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Postgame Interviews 06/12

Tyer Luzier (Spare Parts)

1. You earned a shutout last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win?

Despite being Ironman everyone played hard and moved their feet the whole game, they played tough d and bailed me out on a few. They looked good the whole way around last night.

2. The Chiefs played you guys tougher the first time than last night. You think you guys played them better this time or do you think they played worse?

I think our guys are finding their groove and we are just improving steadily, I think the chiefs played a solid game but our guys are are getting better every week too.

3. Mayhem up again Monday night. What kind of game are you expecting from them this time around?

Most likely a tight one, with the spare parts coming on on top this time hopefully. They are better than their record would indicate.

4. This is your first year in the XHL and you are already making significant progress in the net. How much fun has it been for you facing a lot of shots and improving all at the same time? I’m havin a blast! Sometimes the high shot volume games get tough late when I’m wearing down but I would take 50 shots a week over 15 every time. Just tryin to keep improving a little and i need to see the shots to do that.

5. What can you say about some of the younger guys (Tyler, Nic, Jake DeBerti) on your squad and their future potential going forward in the league? All 3 of them have great potential, I think as they start working to their strengths and spend more time playing and honing their skills they will be good additions to any team. They just need to keep an open mind and accept advise and learn from the guys that are willing to help them and they will be hood to go I think.

Gus Gates (Renegades)

1. Nice 5-4 win over the Xtreme last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? I thought we gave a very solid team effort last night - we came together before the game and knew we needed to keep our shifts short, and I thought we did that well 2. They were missing 2 important guys, you guys were missing one important guy. What kind of game were you expecting going into it? With all the missing players last night, I don't think anyone expected that good of or close of a game. They played extremely (look at me - im so punny) well with one sub and it was a great game by both teams. 3. You personally made some contributions in that 3rd period. What was going thru your mind when you were down 4-2 ? When we were down 4-2, we kept saying "we need good shots" at the bench. A large majority of our shots were into shin pads or low-quality chances from afar. In the 3rd period, we started to hustle even more and forced some turnovers, which resulted in goals 3 & 4. 4. It was your 4th win of the season, but your first win against what is considered to be one of the top teams. Whats a win like this do for you guys going forward? A win against a top team gave us some confidence, but we still know we have to play better. It has been a hard first half of the season for us, as we still have not meshed as a unit. We will use the confidence from the win last night to know that we can beat the top teams, but every single player has to commit to the game plan 5. Yeti remain undefeated. What kind of chance do you give your team on Monday night? I think the Yeti are going to be yet another tough challenge. So many good players and they have great goaltending. We will have to play as a unit to try and give them a loss. It won't be a 1 person "run and gun" show - gonna have to develop good zone possession and get quality scoring chances. Should be a fun match up! I hear tickets are selling quickly so I expect a sold out arena

Mikael Wenden (Chiefs)

1. Maybe a step in the wrong direction against the Spare Parts last night. Any positives to take out of the loss? Even though we lost I think there are some bright spots, the passing game is looking better, and we created a lot of scoring opportunities.

2. What can you say about your team effort? Everyone played hard in every shift last night, unfortunately we lost our positioning in defense too many times and Spare Parts was quick in utilizing our mistakes.

3. They were playing ironman. Did you think you guys had a good chance to compete when the game started? I think we have a good chance competing with them any night, Spare Parts have a young team with skilled players so them playing iron man did not change our view of them as opponent.

4. A couple shots hit the post for you guys. Did you think you guys had decent opportunities against their goalie? We had a lot of scoring opportunities and we should have scored a few at least. On the other hand, Luzier made a great game as usual and more traffic on the net is required to score on such a great goalie.

5. Jim made 29 saves. What can you say about his effort in net? Jim made a lot of saves and I feel that we should have helped him out in a better way. Too many goals from their side were on rebounds and forgotten players in the slot.

Clint Lingenfelter (Xtreme)

1. Tough loss to the Renegades last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? Team effort was a 100%. Without Kevin or Dave, to be able to pretty much control most of the game is actually very impressive. 2. Both teams were missing important players. What kind of game were you expecting going into it? To be honest, without basically our top 2 guys, I didn't think we had a huge chance. I just went into it with the mindset of keeping it close! 3. 3rd period did you guys in. What do you think went wrong? Everybody got tired. One sub against a team like that doesn't work well! 4. You made a lot of quality saves, but are there any goals they scored that you wish you could take back? Definately the game winner by rooster. It was a cross crease pass, I stopped the first one, then it landed right in front of me. Rooster smacked it underneath me just before I got my glove on it. 5. You were missing 2 important players and still had a chance to win in the end. Do you consider that a moral victory and confidence booster going forward or was it disappointing not being able to close the game out in the end? I think both to be honest. We had a 2 goal lead with 8 minutes left, then the bad bounces started. And a crappy call at the end didn't help but hey that's hockey. Just goes to prove that we r right there with everybody else. The Extreme is comin!

Larry K (JagrBombs)

1. Hard fought loss tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort? Our team effort was great. I thought everyone stuck with our game plan and it was working. We played a solid game until the 3rd 2. What do you think went wrong in that 3rd period stretch where the game got away? We made a few mistakes at the beginning of the 3rd period that led to the goals against. We knew we had to make a push to try and get the lead and we got caught in some 2 on 1 situations and turnovers in our own zone. 3. What positives can you take out of the game? This one was of the first times all year we had a full line up of skaters. I was very happy with how the team played together 4. Jonah played in net. Were you happy with how he played overall? Always happy with how Jonah plays in net for us. We really appreciate him filling in. He made some big saves in the first two periods to keep us right in it. 5. You returned from missing last weeks game. How did you feel tonight? I felt good returning from eye surgery. My vision is back to what it was last summer, and it's a big difference.


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