they used to. 3. Did you think there was a point in the game that put the momentum on their side? I thought the momentum was pretty even throughout the entire game 4. This team hasn’t had many bodies on the floor most of the season. Do you like getting to play the added minutes or do you like having routine line changes? I would really like to have routine line changes I think the entire team would like that. 5. What kind of potential do you see with the rookie goalie, Dan Mitchell? He has really good potential he makes a lot of good saves that alot of the newer goalies wouldn't be able to make.


Eric Llewellyn (Renegades)

1. 11 to 10 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort? Best ive seen this year. We came out hard. Thats something we needed to do because slow starts have been normal for us. Obviously the ending didnt go as planned we just took our foot off the gas a little too early. Cant do that against any Bob Anderson Colonials team ive ever faced in 17 years. 2. You feelin any better about where the team stands after tonights win? It helps. Every win helps. We are well aware of our problems and we are also aware of our strengths. Its coming together at the right time. Stay tuned. 3. You were able to open up a big lead in the 2nd period. What did you guys do different in that stretch? We never let off in that stretch. Plain and simple. That second period went the way it did because we were full throttle. My personal opinion is that this team is a high tempo team that needs to run at a high energy level 100% of the time to get the results we are looking for. 4. A 5 goal lead got down to 1 goal with less than 30 seconds to go. Were you getting nervous? Absolutely! I cant lie and say no! We quit... i dont wanna make excuses or look for outs but everyone i talked to said we quit and i completely agree with that. We are comfortable and feeling good as a team about that game. We only remember 40 minutes of it. 5. You have the mayhem, colonials and knights left to go before the playoffs. What kind of expectations do you have for the rest of the regular season? The season went so fast its crazy. I wish we played a double session for xhl. Theres so much talent on this team its hard to find your role playing less than once a week. We want to be that team that gets it together at the right time. Our expectations are high ...we want to win every game and know we are capable... so thats the plan

Joe Bussard (Xtreme)

  1. 6 goals for you in last nights win. Were you happy with how yourself and the rest of the team played?

Neutral to be honest, I know I looked good on paper, but I really felt slow and lazy. Corner and wall battles I basically forfeited every time to conserve energy. I was happy with faceoffs in the 1st and 2nd period, but the Yeti adjusted and put Cody in against me and he owned me. I had some good screens that that went in our favor. Just disappointed in my stamina and endurance. Thought I could have been more beneficial in the backcheck and covering rebounds for Clint.

2. They were missing one very important player, but so were you guys. Do you put an asterisk beside this win at all or did you think it evened out with both teams missing an important guy?

Hard one! We definitely miss Kevin obviously! Our team is not very Deep and me and Dave never subbed. Its honestly hard to justify that Adam wasn’t more of a loss than Kevin. If they had Adam, Phil would have been out on the court. They would of gained a good D-man on top of the Best goalie. Then I wouldn’t of had 6 goals. That said, I still felt they had all the tools and depth to have the edge over us against what we had out on the Court Monday. So I will take that win. Besides that, Kevin and Adam will be at game 2 lets put the pressure on them who was the most of a loss.

3. What was going thru your mind when they were ahead in the 3rd period?

“ Here we go again.” We have had 3rd period meltdowns against the Knights with 2 min. left and we were ahead by a goal. Also with the Renagades with 7 min left where we were winning 4-2. Neither game did we get a overtime point. That hurts….

4. Jagrbombs are up next week. What kind of game are you expecting from them?

We are expected to beat them. I’ve noticed that they have had a few games where they scared a few of the top 5 Teams. I expect them to play hard, they are looking to upset a team and a very capable of surprising a team. I’ve been in their shoes before you want a upset more than you really care about your record.

5. Any surprises you have observed within the league?


Cody is really playing well individually.

Ryan Maxim being one of our Youth hockey players from our program, he’s 15.




How fast the knights play

How much enjoyable summer league is becoming now that we have 5/6 top teams. Not just 1!

I’ve had to keep scoreboard and Stats 4 times already. Get rid of stats, Poison! You want a stat keep a player +/-. I would entertain that.

The bottom Teams seem to be getting worse. Time for a league vote on a 2nd division with provisions ?!?!?(Gold/Silver Divisions)


The new rules. Video Replay Gamble, Helmet, and Powerplay faceoffs.


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